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How to tell a guy that she is pregnant?


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I was ill at this moment, so we somehow found out together.)

left the toilet with a big smile and said that he had patched up my child. He smiled proudly and invited me to dinner.

test showed. He looked at him for a long time. Apparently, I thought what to do.

My accidentally found out. I did the test, it turned out to be positive, I was so excited that I forgot it in the bathroom. And my saw, called to work and asked what kind of thing this is, well, I told him that he seemed to be pregnant, he didn’t answer anything, and I couldn’t speak anymore (work). I was upset from the beginning, I almost cried, and in the evening, when I left work, he was waiting for me at the exit with a huge bouquet and a big smile. Then we went to a restaurant)))

Lucky. and where do you find such men good (((((

Top 10 Ways to Report a Long-awaited Pregnancy

  1. Give a children's gift: a pacifier, a rattle, an element of children's clothing with the words: “and this is for your child”,
  2. Place a children's brush of interesting design in a glass with toothbrushes; in the evening or in the morning, a loved one will ask whose she is and why,
  3. Look at the calendar day, and in honor of this or that holiday present your future father a test with two strips in a box tied with a ribbon,
  4. Throw a comic letter on behalf of Stork in the mailbox. The envelope should indicate the exact address and name, surname of the recipient. The letter can be issued in the original or just write "Congratulations, future father!",
  5. Do not be too lazy to do so many pregnancy tests so that it is enough to lay out the word "Hurray." It’s better to put the word on the bed, and next to it leave the instruction from one test with the brightly circled phrase “you are pregnant”,
  6. Prepare a festive dinner, and as a dessert on a saucer under the lid, give Kinder a surprise with a bow and a small label “handmade made” “I will be soon”, “you will be a dad”, “the future father”, “the stork will fly soon”, etc. ,
  7. Buy a book for future parents and, after rough sex, present it to your soulmate, they say, and now read,
  8. Put a white T-shirt with the inscription "honey, I’m pregnant" on the naked body, when you come home from work, your beloved will surely be happy,
  9. If possible, you can arrange a romantic date on the roof of the house, and stick the label “future father” on a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne,
  10. Another option is to fill the room with balloons to create a festive atmosphere and hang out the banner “we will have a child”.

Even if some of the ideas seemed too banal to you, believe me, for a man who is impatiently expecting a child, the very phrase “I'm pregnant” will seem very original. And yet, it is important to choose a method of recognition in pregnancy only based on the nature of the lover. A serious man without a pronounced sense of humor will clearly have extra balls and similar fun.

How to say "I am pregnant" with an unexpected pregnancy

Anxiety in a situation with an unplanned pregnancy causes an unforeseen reaction of the second half, which is why you need to proceed with caution.

A story happened with my girlfriend when, after the phrase “we will have a baby”, the guy put her before a choice, whether he or a child. The girl had to go through a lot - the lack of housing, money, support from relatives (she is an orphan). Today Lerke is 2 years old, she has a mother and a loving father who appeared in their small family when the baby was a year old. P.S. A little instructive story that after unexpected two stripes life is different.

Recommendations on how to talk about an unplanned pregnancy

  1. News should be reported only in person, face-to-face. Telephone conversations, SMS and correspondence in social networks is a mistake that many young girls make,
  2. Saying the phrase “we will have a baby” is better in a calm tone alone in a quiet atmosphere and without pulling the cat by the tail. Exclude from the conversation “we need to seriously talk” and hint to nobody
  3. Do not shift the blame on each other for the occurrence of conception. If the partners were not ready for the birth of crumbs, they both showed frivolity, forgetting about contraception,
  4. The girl should not torture the illusion that the guy will immediately make her an offer. Give him time to step back and take in the news.

I’ve heard such advice more than once from the psychologists of our studio for creative young confused girls. They are really useful, follow the advice of professionals!

Girls, women, switch from the world of TV shows to reality and be prepared for the fact that when you hear “I'm pregnant”, a man will not let a tear fall, will not fill you with bouquets of roses, and will not go to look for a diamond ring. And while doing the test, make sure that it is reliable so as not to upset the other half.

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He knew that I had a delay, because I got nervous and drove on the way home to buy a test. I did 3 in a row, in all 2 strips. I got out of the toilet and said. I was glad I was smiling (he wanted a baby and did everything for this, but I didn’t want to), said that he would finally become a father again and wants a boy. But all this is garbage, because after 4 months he changed his mind and said that he hurried and he did not think that pregnancy was so difficult (and I suffered serious toxicosis), so he can’t look at me so sick, and I can’t work either, and so I fell over.

Here is a goat. Nothing, come running yet. Although in FIG it is so needed.

We planned a child, so my husband immediately realized that I was pregnant, on the very first day of the delay (I had a cycle day in and day out). I was glad that it happened the first time, and sent to register.

we planned a child, so it was not a surprise for him, she said she did the test, he was delighted, but donated nothing as in the posts above

I called to work) It was at the end of his working day, could not stand it. In response, I heard a nervous laugh)) After half an hour, he showed up with fruit, cake and champagne. All this is almost silent. About champagne it suddenly dawned on him “Damn, you can’t do it! Now, wait, I'll be right back”))) After another 20 minutes I brought three packs of different juices. He put it all on the table and how he will lift me up and let me procrastinate: "Lerka, damn it!"))). Laughed all evening over his reaction))))

He knew that I had a delay, because I got nervous and drove on the way home to buy a test. I did 3 in a row, in all 2 strips. I got out of the toilet and said. I was glad I was smiling (he wanted a baby and did everything for this, but I didn’t want to), said that he would finally become a father again and wants a boy. But all this is garbage, because after 4 months he changed his mind and said that he hurried and he did not think that pregnancy was so difficult (and I suffered serious toxicosis), so he can’t look at me so sick, and I can’t work either, and so I fell over.

I'm interested, but did someone say this on the phone? Or is everything only in person?

By the way, I didn’t do the test because I believed my husband =)

I'm interested, but did someone say this on the phone? Or is everything only in person?

I went to an open window on the 1st floor, my husband washed a car in the courtyard, said, "We are pregnant," the washcloth froze with a hand. then he jumps with a smile all over his face, he almost pulled out of the window. It was a while ago, but I remember with a smile. I have a good one.)))

I left the toilet and, sobbing, put the test to him. He began to reassure. I don’t know why such a reaction was, probably from happiness.

The first time I did not say. To my shame. Because of my youth and stupidity, I wanted to hide and raise my pregnancy alone. And my very good friend, my mother’s friend — thanks to her for a long and long summer — informed my young man of my pregnancy. His reaction was "Why are you telling me this, not her," after which the rash to me and the clarification of relations. Now I’m even afraid to imagine what would happen if I hadn’t reported the child.
With notifications of subsequent pregnancies, such incidents no longer occurred, she reported immediately, openly, and we were always very happy.

This time I remember more than my doctor’s reaction. We’re talking with my sister the day before and she complains to me that she has a myoma of about 8 weeks and she needs to have surgery. And I have a delay and I came for an examination. The gynecologist looks at me and says, well, about 8 weeks, the uterus is enlarged. For some reason, Iya suddenly decided that she was talking about myoma. She then tells me: I see a woman reddened, turned pale, turned green. I think - that's the trouble, an unwanted pregnancy. Let's calm down, drip the droplets, persuade - I’ll write you a direction now, they will quickly do it under anesthesia, you won’t feel anything. I felt completely ill, I think for sure - myoma. She comforted me again - of course, a pregnancy of 40 years is hard. Then my brains cleared up, I say - stop, let's all over again. I called my husband from the corridor already, I say - guess what is my news? He says - judging by the wonderful voice. I told him: yes, our trip to the Czech Republic is postponed due to pregnancy. My husband didn’t give me anything like that then, but during the pregnancy I suggested choosing something from jewelry to commemorate this event. Bought earrings.

The first time I didn’t tell anyone, I just went and had an abortion. The second time the child was planned, as the results of the analysis on hCG came, she told. For the third time, she also reported on the availability of test results. My husband was very surprised at first, because we carefully protected ourselves.

My husband reacted differently: "But we wanted to update the car." Silent for 2 days, and then issued: "Yes, a jester with her with a car, now we need to save money for an apartment for a child."

The first husband, a paranoid jealous, when I (the happiest and most pregnant in the world) informed him after a delicious dinner, he asked only "From whom?" And he repeated the whole pregnancy that he would fall in love with the child only after the test and the establishment of paternity. I did not see any gifts and joy from him. Although both wanted a child. But the child was born his exact copy. And the husband has subsided. And after three years I divorced him.

Yes, she simply said, he answered, they say not surprisingly. We specifically tried. He knew the outcome.

For a long time it was and no tests, and there was no mention at all)))
Well, there’s nothing and there’s nothing, I’m waiting a week, two, then I tell my father, apparently you will become a father .. Does he speak to me apparently or will I still?)) I say, well, while I don’t go to the doctor, then apparently and while I live in ignorance and think))

I put a test with two stripes on my New Year’s cards in my husband and signed "See you in the New Year, dad"
We have been planning for a long time, already desperate and such a miracle.

On the phone, he replied "Well and good!"

guest 7 in vain you give birth to him, because he is still writing a second time he was going to become a father, it was not for nothing that the first ran away from him

called on the phone, cried, said she had flown. he hung up))

guest 7 in vain you give birth to him, because he is still writing a second time he was going to become a father, it was not for nothing that the first ran away from him

She said in the most ordinary way. I myself did not know to rejoice at me or upset. I didn’t really want children, but my husband and I decided that it was time to give birth. I have a heart defect and was 26 years old. Doctors advised against dragging my illness heavily. My husband did not react to the news at all. We didn’t have any Usi-pusi about pregnancy, there were no gifts, no flowers for discharge, either. But in fact he loves his son very much, and for 12 years they have been great friends.

Sweet. I have two stripes.
You are pregnant?
No, ***, I'm a chipmunk.
When I told my friend, he walked for 3 days and said - you are a chipmunk. ))))

my ran to tell mom and friends!

and when I found out it was upset. He said why it happened so ?? how so. I was upset .. the face became sad. The man thought deeply. And then there is. and okay. He planned to walk for 6 years. Run. Tra ha tsya. Sleep on an air mattress .. Run with friends. Parachute, on a roller coaster .. And I wanted a child. I have my own apartment. And everything is needed. Why I thought that was not born . He said that oh you don’t immediately tune in any way. And my mother set it up like that .. He didn’t give anything. Why?
Well, that’s it.

I was already married, he accepted the news normally. Everything is natural!

almost everyone has good and good stories, I said on the phone, he said he was watching football and hung up the phone. did not give money for abortion

The first time I reported by phone, the reaction was normal. The second time I unceremoniously pushed it in the morning and put a two-strip test under my nose. To which I received the question: when is it with you. of that, huh?
Well this is the first reaction, everything is fine

After a positive test, emotions were above the roof. But I endured 2 days before my husband’s arrival on a business trip. We just bought an apartment, made repairs in it. So I prepared a lot of tickets with tips where to find the next ticket and put them all over the house in the most inaccessible places and even at the first floor in the garage, so that he ran from top to bottom and back several times))) The penultimate ticket was in the oven, in which I hid, Tiramisu (his favorite cake) prepared in advance for him because he was a terrible sweet tooth, well, I thought it was finishing pleased immediately in ilk and go))). He chews and chewed and suddenly felt in the middle of the cake another little note. Without any suspicion, only with the words “invented”, he opens, reads and there on the first ticket “Dad, I made you run a little and sweat, so I am preparing you for games with me. Greetings from mom’s stomach)) "and on the second ticket," There are already three of us. "When I read the last sentence, tears came to my eyes. He later said that if he hadn’t cried, he would not have believed such happiness)))) For a very long time we dreamed and thought about our baby)))

In general, the child was planned. but it didn’t work out for a long time, he already suggested that both of them go to the hospital for examination. And then there’s a delay, I’m doing a test - 2 strips. She went silent for three days, did not know how to say it. But my condition betrayed me, it stirs me up a lot, he asked, "Why are you ill or something?" Well, she said that she was pregnant, and in response she heard "yes, yes, yes." That's all: - ((((For a week now he has been asking nothing. Honestly, I do not know.

There was a delay of a couple of days, I thought that I would not do the test, but, surprisingly, I walked past the pharmacy, as if on a tip, went in, bought a test. I came home, did a test. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the treasured two strips :)) ) (with her husband really wanted a baby, tried) *. When my husband came home from work, I covered my test with my hands, and when I entered the room, I opened my palms. He had such a grateful smile, he hugged me tightly, kissed me, without words! I’ll never forget his smile. Now we have a son, we are 6.5 months old😊

2 weeks thinking whether to tell him or not, and indeed what should I do. she said, at first she seemed happy, the ChNRNs began to persuade me to have an abortion for a week, and this despite my first pregnancy at 32 years old and he has no other children ((((I sent, I’ll be myself, somehow. for the 7th month, now he thought better of it, plans something there, but I’m not strong with him already and wants to connect his life and the life of the child of the future

I found out through the test that I was pregnant. There’s nothing to say, everything is clear from the result.

And I was waiting for this day, I thought that I would definitely arrange a surprise) but it turned out completely stupid. It was a holiday (I always do a test before the feast))) you never know) thought as usual one strip, and then the second begins to appear, well, I go and blurt out: I won’t drink today, I have two stripes))) but it joy, of course, there was no chapel)

It was like this with me: I haven’t gotten married with my young man yet, he made me an offer, but I put off the wedding all the time (either to save money, then to have my own quartet, etc.) 8 months after the marriage proposal (before this 3 years met). And here (even before the delay) I started SUCH mood swings that I wanted to part with him, I was constantly angry. in general, against the background of a pregnancy that began, the roof was quietly riding. The 2nd week of delay has begun - I am doing a test - 2 strips! I’m in tears, I call my mommy and say so and so pregnant I will have an abortion, we quarrel with him. And she told me, what are you *****, call him, don’t do stupid things, you have a wedding soon, you love each other, etc. .. In general (thank you very much to my mother!) I called him, met, told me - he is in shock, I am in shock, I say that abortion, he is NOT! In general, if my mother and my husband are already, I would ***** get rid of the baby!
Now we live soul to soul (thu-thu-thu) second want)))
Generally hormones, this thing is not predictable))

Moderator, I draw your attention to the fact that the text contains:

How to inform your husband about pregnancy in an original way

A fatal mistake of a pregnant woman is that she notifies the first spouse, who is directly related to the conception of the child, but to parents or friends. Such a mistake can cause a real resentment of the second half. And the point is not that it was intended to be - just the new-born mom was so overwhelmed with bright feelings that she could not restrain herself, and revealed her secret to the first who got in her way - the girlfriend who accidentally called her on the way from the clinic, or mother who was at home after coming from a doctor. The fact remains, and the husband will be sincerely upset, especially if he hears about a joyful event from his parents, especially from friends.

So you need to hold on to violent emotions and wait for a loved one. It is to wait, because such important things are not spoken on the phone. A similar situation does not happen every day and there is absolutely nothing ordinary in it. Therefore, any methods are suitable, but not trivial, such as "Grisha, soon you will become a dad!"

Important! A pregnant woman owes nothing to anyone. Поэтому она сама решает когда и кому рассказывать о своем положении.

Не подойдёт и социальная сеть или электронная почта, хотя если муж – большой начальник, который появляется дома лишь по праздникам или глухонемой капитан дальнего плаванья, то, пожалуй, это единственный способ.

And if without jokes, there are plenty of ways to acquaint the faithful with the sensational news:

  1. Ribbon on the stomach. You can tell your spouse that there is a surprise for him and show on your belly, decorated with an elegant ribbon like a gift,
  2. The inscription on the stomach. Write "Hello Dad" on your tummy. Or depict the word "PREGNANCY", and below "1% is loaded" and then free cells simulating the subsequent "loading" of pregnancy to 100%. A good option for the future dad - a programmer.
  3. Or give it to him t-shirt or t-shirt with the inscription "I am the best dad,"
  4. Message can be sent as telegrams and contain the following text “See you in October. Your son.",
  5. A set of children's things, toys, clothes or hygiene items can lead your husband to the correct guess if you place all the items in the room before he arrives from work,
  6. Morning coffee. In addition, you can do this in the morning by giving your spouse coffee or tea along with a pregnancy test, bandaged with a shiny ribbon or packed in a beautiful box,
  7. In the same form, you can give him an image Ultrasound or booties, other children's accessories.
  8. Romantic dinner. Many women, for whom this is a real holiday, want the same festive mood for their beloved man. And when is it still possible to report that the long-awaited baby will appear very soon, if not at the festive table in a romantic, intimate atmosphere with candles?
  9. Cabbage. Lay out cabbages throughout the apartment. To her husband’s perplexed question “what does this mean?” Calmly inform that the doctor said that we will have a child, let's look for him together.
  10. Paired T-shirts. Order T-shirts with the words “I will be a mom” and “I will be a dad”. Put on yours and solemnly hand the second to the future dad.
  11. Surprise Cake. Order a cake to order and ask that your family be “placed” on it - you, your husband and the unborn child. Serve the cake for tea and wait for the husband’s question about what this means.
  12. Older brother. If your family already has a baby, then prepare a T-shirt with the inscription Big Brother (Big Sister) in advance and ask the child to wear a T-shirt before dad arrives.
  13. Music. Find a playlist of songs that include the words “baby,” “baby,” etc. and when you and your husband will be at home - play songs louder and watch your husband when he realizes everything.
  14. Poems. It is possible to report that your beloved will soon become a dad in verse (send by letter, e-mail, SMS.). This option is suitable if your husband is away and you will not see each other soon to tell the good news personally. It will turn out original and unusual. If you don’t know how to compose poems - it doesn’t matter, below we will publish a selection of poems with which you can tell the future dad good news.
  15. Cubes with letters. From the cubes, put the inscription "Beloved, you will soon be a dad."
  16. Balloons.Inflate a lot of balls and write on them "Congratulations, you will soon become a dad."
  17. Beanbag. Give your husband a rattle, packed in a box with a bow.
  18. Uzi. Make the first ultrasound of the baby and quietly put it to her husband in a pocket or bag.
  19. Breakfast. Prepare your husband breakfast and write in the plate with food the inscription "future dad"
  20. Chalk drawing. Write under the window with chalk, “Andrey, you will soon become a dad!”
  21. Biscuit. Bake the fortune cookie and put it with the note "The best dad in the world, I will come to you in 8 months."
  22. Kinder Surprise. Give my husband a kinder surprise, and inside, put the note "I will leave in 8 months."
  23. Predictions. Calculate the approximate date of birth and ask your husband «Do you know what will happen on December 19, 2018?», he will remember the alleged events for a long time and finally give up. And you tell him: «On this day we will become the parents of a beautiful baby. "

Important! A future mother needs to be prepared for her husband's reaction and often she is different from the one that a pregnant girl expects.

The future mother can be very disappointed in the reaction of the man. And she will not be at all what her husband expects. A man, before he can get the meaning of what has been said, has to be taken aback, maybe even lose his speech power for a while. In order for a woman to know and not be offended once again, we can say that this is a normal reaction. This is later, when he realizes his position as the future father, there will be kisses, hugs, clutching, but not at the first moment after the fateful message. And a woman needs to be prepared for this. Do not push the hubby - let him slow down, think, a little later the woman will receive a double portion of love and gratitude.

However, there are times when you should not start this conversation:

  1. If a woman is angry or offended, do not inform the man about pregnancy, it is better to wait a bit and calm down. Do not spoil such a wonderful moment neither to himself nor to him.
  2. If a man is driving a car, this news may cause an accident,
  3. Moreover, it is impossible to talk about such an important matter when the husband is passionate or busy with something, this can always be done a little later.

The rest of the time, you can choose any method how to inform your husband about the pregnancy in an original way. And no need to wait for the instant desired reaction.

How to be happy in marriage: what you need to know?

How to be happy in marriage: what you need to know.

When a woman learns the overwhelming news that she will soon have a baby, she experiences a huge amount of conflicting feelings. The joy that this miracle happened, and at the same time fear, how her beloved person will react to this. What will happen next? How to tell a man about pregnancy so that it does not lead to a heart attack?

There are a large number of options on how to inform your future dad about his interesting situation. 10 ways that will be described below will help a pregnant girl choose the right option for herself.

How to inform parents about pregnancy in an original way

To please parents who will soon become grandparents is also important. A similar approach is needed here. Dad and mother should learn about the imminent appearance of the baby from the daughter, or from both spouses. If this news is given to them by their son-in-law, it may seem offensive to them. Then how to inform parents about pregnancy in an original way?

Most suitable options:

  1. To do this, it is better to collect holiday lunch or dinner, prepare delicious cookies, put the pre-deferred treat on the plate to the father and mother, inside which there will be notes with the text “The best grandfather (or grandmother)”,
  2. An unexpected gift. On the eve of the birthday of one of the parents, you can write a congratulation with the signature “To the future grandmother (grandfather)” or presenting a gift, promise another one - in 9 months,
  3. Table "waiting for the baby" . You can hint at your pregnancy by laying the table, cleaned in accordance with children's topics. Let the stork with a bundle in its beak, a baby looking out from a cabbage, angels or children's toys, rattles, a stroller be depicted on a cake. Surely, such an abundance of children's items will interest parents, and they will understand the situation of their daughter.
  4. Happy photo. Get together as a family - you, husband, parents and offer to make a common family photo. When everyone is ready, say instead of “smile” - “And name pregnant. "
  5. Envelope with ultrasound. Come visit your parents and present an envelope, tell them to open, and you can take it off camera. In the envelope, put the ultrasound pictures of the baby.
  6. Letter. Write a beautiful letter to your parents about your interesting situation and tell them when they meet. Ask to read it aloud with you.
  7. Cake. Come visit with a cake that says "Congratulations, you will soon become grandparents."
  8. Pregnancy tests. Wrap your positive tests in beautiful packaging and present to parents.
  9. Booties. Give your parents small gifts with booties inside.
  10. Cafe. Invite your parents to a cafe or dinner and raise a toast to future grandparents.
  11. Video call. If your parents live in another city and there is no way to come, contact with a video call and show the ultrasound picture on the screen.
  12. T-shirt. Come to visit your parents in a T-shirt with the inscription "The baby lives here."
  13. A game. Play the game "truth or action" and tell the truth about your situation.

But it may happen that the mother or father themselves already guess about the state of the daughter. Surprise may not work, but with love and humor, the presented news will still be the most joyful in their life. Most importantly, the atmosphere should be warm and benevolent.

Parents of the husband must also learn great news. If the relationship with them is not particularly warm, this mission can take on a spouse, but, ideally, it is advisable to talk about pregnancy together.

If relations with parents leave much to be desired

It is known that not all marriages are approved by the parents of the wife or husband. But be that as it may, the spouses must report the heir in any case.

In this regard, you can take the advice of experienced psychologists so that the meeting goes smoothly and the negative is minimized:

  • It’s very important to choose the right time, then it will be easier to come to a mutual opinion,
  • If one of the parents was against the birth of a child, it is better to immediately prepare counterarguments and logical explanations - representatives of the older generation should understand that the intentions of the young spouses are serious and peremptory,
  • Fear is not the place in such a conversation, the husband and wife should set themselves up for positivity and confidence in their beliefs - the sooner the parents will feel the same confidence, realizing that they will no longer be able to dissuade the young from taking a responsible step,
  • If father and mother started giving advice, they need to be heard without interruption, respectfully listened to,
  • You should not raise your voice even when the conversation is heating up - only equanimity and reasonable calm will help to avoid mutual reproaches and insults,
  • If the wife does not have supporters in a foreign family, she can pay a visit with one of her relatives, who fully supports her point of view.
  • This is especially true if a young inexperienced girl is pregnant - an adult will help her not to deviate from her beliefs and not be confused under pressure from her husband's parents.

When it comes to one’s own parents, one should not forget that even the most strict dad and mom, no matter how angry they are at their child, still love him, and anger is just a reaction, betraying their feelings for his future fate.

According to the experience of many pregnant girls, initial anger and even the unpredictable actions of distressed parents pass very soon, giving way to sincere anxiety and even tears, and then the children have to calm them down. In fact, they no less dream of a grandson or granddaughter than a girl - of a son or daughter. Over time, the situation will normalize, and before the irreconcilable father and mother will become wonderful grandfather and grandmother.

With vivid imagination and well-developed imagination, finding a way to inform your husband and parents about pregnancy in an original way is not difficult. But you can always take advantage of the recommendations of those who have already managed to please their relatives with unforgettable news. Excitement and passion have long abated, but there is a fond memory of a happy moment that forever united native hearts.

Method number 1. Banal option

You can call your loved one by phone or write a message, but then the girl will not be able to see firsthand the reaction of the future dad. Therefore, this option is acceptable only when the beloved is very far away and there is no way to see him in person. In this way, you can include the situation when a woman meets her husband at home from work and immediately tells everything as it is. In this case, it’s best to prepare the man a little. Of great importance to his reaction will be the relationship between him and his wife (girl) at the moment. If the girl herself will be glad about the future appearance of the baby, then this joy will be transmitted at the energy level to the interlocutor. Then the conversation will take place in one breath.

Method number 2. Romantic evening

Pregnancy is a great occasion for a festive dinner. You can organize it in a restaurant or cook it yourself at home. Pleasant attributes: candles, intimate twilight, calm music and delicious dishes. All this will be an amazing gift for the chosen one, but the main surprise is better to leave in the evening.

Method number 3. Surprise cake

It’s very difficult for a girl to tell a guy about pregnancy. How to say that he is not afraid of this news? All women know that before starting an important conversation with a man, he needs to be fed. So there was a chance to pamper your beloved man with homemade cakes, and inside the pie you need to put a note about the future baby. The main thing is that he does not choke on this note.

Method number 4. Unexpected gift

If the moment of some holiday is approaching in the family, you can use this occasion for your own purposes. When packing a gift for a husband (or boyfriend), you can put a positive pregnancy test and its instructions there. In addition, you can put a book for future parents. This gift, he will never forget!

Method number 5. Cautious approach

If a girl does not fully know what her man’s reaction will be, one should carefully approach this issue. To do this, you need to prepare a young man for several days. You can accidentally start topics for talking about children. For example, when you see your mom with a stroller, pay attention to what a charming little one lies there and how great it is to be parents. After that, you can complain of nausea and poor health. Let the man independently make the right conclusion.

Method number 6. Original version

If a girl and her lover are romantic in nature, then the question: how to tell a loved one about pregnancy will not be particularly difficult. You can write under the window on the pavement that soon the best man in the world will become a dad. Buy him a T-shirt or order a billboard with the same inscription. One of the best original ways, you can call a stork figurine, which will hold in its beak a beautiful postcard with an interesting message for the best daddy.

Method number 7. Unusual letter

Nowadays, postmen rarely deliver mail directly to their hands. Therefore, you can send your loved one a registered letter with magic content on behalf of the future baby. The main thing is that it should be decorated festively and unusual. One can only imagine the surprise of her husband. For his more shocked situation, he needs this letter in an official form to be handed to him by law enforcement officers.

Method number 8. Extreme option

One pregnancy report is already extreme. Therefore, if a man has weak nerves, then you should not go too far with this. But if the couple are people who like to take risks, we can say this news about pregnancy at the most unexpected moment. When driving a car or riding a jet ski. Just be sure to consider the danger of this action. There is a more loyal, but no less extreme way: for example, to convince the traffic police inspector and ask him to stop her husband’s car, first scold him for something, and then congratulate him on the new title of future dad. The husband’s reaction is better to record on a video camera, then there will be something to remember.

Method number 9. Funny option

During the gala dinner, you should gather relatives and ask them to take a family photo. At this point, the photographer must say that she is pregnant and after a few seconds to capture this frame. The reaction of loved ones will remain in the photo and will remind you of this touching moment in life. This method can be applied only when a woman is firmly confident in the positive reaction of her chosen one.

Method number 10. Fantasy flight

In fact, there are so many different ways to say about pregnancy, but every girl wants her version of this moment to be special. To do this, you need to give free rein to your own imagination and in great detail imagine how this should happen. It remains only to make your dreams come true.

Pregnancy is the process by which an egg develops in a woman’s body, over time it is formed into a fetus that is capable of intrauterine development and existence. Pregnancy begins on the 7-10th day after the first day of menstruation and ends in childbirth.

Having shared the good news about her pregnancy with her beloved man, a woman should be ready for any reaction. The fact is that a man cannot immediately realize all the charm of what is happening. Therefore, there are times when a man needs time to reflect on this situation. The main thing is to wait patiently, you need to understand that for him this news is a decisive step in the new position of a caring father.

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