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Can AIDS be cured?


Two weeks after the baby was first cured of HIV, scientists said that similar treatment can help adults.

The most important thing is to start early treatment, although this does not guarantee success.

Professor Azie Saes-Sirona (Asier Sáez-Cirión) of Pasteur Institute in Paris analyzed 70 people with HIV whom treated with antiretroviral drugs between 35 days and 10 weeks after infection. This is much earlier than HIV patients usually treat.

The medication regimen for all participants was interrupted for various reasons. For example, some people themselves decided to stop taking drugs, others tried other drugs.

In most volunteers, the disease returned after cessation of treatment, and the virus recurred to the level that it was before treatment. But 14 patients, among whom were 4 women and 10 men, did not have a relapse of the virus after discontinuation of treatment, which was carried out on average for 3 years.

Despite the fact that 14 patients had traces of HIV in their blood, their level was so low that their body can control it without drugs.

HIV treatment

14 participants on average stopped taking medicine 7 years ago, and one of them managed without drugs for 10.5 years.

More recently, it was announced that the baby was “functionally cured” of HIV after he was prescribed three antiretroviral drugs almost immediately after birth: zidovudine, lamivudine and nevirapine. However, experts warned that quick treatment is not suitable for everyone, but it is important to start as soon as possible.

“There are three benefits to early treatment,” Saes-Sirona explained. "This limits the reservoir of HIV, the diversity of the virus, and preserves the immune response to the virus that controls it."

Moreover, none of the 14 patients was the so-called "super-controller", that is, 1 percent of people who are naturally resistant to HIV and quickly suppress the infection. In addition, most had severe symptoms that led to early treatment.

"No matter how paradoxical it sounds, the worse they were in the beginning, the better they felt then"- said the scientists.

How long does HIV show?

A month or two (at the earliest 2-4 weeks) after HIV has entered the body, the first signs of infection may appear. But sometimes the symptoms of HIV may not appear for years or even a decade after infection. This is why it is important to do HIV tests to help detect the presence of the virus.

First signs of HIV

During the first 2-4 weeks after the penetration of HIV (and up to 3 months), 40-90 percent of people may have acute symptoms of the disease, which are similar to those of the flu. It is called "acute retroviral syndrome"and is a natural response to HIV infection. At this time, the level of the virus in the blood is high, and a person can more easily pass it on to others.

Symptoms may include:

After the early symptoms of HIV disappear, the virus becomes less active, although it is still present in the body. At this time, a person may not experience any symptoms. It is called latent phase, which can last up to 10 years and longer.

After HIV becomes AIDS, symptoms of fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, fever, chills, and others appear.

Chance of HIV

The risk of HIV infection depends on various factors.

Transfusion of infected blood - about 90 percent

Pregnancy and childbirth - 30-50 percent

Breastfeeding - about 14 percent

Intravenous injection - 0.5 -1 percent

Accidental needle injection with HIV - 0.3 percent

Unprotected anal sex - 3 percent

Unprotected vaginal sex - about 1 percent

Causes of the disease

Some scientists claim that HIV was transmitted to humans from monkeys in the 30s of the XX century. However, doctors talked about him only in the 1980s. Since then, scientists have begun to search for an effective treatment for AIDS. The causative agent, once in the body, may not immediately cause the appearance of the syndrome. It happens that people get sick ten or more years after infection. Pathways of the pathogen are as follows:

  • sexual contact with an infected person,
  • with blood transfusion, plasma,
  • instrumental and injection,
  • perinatal from mother to baby,
  • transplant during organ transplantation, bone marrow.

The virus can also be transmitted through household contact, for example, through damaged skin, mucous membranes. An infected mother can infect a baby while breastfeeding. However, it is worth remembering that through tears, saliva, food or water, the virus is not transmitted. The danger can only be a liquid in which there is an impurity of blood.

Most often, infection occurs through sexual contact with a sick person. In a man, the immunodeficiency virus is found in the blood and in semen. In women, the pathogen is also present in the vaginal discharge. You can transmit the virus with all types of sexual contact.

A large percentage of infected people are drug addicts. They also become infected by using poorly sterilized syringes. Addicts often use the same needle to administer substances to several people, so they have a particularly high risk of contracting AIDS.

Which doctor will help?

The disease is deadly, therefore, a person with such a diagnosis must be registered and undergo qualified treatment in the appropriate institution. The following specialists can help such people:

These specialists know how to treat AIDS, and how to prolong the life of a patient with such a diagnosis. At the first appointment, the doctor will carefully listen to all the patient's complaints. Also, the doctor will ask you to tell about the details of his personal life, about the number of his sexual partners. After a mandatory examination, the specialist will ask him a few simple clarifying questions:

  1. How long have the symptoms of the disease appeared?
  2. Did the patient have occasional unprotected sexual intercourse?
  3. Did he take drugs?
  4. Did he receive blood transfusions?
  5. Has he been exposed to HIV?
  6. Have organs been transplanted to him?

The survey helps the doctor determine how the patient could become infected. The diagnosis can be confirmed by an examination, which includes a blood test, urine, feces. Sometimes doctors can also prescribe instrumental methods of research, for example, if complications are suspected.

AIDS treatment is already a reality!

Today, people with immunodeficiency syndrome are provided with qualified help and support. However, everyone is concerned about whether AIDS is completely treated. To date, a vaccine that would completely kill the virus and defeat the syndrome has not yet been found. But modern medicines allow you to:

  • significantly extend the life of a patient with such a disappointing diagnosis,
  • slow down the development of the disease,
  • create artificial immunity.

Therefore, it is very important to seek qualified help in a timely manner. Scientists have developed several effective treatment regimens that enable people with HIV and AIDS to lead a full and active life. The antiretroviral drugs used for treatment are constantly being improved and supplemented. Therefore, it is generally accepted today that a person who will undergo regular treatment can live from several tens of years or more.

AIDS treatment is aimed at combating infections and oncological diseases that arise due to the suppressed immunity of the patient. However, it is not able to remove the virus itself from the body. The causative agent embeds its genes in the immune system, causing cells to create their own copies.

How to treat hospices

Today, special medical institutions have been created in which people with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are treated. These are hospices in which qualified specialists provide care to patients with any stage of the disease. Such institutions are designed especially for people who need hospitalization and special care.

Some are wondering how AIDS is treated in hospices. In such institutions, full assistance is provided to patients. In hospices, patients can receive:

  • consultation of highly qualified immunologists,
  • psychological help
  • chemoprophylaxis,
  • antiretroviral therapy
  • surgical help.

In such facilities, one nurse takes care of five patients, unlike other hospitals, where she should serve about 25 patients. Hospices are provided with all the necessary medications that help prolong the lives of people with AIDS. Institutions are treating both people who have just discovered HIV and hopeless patients in a very serious condition. The latter is provided with round-the-clock care.

Prevention is the best treatment

Despite the fact that AIDS is being treated today, it is still impossible to completely get rid of it. Therefore, it is very important to know how to prevent infection with the immunodeficiency virus. Prevention will include:

  • exclusion of accidental sex,
  • condom use
  • refusal to use someone else's toothbrushes, razors, machines,
  • use of disposable instruments for medical manipulations.

Compulsory prevention is also provided among hospital and hospice staff for AIDS patients. It involves regular thorough hand washing with a disinfectant solution. When bedding or household items are contaminated with patient secretions, specialists carry out a complete disinfection. Disposable instruments are always used to treat patients with this diagnosis.

Preventive measures are also carried out by the health sector. They include a mandatory examination of all pregnant women for HIV antibodies, as well as a ban on the natural feeding of children by infected women. Also regularly diagnosed are people who are at risk, for example, medical and social workers, as well as people who have one or more relatives infected.

I tried antiviral drugs

Some time ago, I made the decision to try antiviral drugs based on the fact that denial is not a good thing either, and it would be nice to experience their effect on my own experience.

I already knew about the effect of therapy from a person who has been taking it for 2 years. Duck here I asked you to try for one day - they gave me one portion of 5 tablets of different colors, explaining that they should be taken at 9-10 pm. Well, okay, I took them after a meal, knowing that for the first time the feeling would not be pleasant and nightmares might be dreaming, but I actually was not afraid because I already saw death itself in my nightmares.

In the first hour, nothing really happened, although something was felt wrong, then somewhere after 2 hours the tiniest began. A terrible state, the first sensation I had - the one who produces these drugs wants to kill our brain. The feeling of such a loss and the inability to do something, coupled with heaviness. The inability to take control of one's actions, depression and unwillingness to live only intensified. Imagining how people take it every day, I felt so sorry for everyone. Nevertheless, we must pay tribute - my lymph nodes have decreased in size, I don’t know whether the therapy or the placebo effect played a role in this.

For myself, I made a choice - to seek funds without such deadly side effects. The experience was good

Love Story and Mystical HIV

Everything is not so simple with HIV, and here's why: I literally infected them in seconds, and in seconds infected another person later. Moreover, the person with whom I had numerous connections without protection and I apologize for the details even ended up inside - is clean. An invisible world exists. In the moments of infection and transmission, I felt like the devil was breathing near my shoulder, I even felt something was wrong and stopped the process. In history, when it was out of love, high vibrations were felt, some kind of energy whirlwind and Divine providence. Obviously, HIV is not transmitted in this condition.

Duck, this story began a year ago in August 2015, then I was just overwhelmed and was in a terrible depression. Then I met a girl older than me who changed my life, or rather I changed myself, she was only a catalyst. We had such a state as if we knew each other for several lives, as if they were pulled by a magnet. She asked to be her boyfriend, sang love songs to me, but when she found out that I had HIV, my attitude changed dramatically right away. There was hatred and anger, and she bluntly stated: “I cannot live with sick people,” I cannot live with sick people. Immediately I became something dirty and she also began to judge my family. Then she flew to her home in the USA, where she lives most of the time. Read more

Actually HIV is the coolest, most useful of what has happened to me in my life at the moment. It is like a blessing from above that is given to the elect - those who have chosen this path. This is a tough game and you will either burn out or be reborn anew like the Phoenix. But it is very cool.

I have AIDS, Lymphoma, my wounds do not heal, and my skin does not heal. All my pain is my strength. It’s like a spring that compresses, contracts to shoot later. Significant changes begin to occur in my life. Of all the situations that made me suffer, I emerged victorious.

I started training every day like crazy, through pain, through all my swollen lymph nodes. Exercise is a panacea. You can’t do it, you don’t have strength, the disease takes over - just get up from the last forces do 10 squats, tomorrow we will do 11, the day after tomorrow 12.

We need a huge will to live, to do on the teeth, no teeth - cling to your nails.

I see this end, I feel it. The superman is already born. It remains to take the last step

I have lymphoma

Actually, I have lymphoma, in principle, I have been going with this lymphoma for a year now, but I found out only the other day. My only surprise is how I am still alive. I read that after its appearance they usually die within a year. What is still supporting life in me is not clear, some piece of spirit that does not want to give up. It’s really hard for me, but I also work, play sports and try to lead a normal life.

Here is an example on the neck, enlarged lymph nodes on both sides - this is on the left side

It's on the neck, there are two bumps, one more the other less. Sometimes they increase and reach large sizes if I do not follow myself.

Lymph nodes are enlarged in the groin on both sides, there are a lot of bumps, probably 12 pieces.

Here's what I found about developing HIV lymphoma:

Lymphoma is a cancer of white blood cells called B cells or B cells. They multiply rapidly and form tumors. Lymphoma of the brain or spinal cord is called lymphoma of the central nervous system (CNS).
AIDS-related lymphoma is sometimes referred to as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). In 1985, the Centers for Disease Control added NHL to the list of diseases that define AIDS. Hodgkin's disease, another type of lymphoma, is rare in people with HIV.

The longer you live with a suppressed immune system, the higher your risk of NHL. This can happen even with high CD4 counts. It can be serious and often fatal, sometimes within one year.

In the USA, lymphomas are the first sign of AIDS in 3% of patients and are found in all risk groups.

HIV eats sugar

What I guessed already a year ago, scientists have now discovered - HIV uses sugar for its diet. When once again I was covered with a red rash from eating fruit, I again realized that I was doing something wrong and began to look for information about it. Before that, I read only some mention that one person began to eat a lot of oranges and now he has AIDS.

Duck has now found information a month ago that scientists have already confirmed that HIV uses sugar for its reproduction. In RuNet, there are not many links to articles, but in English there are plenty of them. But we somehow clumsily translated and turned everything upside down. Here's an example headline from “Love for sweets can kill HIV” and attached a picture with chocolates. Read more

if you can dream it you can do it

When you get HIV, you already stop believing in this world, in its justice, and it seems to you that your guardian angel has left you and you are the only one lost in this life. Well, at least it was with me.

But then such events happen and you understand that God, the guardian angel, you can call these higher powers, as long as they have always been with me. Just a couple of days ago I was standing at the station and waiting for the train when suddenly my eyes fell on a large billboard that showed some slides about God, about Jesus, that he was alive, and so on and at the end a happy Easter (happy easter) , then comes any ordinary advertising. That is, how to explain this on a billboard of a megalopolis, here is such a ray of hope and your eyes fall on this billboard exactly when an advertisement is shown. Read more