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How to cure fibromyalgia in a natural way


Marked malaise in the musculoskeletal connection, fatigue, stiffness - this is a manifestation of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is an inflammatory process that does not violate the integrity of the organs as a whole, however, the symptoms of its manifestation do not allow to receive full enjoyment of life. Especially often affects fibromyalgia of people with mental problems.

What is fibromyalgia?

According to ICD 10, fibromyalgia belongs to the class of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues, has the code M79.7.

Fibromyalgia is expressed as a chronic and generalized muscle disease, as well as the development of painful points in muscle tissue. The development of an ailment contributes to a violation of sleep function, mental disorders are observed, fatigue increases, and susceptibility to pain.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

The development of the causes of fibromyalgia is constantly examined, the widespread symptoms of fibromyalgia affect not only the skeleton, but the whole organism. Today, there are no clear reasons and factors that can lead to the development of fibromyalgia. There is a hypothesis that viruses, such as herpes, can provoke a disease.

However, it is known that the possible root causes of development are:

  • Stressful situations. First of all, stress greatly affects the state of the body.
  • Overwork.
  • Injuries
  • Emotional upheaval.

Such an analysis allowed us to conclude that development has its roots in:

  • Hormonal balance and chemical constituents in the brain.
  • Decreased serotonin levels.
  • Lowering the level of the hormone IGF-1.

Deviations in fibromyalgia ultimately lead to the fact that the human body has a different attitude to the concept of pain and reacts differently to it. An imbalance in this direction also negatively affects the state of the whole organism.

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Among the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia that may lie in wait for the patient is pain. It has localization in one or several zones, while the pain originates from muscle tissue, and then flows into the neck and shoulders, simultaneously capturing everything else that is met and not affected in its path.

A pain symptom with the development of fibromyagia leads to the development of various pathologies that can be classified by such parameters as:

  • Spreading paininvolving pain sensitivity.
  • Stiffness and rigidity may also occur in articular tissue.
  • Fatiguecaused by constant pain.
  • Sleep impairment. This symptom is very alarming, since an organism that does not restore its strength to a sufficient degree is at great risk of catching other diseases, and they, of course, worsen the clinical condition.
  • Mental disordersdepression, apathy.
  • Headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

In this case, you should also pay attention to other symptoms:

  • Feeling anxious and depressed.
  • Sore menstruation (in women).
  • Burning and numbness of limbs.
  • Change in thermoregulation, elevated temperature may be observed.

Trigger points or pain points

The development of the disease - fibromyalgia, first of all, begins with increased sensitivity in specific places - points. They can be either around the joints, or randomly located, making themselves felt when pressed.

When diagnosing, as a rule, 18 points are distinguished, their location:

  • Above the waist.
  • Below the waist.
  • On the front of the body - in front of the neck, on the chest, on the elbows.
  • On the back of the body - in the back of the head, on the shoulder, at the top of the back or below.

Trigger points, as a rule, develop in combination with a violation of the musculoskeletal system of chronic origin. In this case, the trigger itself is expressed as a supersensitive part, which is located above the muscle fiber.


Unlike other diseases, fibromyalgia is difficult to determine and you can focus only on the patient’s complaints, anamnesis and related diseases. In particular, for palpation, a clinical diagnosis. Laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis are ineffective, since they do not indicate a deviation from the norm.

Symptoms of the disease - fibromyalgia, have a slow tendency to accumulate and develop. As medical statistics show, medical staff are contacted for help 5-7 years after the development of the disease.

In the study of the patient’s body, special attention is paid to the onset of the disease and the period of exacerbation, the presence of an increased psycho-emotional load and a gradual increase in the progression of the disease development process.

Thus, for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia consider:

  • Anamnesis of pain. In which part of the body - left, right, in the upper part of the skeleton or in the lower, pain began to develop.
  • Feeling 11 out of 18 pain points. At the same time, palpation should be very delicate, and the pressing force is 4 kg. Compliance with this requirement allows you to determine exactly the pain when pressed.

Fibromyalgia is most often diagnosed in adult women, only 10-20% of men have such a diagnosis.

First aid for exacerbation of fibromyalgia at home

You can help with fibromyalgia at home using alternative methods:

  • Noise reduction in the roomeliminate the source of stress.
  • Change sleep mode, make a proper rest and moderate loads in the daily routine.
  • It is necessary to carefully examine the diet, eliminate unwanted foods, diluting them with useful ones.
  • Seek medical help physical education.

The treatment of fibromyalgia is directly associated with the accompanying diseases, symptoms, etc. The therapy against fibromyalgia, which simultaneously uses both pharmacological preparations and non-drug therapy, has proved to be most effective.

Drug treatment

Therapy of fibromyalgia mmedicinesimplies a fairly extensive list:

  • In particular, drugs such as muscle relaxants are used.such as baclofen.
  • Involvement in the development of an illness of psychological disorders involves the use of antidepressants - Duloxetine, Fluoxetine, Tramadol, Venlafaxine, Pregabalin, Amitriptyline, Lyrics. The course of admission is not more than 6 weeks.
  • To relieve seizures Depakin medicine is used.
  • Analgesics are used to anesthetize. type of aspirin in combination with Orphenadrine and Guaifenesin.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also be used., like Flexeril, Elavil.
  • Use relaxants in therapy, such drugs as Cyclobenzaprine, Nortriptyline, Asafen will relieve muscle tension.

Physiotherapy exercises

Physical changes caused by fibromyalgia often lead to negative consequences. The pain syndrome that causes the disease does not cause a desire to exercise, but it is this approach that will minimize and eliminate the manifestation of fibromyalgia.

Recommended Exercises:

  • Walking, cycling, swimming. Such a complex produces muscle endurance. At the same time, coordination develops in the body, and body weight is leveled.
  • Strength exercise. Maintaining the joints is important, but along with them it is necessary to strengthen the tendons. However, when performing strength exercises, you should be careful not to aggravate the condition.
  • Stretching. Such a set of exercises will improve joint mobility, maintain muscle tissue in tone.
  • Aerobicswith which muscles will be trained.
  • Yoga. A set of exercises will reduce stress, relieve tension and muscle pain.


Equally effective is the use of physiotherapy in the presence of symptoms of fibromyalgia. Moreover, all physiotherapy exercises should eliminate the triggers as much as possible. Among the methods used are ice and warm water treatments. They allow you to stretch muscles, relax them, thereby eliminating pain and tension.

This method includes:

  • Therapeutic tissue massage in sedative mode.
  • Water aerobics.
  • Electrical stimulation of nerves.
  • Muscle stretching.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Unloading of the affected spine.
  • Thermal treatments.
  • Muscle relaxation, myocorrection and myotonization.

The focus of physiotherapy must necessarily eliminate myofascicular hypertonicity, to strengthen the damaged structures of the lower back. In addition, due to the use of physiotherapy, pain is eliminated, OA, preparative and regenerative processes change. Ultimately, the optimal stereotype is restored.

Before carrying out such treatment, determine the potential benefits that the treatment will bring, and compare the potential dangers. In any case, all exercises should eliminate the pain without causing discomfort.

According to some experts, massage is one of the types of relief of pain during the manifestation of an ailment. Scientifically, this method is not confirmed. However, those who practice massage say that moderate pressure is a key factor in eliminating pain.

Folk remedies at home

Strengthening muscle tissue is also possible with the use of alternative recipes:

  • Useful can be safflower leuzeus. It helps strengthen joint tissue, enhances muscle activity. It is necessary to take it in the form of infusion. Infusion is prepared from grated root - 2 tbsp. 5 tablespoons poured honey. Take three times a day.
  • Levsee safflower infusion, only with the addition of vodka (1 tbsp. Diluted in 5 tbsp. Honey and 2 tbsp. Grated root of the plant) will allow you to apply it externally, rubbing the affected areas thereby minimizing pain.
  • Ginseng also helps to eliminate the manifestation of fibromyalgia due to internal use. To prepare an infusion of ginseng, 1 liter is required. Infuse vodka with root for at least 20 days in a dark place. It will be necessary to apply in acute manifestation of the disease no more than 10 drops diluted in water.

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Sanatorium treatment

When undergoing treatment in a sanatorium, it is worth remembering that the course should have a duration of at least 4 months. In this case, chronic pain in muscle tissue is stopped in a sanatorium only when using mud baths, which can be both general and local.

Also, balneotherapy, which is expressed as swimming in a pool filled with mineral water, can be recommended for treatment.

If your back, neck or lower back hurts, do not delay the treatment if you do not want to end in a wheelchair! Chronic aching pain in the back, neck or lower back is the main sign of osteochondrosis, hernia, or another serious disease. Treatment must be started right now.


Preventive measures, in determining the symptoms of fibromyalgia, are actions that will impede the influence of the provocateurs of the disease.

It is important to observe mental, physical hygiene, to find a balance of physical activity and psychological adaptation to irritating factors.

With fibromyalgia, every detail is important, every detail. Nutrition should be adjusted, the daily menu is based on the recommendations of doctors.

It is necessary to pay attention to the power system and establish the basic principles, that is, limit:

  • The level of aspartame consumed, which is a sweetener. After all, it is he who provokes an exacerbation of the clinical picture of the disease.
  • Reduce the amount of food additives that contribute to the intensification of pain.
  • Reduce the level of consumed coffee, tea, chocolate.
  • Eliminate in abundant quantities potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.
  • Reduce the amount of dairy products.

Consequences and forecast

First of all, all actions should be aimed at eliminating the recurrence of fibromyalgia, as well as preserving the achieved result in subjection to the disease.

First of all, you need:

  • Do everything that the attending physician recommended, be treated according to the chosen scheme.
  • Discourage stressful situations.
  • Get a quality and comprehensive consultation with a psychologist.

Where is fibromyalgia treated in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

With treatment in Moscow, treatment of fibromyalgia is carried out in clinics:

  • OAO "Medicine".
  • Clinic of invasive neurosurgery.
  • FSBI Clinical Hospital No. 1.

The following representations are involved in the treatment of fibromyalgia disease in St. Petersburg:

  • Clinic "Workshop of health."
  • Clinic of the genius of pain "Medica".
  • SZGMU named after I.I. Mechnikov.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Reviews

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Reasons for development

Scientists around the world for a long time conducted research aimed at identifying the causes of the disease. The main etiological factors of pain include:

  • heredity,
  • viral infections (HIV, Epstein-Barr virus (infectious mononucleosis), tick-borne borreliosis, herpetic infection),
  • negative psycho-emotional state, excessive alertness, fixation on one’s own pain,
  • stress
  • failure in the endocrine system (hormonal disorders, such as hypothyroidism),
  • bruises, fractures, burns with severe pain,
  • taking certain medications or routine vaccination can form discomfort and adversely affect neurotransmitters,
  • damage to the peripheral nervous system (compression, neuritis, diabetic neuropathy, etc.).

The chronic pain syndrome that accompanies fibromyalgia is due to central sensitization, a constant hyper-excitation of the sensitive neurons of the posterior horns of the spinal cord. Increased arousal is formed both under the influence of pain impulses coming from the periphery (trauma, peripheral syndromes), as a result of neurometabolic shifts against the background of distress, infection, hormonal disorders.

The leading role in pathogenesis belongs to serotonin and noradrenergic neurotransmitter systems. It was found that in patients the concentration of serotonin, L-tryptophan, norepinephrine in the blood was reduced, and the level of 5-hydroxyindole, the basic metabolite of serotonin, was reduced in the cerebrospinal fluid. Since serotonin is considered responsible for a good mood, a drop in its level explains the tendency of patients with fibromyalgia to depression and anxiety.

Location of sensitive points in fibromyalgia

Symptoms and first signs

To find out the presence of a disease, it is necessary to know the symptoms characteristic of this, because muscle pain is not always evidence of an ailment. The main symptoms of the manifestation of the disease include:

  • soreness in the muscles and tendons,
  • stiffness of arms and legs,
  • fast fatiguability.

The development of the disease begins with the gradual pain. Moreover, the gradualness can be both protracted and active, that is, a person can feel the first symptoms at 25, and then the subsequent symptom will appear after a certain number of years. The provocation of such an ailment is affected by changes in psychological mood.

Pain in the muscles, accompanied by symptoms of fatigue, immobility, excessive physical activity, are the first indicators of the activation of the disease. When an effect is applied by applying warm objects to the site of activation of pain symptoms, such pains disappear or decrease. In the morning, the pain intensifies sharply, and then subsides until the evening. In the morning there is a feeling of stiffness of the head, often the patient may complain of pain in the calf muscles (such pain is convulsive). A feeling of swelling of the fingers and toes begins to appear, but in fact, physical swelling is not observed.

The most common symptom that patients complain about is not muscle fiber pain, but widespread fatigue. Even waking up after a night, patients complain of more fatigue of the body than before bedtime.

A characteristic feature of the disease is also the activation of pain after the place of malaise, the so-called trigger point, is felt. These points are located in the following places on the human body:

  • areas of 4.5 and 6 cervical vertebrae,
  • на трапециевидных мышцах: левой и правой (область мышечного брюшка),
  • верхняя часть ягодичных мышц,
  • коленные суставы,
  • костные точки,
  • в области лопатки,
  • elbow joints.

These are the main points of activation and reproduction of the disease, where a person can feel pain symptoms. Often, an ailment in addition to pain is caused by an exacerbation of mental and somatic disorders, leading to a sharp disadaptation of the patient.

Patients also often complain of poor sleep, which is practically absent. A person is at rest during sleep, but constant muscle tension and mental disorder do not allow the body to relax and get a good rest. In addition to everything, the patient complains of constant pain in the head, among which are both migraine and high pressure. Bursting pain in the joints of the hands and knees.

If the following symptoms have been noticed:

  • headache and dizziness,
  • dry and burning mouth
  • menstruation with pain,
  • migraine,
  • stitching pains in arms and legs,
  • constant urination to urinate,
  • complaints of intestinal dysfunction.

It is imperative to go to the hospital to identify an accurate diagnosis and conduct medical procedures.

How to treat fibromyalgia?

Given that the exact cause of the disease is not known to date, fibromyalgia at home is treated symptomatically (i.e., stopping the clinic).

Therapy of an ailment begins with a change in lifestyle: abandoning bad habits, switching to a low-protein (sometimes vegetarian) diet and normalizing the sleep / wake regimen. An important stage of treatment is psychotherapy aimed at reducing anxiety, raising mood and establishing a positive outlook on life.

Non-drug treatments

Physiotherapy helps relieve pain, reduce muscle tone and warm them, improve blood flow in them. Nevertheless, their effect, alas, is often short-lived, and in some cases such treatment leads to the development of undesirable effects - an increase or decrease in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, dizziness, and so on.

It is mainly assigned:

  • Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. It allows you to develop a positive outlook on life in the patient, reduce anxiety, raise the mood.
  • Physiotherapy . It is proved that moderate physical activity helps to reduce pain, regress the symptoms of the disease for a period of up to a year or longer.
  • Other methods: biofeedback therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy. They showed average effectiveness in the relief of pain. Can be used as an addition to basic therapy.

Some patients feel an improvement, just following the recommendations on the regimen and behavior, even without medication. They include:

  • a warm bath in the mornings and, if possible, in the evenings,
  • elimination of psychoemotional stresses,
  • limitation of physical activity,
  • compliance with the regime of work and rest.

Folk recipes

Treatment with folk remedies for fibromyalgia does not lose its relevance. Patients with fibromyalgia traditional medicine recommends regular use of natural honey. It is better to take honey on an empty stomach in the morning, one tablespoon daily. Honey will saturate the body with nutrients, give strength, raise immunity and mood.

Traditional black tea should be abandoned in favor of herbal teas. With fibromyalgia, plants such as dandelion, clover, burdock root, echinacea, thistle, valerian, motherwort, quail, rose hip are useful. They can be brewed simultaneously or separately. It’s nice to combine 2-3 species. Regular use of decoctions of these medicinal herbs will alleviate the patient’s condition, cheer him up, improve vitality, increase resistance to diseases and rid the body of toxins.

It is useful to take tincture of lemongrass, which includes active substances that enhance the processes of perception and excitation of the central nervous system. The tool is taken once a day, 5-7 drops per 100 g of water. Increasing the dosage can be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor.

Ginseng tincture will increase appetite, improve digestion, normalize blood sugar and increase immunity. Tincture is taken daily once a day, 10 drops per 100 g of water.

A compress from a mixture of red ground pepper and vegetable oil will help reduce pain. Oil prevents skin irritation with pepper. Compress neutralizes the conduction of nerve impulses responsible for pain.

Tinctures of lilac and birch buds can significantly reduce pain if you rub them regularly into “pain points”.

Folk treatments for fibromyalgia

Due to its effectiveness and accessibility, alternative medicine is very popular. However, before treating fibromyalgia with folk remedies, it is necessary to clearly identify the symptoms of the disease that cause anxiety, and then draw up a detailed treatment plan. The disease is characterized by a blurred and inconsistent clinical picture. Therefore, for each case, you should choose your own set of methods. Most often, it acts in several directions at once:

  • cleansing
  • stress reduction
  • general strengthening of the body,
  • sleep improvement
  • relieving muscle pain.

General strengthening means

To strengthen the immune system, you can choose one of the following means to your liking:

  • Wild strawberry. Very useful due to its rich composition. One glass of fresh berries is enough per day.
  • Ginseng. It has a multifaceted healing effect on the whole body. It is a natural adaptogen, that is, it increases the body's ability to adapt to various external conditions. In the case of fibromyalgia, the most valuable property of ginseng is its ability to strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism, thus allowing you to quickly get rid of toxins. Take ginseng tincture, diluting with water, first 10 drops, then gradually increase to 30 drops (for details, see the packaging of a single therapeutic agent based on ginseng).
  • Dogrose. Most often use a decoction: 2 tbsp. fruits in 0.5 liters of water, kept on low heat for about half an hour. Recommended dosage: 2 times a day in a glass.
  • Apricot. Effectively boosts immunity. It can be consumed both raw and dried, 2-3 pieces per day.
  • Chinese lemongrass. It activates the body's defense, gives energy, helps get rid of chronic fatigue and reduce pain. For therapeutic purposes, use tincture: 100 g of lemongrass + 0.5 l of 70% alcohol, insist 2 weeks, filter. The initial dosage is 5 drops 1-2 times a day, gradually increasing the dose to 10 drops. Important: to avoid problems with sleep, it is not recommended to take the drug in the afternoon.

Body cleansing

It is believed that the main cause of pain is intoxication of muscle tissue by the vital products of various microorganisms. Therefore, a mandatory part of the therapeutic complex should be cleansing of toxins. This may help:

  • Burdock and dandelion roots. A decoction prepared from them (1 tsp of dry raw materials per 0.5 l of boiling water) helps to cleanse and normalize the composition of the blood. The infusion is taken warm throughout the day.
  • Bran. Only 2 tablespoons, taken before a meal, will do an excellent job of cleansing the intestines and removing toxins. To achieve the effect, a 30-day course is recommended.
  • Oats. Reception of oat broth (a liter of water + a glass of oats, boil 40 minutes) is suitable for gentle cleansing and increase the body's immune forces. It is recommended to use half a glass 3-4 times a day.
  • Citrus cocktail. Not only cleans, but also saturates with vitamins. Freshly squeezed juice of any citrus to taste is diluted with mineral water. They drink a cocktail a week, per liter per day.

You can find out more about the various methods of cleansing the body here - Cleansing the body - the best ways.

Soothing Fees for Better Sleep

To successfully fight the disease, you need to remove stress. The patient must maintain psychological balance. For people prone to anxiety and irritability, you can prepare a sedative herbal tea:

  • Melissa + Valerian. 1 tsp each 400 ml of boiling water. Take the broth warm in the afternoon.
  • Honey. An effective and tasty remedy for insomnia - 1 tsp. sweet treats before bedtime.
  • Motherwort. It can be consumed in the form of tea or tincture. It has a cumulative effect, so the course of admission should last at least 3 months.
  • Pion. You can use the roots and grass. For tincture, take 1 part of peony, pour 5 parts of vodka, leave for 2 weeks in the dark and cool. Take 40-50 drops at bedtime.
  • Hop. A decoction (1 tablespoon of cones per glass of water) is especially useful for women during menopause. Take 50 ml before meals.
  • The Chinese consider eating oysters the best cure for insomnia.


The main problem that all patients with fibromyalgia face is muscle pain, which sometimes spreads to the whole body. Continuous use of pain medications can further aggravate your health. Tolerate debilitating torment unbearable. In such situations, it's time to resort to traditional medicine.

The following remedies relieve pain well:

  • Magnesium. For ingestion, you can use magnesium-containing products - sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds, and legumes. No less effective are baths with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Magnesium is the most valuable mineral for muscle pain. It removes excess fluid from the tissues, reducing swelling and relieving spasm. A warm bath with Epsom salt should not be taken for long - a maximum of 20 minutes. The procedure is prohibited for diabetic patients and cores.
  • Horsetail. From this weed make a healing ointment: 1 tbsp. butter + 0.5 tbsp dried grass horsetail. Rubbed into painful areas 2-3 times a day, covered with a film and insulated.
  • Red pepper. To avoid burns, use it only in combination with vegetable oil. The proportions are selected so that when applied to the skin, a slight burning sensation is felt.
  • Paraffin. In a molten form, it is applied in two layers with a brush to painful areas, a layer of cellophane is laid on top, then insulated. Stand on the skin for half an hour.
  • Cabbage leaves. Before applying to the skin, the leaf is wrinkled with hands until juice appears. Cover with a film and a warm cloth.
  • Gum turpentine. Use for anti-inflammatory effect. Connect 1 tbsp. turpentine and apple cider vinegar, add the egg. A compress is made from the mixture.

Additional methods to combat fibromyalgia at home

Fibromyalgia is a complex of symptoms. Therefore, to achieve noticeable results, diverse treatment is necessary. The patient must understand that without changing his usual way of life, he will not be able to get rid of the debilitating disease. After consulting with your doctor, you should review your regimen, level of physical activity, diet and other important aspects.

In addition, it is worth turning to foreign experience in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Excellent results are achieved by Indian Ayurveda experts. No less effective is Chinese medicine. Eastern doctors manage to achieve significant improvement in the condition and prolonged remission of the disease. The only problem is the need to draw up an individual treatment program by a highly qualified specialist. After all, not every patient has the opportunity to visit such health centers. Nevertheless, there are generally applicable tips that can provide tangible help to the patient.

Ayurvedic recipes

According to Ayurvedic ideas, the disease is the result of an imbalance in the balance of the elements in the body. Fibromyalgia is a prime example of an excess of Vata dosha (wind power). A detailed treatment program can only be a professional. All patients can take castor oil on their own to restore harmony to the doshas. This remedy is considered acceptable for any variant of the disease. It is recommended to eat before meals for 1-2 tsp. twice a day, ideally washed down with ginger tea.

Ayurvedic preparations have proven themselves well - for example, brahmi churna or dvigunarandai porridge churna. They have a sedative and relaxing effect.

In addition to the means for oral administration, it is worth actively practicing meditation and aromatherapy. Both methods effectively deal with clamps and tension, and also improve sleep quality, normalize blood pressure and reduce pain. When choosing an essential oil, it should be borne in mind that:

  • essential oil of marjoram and rosemary reduces pain and remove swelling,
  • cinnamon essential oil relieves spasm
  • lavender essential oil relaxes
  • cedar essential oil improves blood circulation.

Chinese medicine tips

Chinese scientists prefer acupuncture and the ancient exercise program, Tai Chi, as the main methods of treating fibromyalgia. The first method, unfortunately, is not available for independent use. But everyone can do gymnastics. It is a combination of smooth movements, concentration, meditation and proper breathing.

The complex can be made at your discretion, taking into account your physical fitness and health. Daily exercises reduce pain, relieve fatigue, relieve insomnia.

General recommendations

In the publication "”(No. 3 (54), 2010) a list of procedures recommended for patients with fibromyalgia was published. It included mud therapy, physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, acupuncture, phytotherapy and other methods.

Obviously, such an impressive list allows you to individually choose a medical complex for yourself, taking into account your own preferences, financial condition and symptoms. Why then so many patients can not cope with fibromyalgia? The fact is that the effectiveness of treatment mainly depends on the patients themselves. According to the results of the survey, in which 127 people took part, it turned out that 47% of them do not comply with medical prescriptions.

Thus, one should be aware that the treatment of fibromyalgia with folk remedies or medications requires the patient to be consistent and persistent. The effectiveness of therapy directly depends on the correctness and regularity of the implementation of the advice received. The joint work of the doctor and the patient will certainly bring the expected results and the disease will be defeated.

Medical expert articles

Fibromyalgia treatment involves the inclusion of all possible psychotherapeutic techniques, diet, manual therapy. To date, there is no exact treatment regimen for fibromyalgia due to the fact that neither the etiology nor the pathogenesis of this disease has yet been specified.

This is due to the fact that for all the diverse symptoms, the disease does not manifest itself as organic damage or deviations during all kinds of standard examinations. Diagnosis of the disease is possible only with the help of anamnestic data, complaints of the patient himself and neurological tests that determine pain in the trigger points, which are considered the criteria for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Non-pharmacological treatment of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia treatment with folk remedies is also supervised, moreover, the European Association of Cardiologists and Rheumatologists does not deny the positive effects of herbal medicine as an auxiliary method of supervising this complex disease. Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by metabolic disorders, which can restore the course of natural adaptogens - decoctions, tinctures and herbal extracts that activate the immune system, stimulate or normalize the functioning of the central nervous system.

In addition, there are phytopreparations that neutralize the intoxication of the body, herbs that have a nootropic or calming nervous system effect, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Here is a short list of photographic agents that are used in the complex treatment of fibromyalgia.

Adaptogens that increase the overall activity of the body, stimulate muscle tissue, give energy and stimulate motor activity. Fibromyalgia treatment with folk remedies necessarily includes in its complex phytopreparations, adaptogens, which help to oxidize pyruvic and lactic acid - the so-called "fatigue toxins". Adaptogens include such plant substances:

  • Schisandra (Chinese and other types of lemongrass). Schizandrol, schizandrin and other active components that enhance the processes of perception and excitation in the central nervous system are included in lemongrass. This property is widely used in the treatment of depressive and apathetic conditions. Also, using lemongrass, you can improve visual perception, activate appetite and mobilize many body functions. Tincture of lemongrass is taken once in the morning, starting with a minimum dose of 5-7 drops in half a glass of water. Возможно повышение дозировки, однако за приемом этого сильного стимулирующего препарата должен следить лечащий врач, который и будет варьировать индивидуальную дозу для конкретного пациента, учитывая его состояние и симптоматику.
  • Маралий корень (левзея), в состав которой входят стероидные фитосоединения – фитоэкзидоны с результативным белково-синтетичесским действием. A similar anabolic effect helps to activate muscle activity and enhance protein synthesis, which favorably affects the condition of the liver, improves blood flow. Leuzea also helps to increase the lumen of the vascular bed, strengthens the heart muscle, activates cognitive abilities. Tincture is taken in the morning once, the dose is selected by the doctor individually.
  • Ginseng is a drug containing glycosides (panaxosides) that increase appetite, improve the digestive tract, and normalize blood sugar. The tonic effect of ginseng is an order of magnitude lower than that of lemongrass, but it is indispensable as a drug that improves metabolism. Tincture is taken in the morning, once, starting with 10. a drop of half a glass of water. Over the course of a week, the dose can be gradually increased by adding a few drops to a maximum dosage of 30 drops.

External muscle pain relievers

Fibromyalgia treatment with folk remedies involves the use of both an internal intake of decoctions, tinctures, and a variety of lotions, compresses with medicinal herbs and even spices. So, compresses from a mixture of red ground pepper and vegetable oil help to reduce a pain symptom. The oil will slightly protect the skin from the rather aggressive irritating effect of capsiacin - a substance contained in pepper. Capsiacin neutralizes the conduction of nerve impulses responsible for pain. Also effective as an external remedy are tinctures of lilac or birch buds, which are recommended to be rubbed into the area of ​​trigger points. Treatment of fibromyalgia at home includes regularly performed procedures using similar agents. Of course, you can buy a ready-made pharmacy ointment, however, a compress prepared with your own hands helps not only in the therapeutic sense, but also in the psychological one: the patient begins to be included in the treatment process as a full participant.


Blood purification

It is believed that a decoction of dandelion and burdock roots contributes to the normalization of blood composition and activation of the immune system. To prepare herbal tea, take one tablespoon of the roots of burdock and dandelion, pour them with a liter of boiling water and leave for an hour. The resulting infusion is taken during the day, replacing it with ordinary tea. The course is at least three weeks.

Normalization of the state of the nervous system is achieved with the help of decoction of lemon balm and valerian root. Motherwort tincture is also effective, which must be used for a long time - at least 3 months.

Treatment of fibromyalgia at home is quite acceptable, provided that the patient will comply with medical recommendations regarding not only herbal medicine, but also taking medications.

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Treatment of fibromyalgia with medications

The first thing that is prescribed in the complex treatment of the disease is painkillers and antidepressants.

To neutralize the pain symptoms, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, mainly for external use, since the internal use of NSAIDs can have a negative effect on the patient’s digestive tract. In addition, pain, as a rule, concerns muscle tissues, and not joints, therefore ointments containing diclofenac, ibuprofen, as well as external agents, which include novocaine, lidocaine, are effective.

How to treat fibromyalgia with antidepressants? A clinically proven effect is given by the administration of TCAs - tricyclic antidepressants, which are more effective than drugs from the SSRI group - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Amitriptyline, which, in addition to normalizing the process of falling asleep, is a good stop for the pain symptom, gently stimulates the general activity of the body. Unlike amitriptyline, taking sertraline or fluoxetine does not give similar results, or the improvement does not last more than two to three weeks. An example of amitriptyline, cyclobenzaprine or melipramine suggests a gentle dose of 10 mg once a night, with a further increase in dosage to 25 mg per day. The course of treatment with tricyclic antidepressants is long, with interruptions, the treatment regimen is the prerogative of the attending physician.

Fibromyalgia treatment also involves myelorelaxing, since the main symptoms relate to pain in muscle tissue. As myelorelaxants, the use of drugs such as baclofen, sirdalud, which stop reflex muscle tension, improve local blood supply and relieve pain symptom, is indicated.

Treatment of fibromyalgia at home is possible with antioxidants and vitamin complexes containing the entire group of vitamins B, vitamins A and E.

Fibromyalgia treatment also includes non-medication, such as comprehensive psycho-emotional rehabilitation with the help of psychotherapy sessions, training in methods of autogenic relaxation.

Since there is still no clinically justified answer to the question - how to treat fibromyalgia, that is, a unified therapeutic strategy has not been developed, the treatment of the disease is carried out for a long time, sometimes several years. The high reliability of the effectiveness in treatment refers only to the schemes confirmed by medical experience and persistent remission on the part of patients, which include the use of tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, soothing herbal remedies, long courses of psychotherapy, a special diet and a set of therapeutic physical exercises.