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Homemade fruit smoothies - the basis of good nutrition and the guarantee of weight loss!


Lead the right way of life and eat healthy foods that include all wholesome foods ?! Your diet is rich in fruits, but are you tired of eating washed apples, bananas ?! We suggest you try an alternative dish - fruit smoothie. How to make a fruit smoothie, we will now tell you, watch and remember.

Option No. 1 - fruit mix

This fruit smoothie recipe is very simple and contains only five ingredients. Even “full zero” in cooking can independently master its cooking at home. Let's move on to the ingredients:

  • 4 large sweet oranges.
  • 1 small grapefruit.
  • 2 sweet red pears.
  • 3 ripe bananas.
  • 1 mold of frozen ice.

Now you can step by step paint the order of "culinary and bartender" actions. The action scheme is as follows:

  1. First, we wash, wash my pears, oranges, grapefruit and bananas. If you have an electric juicer, then using it, squeeze the juice from all the oranges and grapefruit. If you do not have such an electric assistant, but have a manual juice coder, squeeze the juice from citrus fruits manually. The resulting citrus nectar is poured into a blender bowl, because it is in it that our vitamin cocktail will be prepared.
  2. Now remove the peel from all the bananas and cut them into pieces, send them to the juice in a blender.
  3. Whether or not to peel the pear is up to you based on your preferences. Pear is also cut into pieces and sent to a blender. Pour ice cubes there.
  4. Close the lid of our unit and turn on the start button. We wait until the whole mixture is thoroughly crushed.

Our healthy drink is ready to drink, take beautiful tall glasses, pour smoothies on them and drink with great pleasure!

Option No. 2 - fruit and vegetable smoothie

Cooking this fruit smoothie in a blender, this preparation has not changed the kitchen technique. We have nowhere without a blender! But in the recipe, changes have occurred, here the cooking included vegetables. Fruit and vegetable smoothie for an amateur, say right away. Most of all, such a drink is suitable for dieters. Immediately announce the list of necessary products:

  • Pear Duchess 1 pc.
  • 1 kiwi
  • Green apple - 1 pc.
  • 2 stalks of celery.
  • A small bunch of parsley.
  • 1 cup freshly brewed green tea.

We went through the products, now instructions for preparing this healthy cocktail based on fruits and vegetables:

  1. We start cooking, of course, by washing all the products. The first cut celery, cut as we want and send to the blender.
  2. Remove the “skin” from the kiwi, rinse it from any remaining fibers, cut into pieces and pour into a blender glass.
  3. We do not clean the apple and pear from the skin, otherwise the fiber useful for the intestines will disappear from our smoothie. Cut the fruit into pieces, seeds with a core can be cut, but who is not too whimsical can not peel and consume a drink with seeds, by the way, they have a lot of vitamins!
  4. Last but one, we chop our parsley, we also send it into a glass of a blender.
  5. It remains only to pour green tea and turn on our miracle helper, thereby giving a start to grinding the components.

A delicious mixture is prepared, we prepare glasses and enjoy a healthy mixture with an unusual taste.

Option No. 3 - fruit and berry smoothie

Our third berry-fruit smoothie, it is no more difficult to cook it at home than in the two recipes described above. First, get acquainted with the components:

  • Sweet fragrant melon - 1 pc.
  • 400 gr. ripe strawberries.
  • Peach-1 pc.
  • A bunch of fresh mint.
  • Mineral with gases - 100 ml.

The process of preparing this drink is as follows, proceed step by step:

  1. We thoroughly wash each product, and only then clean and cut it.
  2. The first to fall under the cutting is a melon, cut the skin from it, cut in half and carefully clean all the seeds from the core. Cut the melon into cubes and send these pieces into a blender glass.
  3. The second ingredient we have is a peach, we cut it in half and pour it to the melon.
  4. The third is a ripe strawberry, remove the green hats from it and send it to the melon-peach mass.
  5. We cut off all the leaves from the mint branches and throw them into the glass of our “grinder”.
  6. The last one in our glass is mineral water. If you want to add a little bit of sweets, then add to this fruit smoothie a non-healthy ingredient like 7UP or Sprite.
  7. Feel free to turn on the unit and mix everything.

The components turned into a single mass, turn off the kitchen appliances and pour the drink from a glass of a blender into tall glasses. Nice "drinking" friends!

Why are homemade smoothies better than purchased?

Homemade cocktails are a real find for people who always strive to eat natural products. At home, you will be able to directly manage the process and independently choose the ingredients for your drink that will fully meet personal requirements regarding freshness, origin and health benefits. Also at home, things are easier with various experiments that you like.

What technique is needed to make an air smoothie?

So, let's start by choosing a technique that is useful for making smoothies. In such a situation, a blender should be a trusted assistant, because an ideal smoothie has a thick consistency. Only a high-quality device will cope with such a difficult task, especially when solid products, such as nuts, are included.

If you decide to do only with a mixer, then, alas, we will have to upset you. The mixer is not able to cope with the task, it can only whip and mix.

As you can see, a blender is the most necessary device. In addition, you should pay attention to what kind of blender you have: for a smoothie, a stationary one is best, which will cope with the “perfect smoothie” task in a few minutes or even seconds. A hand blender with a glass and manual technology can also serve you faithfully, but, unfortunately, not always. There are models for which making a smoothie is too complicated.

In addition, there are a set of certain important factors that you should pay direct attention to when choosing a technique:

  1. The power of the device. Here a simple rule works: the more the better.
  2. The volume of the glass. If you are preparing a smoothie for yourself and do not intend to share it with anyone, then a small flask will be enough for you. In the event that you are preparing a cocktail for the whole family, or planning to drink several glasses during the day, think about a larger glass.
  3. Interchangeable nozzles and various blender modes. This is essential if you plan to add products of different shapes or consistencies to the smoothie.

Having dealt with the technique, we offer you the recipes of those same smoothies that are sure to fill up the list of your favorite drinks.

Rules for making smoothies from berries

Before you start conjuring a cocktail of your dreams, you should pay attention to a few simple rules that will certainly help you in the future.

  1. First of all, you should always and everywhere use only fresh products, such as berries or fruits, vegetables or dairy products.
  2. If it happens that you use frozen berries or fruits in your smoothie, bring them to condition, when you press juice from them when pressed. Otherwise, you will get an ice cream smoothie with strawberry flavor, for example. Also, be sure to add some water to the blender when using frozen foods. So they melt faster.

We proceed to the cooking process. Do not be afraid! When preparing a smoothie at home, you can use all the berries that are on hand. Except for wolves, of course. Smoothies will come from any berries you have selected. Naturally, before use, they should be thoroughly washed and cleaned of unnecessary parts (tails and twigs, for example). Also in the blender you need to add half a glass of water or any juice that you like, or half a glass of milk, or yogurt. The preparation time of such a cocktail will take an average of ten minutes, its calorie content will be only 100 kilocalories for every hundred milliliters.

Fruit smoothie

Let's move on to a smoothie of fruits, which are still more popular and easy to prepare. However, here it is worth considering several simple cooking rules:

  • use only fresh fruit,
  • Before dipping the fruits into the blender, they should be chopped, but not to a puree state (this will be done by the blender), but cut into small pieces,
  • To obtain a uniform, thick consistency, it is worth using fruits with a denser structure such as banana, pineapple, pear and so on as the main ingredients.

Cooking scheme

In principle, the technology for making smoothies from fruits is similar to making smoothies from berries. Add some edible liquid to the fruit and start the blender.

Many smoothie smoothie lovers prefer to consume them in the morning instead of breakfast. If you can consider yourself one of those, pay attention to the combinations (mixes) of fruits and berries that are ideal for an invigorating morning smoothie:

  • orange + grapefruit,
  • orange + pineapple,
  • grapefruit + apple,
  • banana + persimmon,
  • mango + cherry + apricot,
  • apple + grapes + figs,
  • figs + peach + apricot,
  • cherry + apricot + plum,
  • banana + pear + grapes.

In any of these mixes, you can add oatmeal, kefir, milk or yogurt. So you get a more nutritious drink that will long satisfy your hunger. If you are a lover of sweets, you can diversify the taste of the cocktail with the help of ice cream. Chocolate or ice cream, vanilla or creme brulee - here the choice is completely in your hands. If you have already tried adding ice cream, you can diversify a thick cocktail with coconut flakes or honey, nuts or dried fruits.

Almost every modern girl strives to reduce her weight by any available means, but few people know that nature does everything for us. We offer a list of fruits and berries that help reduce the number of kilograms and remove excess fat from the body, so feel free to use them as part of a smoothie:

  • apples are one of the main fat burners. One apple per day is enough to achieve the desired result,
  • pears favorably "deceive" the body, due to its chemical composition, and a person stays full longer than usual,
  • Bananas are not only an excellent helper in the process of losing weight, but also a source of important elements, thanks to which you can strengthen your immunity and the cardiovascular system. Banana smoothie is very thick and airy.
  • blueberries are always associated in most people with a natural regulator of the quality of vision, but studies by modern scientists have shown that this tiny berry can also help in losing weight. So feel free to add a delicious berry to your smoothie, make your waist thinner, and your eyesight better.
  • strawberries significantly speeds up the metabolic process, which, as you know, is the key to tangible weight loss. Strawberry smoothie will help you deal with damage to internal tissues,
  • kiwi. Have you ever noticed that this delicious fruit has small black seeds? In fact, this is not important. The important thing is that they are very rich in insoluble fiber, which surprisingly improves the digestion process. In addition, like a pear, a kiwi makes the body no longer experience hunger,
  • grapefruit is the most popular product among people on various diets. But eating just him is not the right decision. It will be ideal to eat before each breakfast half of the whole fruit, which has almost no calories and is rich in fiber,
  • peaches are excellent antioxidants. They will help to remove excess elements that have accumulated over the years of eating junk food from the body,
  • coconut or coconut milk will perfectly serve as a substitute for the sweet one that you so want during the diet. Forget about the cakes, add something made from coconut to the smoothie and enjoy the sweetest drink that will not harm your figure,
  • pomegranate copes well with the task of reducing appetite, removes harmful substances from the body, and also helps to prevent some diseases such as atherosclerosis,
  • oranges are best consumed in kind. Juice, even freshly squeezed, is much inferior in terms of the number of useful elements to the whole fruit. An orange rich in vitamin C will help you lose annoying excess weight and make your smoothie taste sour,
  • Mango can not boast of the first place in the minimum amount of sugar, but, nevertheless, it will be an excellent assistant in the process of losing weight thanks to other useful elements contained in it,
  • papaya can be eaten in any form. The exception is not the possibility of adding this fruit to your smoothie.

Smoothies - a healthy and tasty drink for children

Smoothies will act as an ideal assistant to mothers who have long run out of ideas, how else to please a capricious child who either does not eat at all or constantly requires sweets. Before buying him another chocolate egg, think about whether it will be beneficial for his body, which at an early age needs nutrients as never before. Every modern housewife certainly has a blender in the kitchen equipment, and therefore, she can easily please her baby with a delicious drink for breakfast or at bedtime.

The most important thing when preparing a baby smoothie is to choose the freshest of fresh products, and also remember that many fruits (oranges, grapefruits, various types of berries) can cause an allergic reaction. You can also add some dried fruits to the children's smoothie, for example, those that the child refuses to eat in kind (prunes, raisins, dried apricots). Experiment, allow the child to independently adjust the ingredients of the cocktail, and then the smoothie will become your child's favorite drink.

Green smoothie "Joy of the day"

If you are a fan of bright colors, then pay attention to the Joy of the Day smoothie. It consists of:

  • 100 grams of green grapes,
  • one kiwi
  • half a pear
  • some ice cubes
  • 50 milliliters of water.

Cut the fruit into pieces, mix with water and beat with a blender. Pour the finished thick cocktail into glasses and add ice cubes to them.

Smoothie Smoothie

  • one kiwi
  • one stalk of celery,
  • one orange
  • half a glass of water
  • one tablespoon of lemon juice
  • two teaspoons of honey.

Fruits, celery are cut into pieces and placed in a blender bowl. Add the same water, lemon juice and honey. Beat with a blender until fluffy and uniform, pour into glasses and enjoy.

Berry Fruit Smoothie

To make such a fruit smoothie you need:

  • red ripe grapefruit,
  • 3 tangerines,
  • 3 ripe apricots,
  • 10-12 berries of large strawberries,
  • half a glass of water
  • ice to taste.

Cut fruits and berries into pieces and beat them together with water with a blender. Add ice cubes to the finished smoothie.

The main thing in making smoothies is not to forget about the benefits of the experiment. Try a new one, do not be afraid and eat tasty and right! Enjoy your meal!

1.Banana Ginger Smoothie

Improve digestion, soothe heartburn, eliminate nausea and other stomach problems will help this healthy cocktail of fresh ginger.

¾ cup vanilla yogurt

1 tbsp. a spoon of honey

½ tea grated ginger

Combine banana, yogurt, honey and ginger in a blender. Beat everything until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 157 (one serving)

2. Smoothies “Orange Dream”

This citrus low-calorie drink will help you refresh yourself after an intense workout or a hot day at the beach.

1 peeled nawel orange

¼ cup low fat or nonfat cream or yogurt

2 tbsp. tablespoons chilled concentrated orange juice

¼ tea tablespoons vanilla extract

Combine orange, cream or yogurt, concentrated orange juice and vanilla in a blender. Beat everything until smooth, add ice cubes.

Energy value, kcal: 160

3.Smoothies made from green tea, blueberries and bananas

Green tea, rich in antioxidants, turns this smoothie into a source of nutrients.

3 tbsp. tablespoons of water

1 bag of green tea

2 tea tablespoons of honey

1 ½ cup frozen blueberries

half an average banana

¾ cup calcined vanilla soy milk

Boil water in the microwave. Then brew a tea bag for about 3 minutes. Take out the bag and add honey, stir it until completely dissolved. In a blender, combine berries, banana, milk and tea, beat all the ingredients at maximum speed until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 269

4. Smoothie “Berry breakfast”

Start your day with a sip of an invigorating berry shake.

1 cup frozen raspberries

¾ cup chilled unsweetened almond or rice milk

¼ cup frozen raspberries or pitted cherries

1 ½ tbsp. tablespoons of honey

2 tea tablespoons finely grated ginger

1 tea ground flaxseed

2 tea tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine all the ingredients in a blender, whisk until smooth.

Энергетическая ценность, ккал: 112

5. «Лучший в мире» смузи

Выпив этот смузи на завтрак, вы утолите свой голод до обеда.

1 стакан обезжиренного йогурта

½ стакана апельсинового сока

6 замороженных ягод клубники

Взбейте в блендере йогурт, банан, сок и клубнику в течение 20 секунд. Gather the remaining fruit around the edges and beat for another 15 seconds.

Energy value, kcal: 300

6. Pineapple Passion Smoothie

This thick drink will certainly satisfy your hunger.

1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt

1 cup pineapple slices

Beat yogurt and slices of pineapple in a blender until smooth. Add ice cubes to the drink

Energy value, kcal: 283

7.Strawberry and Kiwi smoothies

This drink is high in fiber, polyphenols and vitamin C will be useful to all who care about their health

1 ¼ cup chilled apple juice

1 sliced ​​ripe banana

1 chopped kiwi

5 frozen strawberries

1 ½ tea tablespoons of honey

Beat all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 87

8. Banana-Blueberry Soy Smoothie

This delicious drink will remind you of the taste of summer. You can’t add sugar to the smoothie because fruits and berries may well replace it.

1 ¼ cup light soy milk

½ cup frozen blueberries

half sliced ​​banana

2 tea tablespoons of sugar or 2 sachets of artificial sweetener

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

Combine 1 cup of milk with berries, banana, sugar or a sweetener and vanilla, whisk for 20-30 seconds until smooth. Then add the rest of the milk to make the smoothie thicker.

Energy value, kcal: 125

9. Tropical excellence smoothie

This thick smoothie, similar to a milkshake, makes you experience heavenly bliss and takes you to the tropical islands.

1 chopped papaya

1 cup low fat yogurt

½ cup fresh pineapple slices

½ cup crushed ice

1 tea a spoonful of coconut extract

1 tea flaxseed spoon

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and beat for about 30 seconds until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 299

10. “Just Amazing” Smoothie

Such a drink will be a little harmful to the figure. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to resist the temptation and not try this delicious smoothie.

1 cup 1% milk

2 tbsp. tablespoons non-fat vanilla yogurt

1/8 tea tablespoons ground ginger

2 tea tablespoons whey protein powder

First, beat with a blender all the liquid components of the drink (milk, yogurt) with protein powder. Make sure that the powder dissolves evenly and does not form lumps. Then add peaches, strawberries and ginger. To make the smoothie thicker, you can add ready-made oatmeal, and if you want a liquid cocktail, throw more ice cubes.

Energy value, kcal: 150

11. Smoothies “Mango-Apricot Madness”

Freshly squeezed lemon juice will add sourness to this insanely sweet cocktail.

6 peeled and chopped pitted apricots

2 ripe, peeled and chopped mangoes

1 cup low fat milk or low fat yogurt

4 tea tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

¼ tea tablespoons vanilla extract

lemon zest (for decoration)

Combine apricots, mango, milk or yogurt, lemon juice and vanilla extract in a blender. Beat everything for about 8 seconds. Add ice cubes and beat for another 6-8 seconds until smooth. Pour the smoothies into glasses. Optionally, you can decorate the smoothie with lemon zest.

Energy value, kcal: 252

12. Smoothie “Watermelon miracle”

Turn your favorite summer fruit into a wonderful drink. Just do not forget to peel the watermelon from the seeds.

2 cups of small slices of watermelon

¼ cup skim milk

Combine watermelon and milk in a blender, beat for 15 seconds until smooth. Then add ice and whisk everything until the consistency you need.

Energy value, kcal: 56

13. Berry smoothie “Great workout”

This easy-to-prepare and delicious drink will help you fill up your energy supply in minutes after intense sports.

1 ½ cup strawberries

1 cup blueberries

2 tbsp. tablespoons of honey

1 tea a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ cup ice cubes

Beat with a blender all the ingredients.

Energy value, kcal: 162.5

14. Smoothies “Sunrise”

The combination of apricot and peach makes this drink look like a morning dawn.

1 cup chilled apricot nectar

230 grams of non-fat peach yogurt

1 tbsp. spoon of chilled lemonade concentrate

½ cup chilled soda water

Combine banana, apricot nectar, yogurt and lemonade concentrate in a blender. Beat all 30 seconds until creamy. Add soda water to the cocktail and carefully transfer everything. The drink is ready to drink.

Energy value, kcal: 130

15. Smoothie “Berry-Vanilla Sensation”

Vanilla yogurt will add a spicy flavor to this matchless drink.

½ cup frozen raspberries

½ cup frozen strawberries

¾ cup pineapple juice

1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt

Combine vanilla yogurt, berries and juice in a blender. Beat everything until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Energy value, kcal: 192

16. Tutti Frutti Smoothie

Summer and refreshing orange drink will be useful to everyone at any time of the year.

½ cup any frozen berries

½ cup canned pineapple slices (with juice)

½ cup ripe sliced ​​banana

½ cup orange juice

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and beat them with a food processor, stationary or submersible blender for about 2 minutes until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 140

17.Fragrant and delicate smoothie

In this smoothie there is no sugar at all, which makes it the most useful for your health and figure.

1 cup skim milk

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 tbsp. cold pressed flaxseed oil

1 tbsp. spoonful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds

Beat milk and berries in a blender for 1 minute. Pour the contents into a glass and add a spoonful of linseed oil, mix everything well (instead of oil, you can add pumpkin or sunflower seeds).

Energy value, kcal: 256

18. Slimming smoothies

A thick cocktail with a pleasant taste that can be consumed instead of high-calorie milkshake or ice cream.

1 glass of any berries

½ cup low-fat yogurt (with any taste)

½ cup orange or any other juice

Combine berries, yogurt and juice in a blender. Beat everything for about 30 seconds until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 185

19. Soy Smoothie

Having skipped breakfast, you will remain hungry and you will be attracted to tempting, but unhealthy fast food. Instead, try drinking this nutritious soy smoothie every morning.

1 cup soy milk

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup cornflakes

1 sliced ​​banana

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and beat everything for about 35 seconds.

Energy value, kcal: 350

20. Smoothie “Mango Madness”

Take advantage of the wonderful property of mango that helps the body withstand any disease and make the cocktail insanely delicious.

1 can of canned pineapple slices

1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt

1 peeled and chopped mango

1 sliced ​​ripe banana

Combine pineapples (along with juice), yogurt, mango and banana in a blender and beat until smooth. Throw pieces of ice during whipping.

Energy value, kcal: 251

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How to make smoothies in a blender?

Another advantage of this drink can be called ease of preparation. In order to make a fruit smoothie in a blender, you will need:

  • a set of favorite sweet and ripe fruits,
  • submersible / bowl-blender, harvester with blender function,
  • water, green tea, freshly squeezed juice (you can do without it),
  • desire to eat a vitamin drink,
  • 3-5 minutes of free time.

Making a smoothie takes no more than 10 minutes! Five to seven minutes from this time will be spent on preparing dishes and ingredients: washing and peeling fruits, slicing into cubes or other convenient pieces, turning on the device and loading the components into the bowl. Direct cooking takes 2-3 minutes. This time is enough to create a thick, slightly foamy consistency of the product. Smoothies should be homogeneous, soft, beautiful. Smoothies from any fruit turn out to be very appetizing in appearance. You don’t need to be a great cook to make this dish attractive. For you, nature and the developers of kitchen appliances have already come up with everything! It does not matter in what order to load the fruit into the bowl for grinding. It is only necessary to observe the recommended number of components and press the "start" button. After 3-4 minutes, your energy elixir - a fruit smoothie - is ready!

How to make fruit smoothie in a blender?

So, suppose you are going to make this drink for the first time, and then the question is, how to make fruit smoothie in a blender, relevant for you. And although there is nothing complicated, it’s worth it once to read the practical guide for preparing this refreshing cocktail.

There are some simple tips to help with this endeavor:

  1. For ease of use, a blender should be pre-peeled and cut into slices. Slices should be those that your blender “takes” the easiest way (see the instructions for the technique).
  2. If the device involves several speeds of whipping, start with the smallest and gradually move on to increase. The most powerful speed option is the final cooking step in order to form an airy foam and give the drink lightness.
  3. Do not beat the smoothie for too long. 2-3 minutes is enough. Once the product has acquired a delicate, soft texture and attractive uniformity - you're done! You can drink such a cocktail.
  4. You should not cook a fruit smoothie for reasons of "in reserve". This drink is drunk only in fresh form! It can not be left in the refrigerator and stretched for 3-5 times. Indeed, making a fruit smoothie with a blender is so simple and fast that it makes no sense to stock up on it. Make new tastes every time and delight yourself with a fresh cocktail of health.
  5. Smoothies can be made from different products. If there is no experience, it is better to use proven recipes making fruit smoothies in a blender. And when you become an experienced connoisseur of this cocktail, you should allow yourself bold experiments.
  6. There are no unacceptable products to create a smoothie, but the basic principle is: smoothies are made from fresh, raw vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs. And this is the basis of the drink! It is better not to deviate from this recommendation, and then the product will delight with its properties and taste, aromatic qualities.
  7. Additives to the smoothie: honey, nuts, vanilla, mint, citrus zest, cream, yogurt, green tea, fresh. But do not spoil the fabulous combination of sugar, salt, pepper. These components can be used in some special recipes. And so the cocktail is quite good without these ingredients.

Of course, this list of rules is incomplete. Every connoisseur of healthy nutrition makes its own small additions to this list. But the principle of making smoothies at home is extremely simple and transparent. And this list will help you not to get confused, taking the first steps to creating an invigorating drink.

Cooking delicious smoothies ourselves

I must say that this vitamin mix is ​​very simple to prepare for a beginner in cooking. It is not at all necessary to have a culinary talent to make yourself such a drink every morning or for a snack. You just need to keep several suitable food options for making smoothies in the refrigerator. If we are talking about a thick fruit cocktail, then the following fruits can be the basis: bananas, apricots, peaches, plums, apples, pears, pineapple, papaya, orange, lemon, kiwi, passion fruit. Any fruit can be used to make a delicious, vitamin-rich cocktail. It is important that the selected components taste and do not cause allergic reactions.

It is also important to remember that fruits can be combined with a huge number of berries and with some types of vegetables. Such a combination will definitely not differ in the boredom of taste, but will delight you with its original shades of aroma. Any smoothie becomes brighter if supplemented with creamy yogurt, cream, natural citrus juice, green tea, crushed ice, herbs and aromatic additions.