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BitTorrent - almost every computer owner often comes across this word. Every day, trillions of gigabytes of information are received and transmitted using torrent clients. For us, ordinary users, it remains only to choose a worthy program to achieve this goal. Today we’ll talk about one of the best torrent clients for Mac - Transmission.

Transmission for macOS has gained popularity among users for a long time, and there are a number of objective reasons for this:

  • Free of charge. One of the fundamental requirements for any program. Transmission is distributed absolutely free under the GNU Public License v2. You can download the client from the official website of the developer (link at the end of the article).
  • Friendly interface. Design in this kind of programs practically does not play any role. It should be at least no worse than a regular Finder. Another thing is the UI (user interface), which should be simple and extremely understandable, even though the client can operate with a large number of settings.
  • Functionality. Someone just needs to download movies and not take a steam bath, but someone should give a whole list of options, including file encryption and remote control.
  • Support. The program even works macOS 10.15 Catalina.

These and other benefits are present in Transmission.

Transmission Interface

The Transmission application interface resembles the Finder Explorer with a minimal number of buttons.

From the main window you can:

  • create / stop / pause / resume distribution,
  • open a torrent file or perform a quick scan (analogue of the space bar),
  • search with a minimal set of filters,
  • send or inspect the file,
  • limit the width of the channel.

Transmission has a full-fledged high-quality Russian and Ukrainian localization.

Working with files in Transmission

Any Transmission torrent file downloaded from the network automatically intercepts and starts the shell. After the download is complete, the program automatically deletes the torrent file, leaving it clean.

Working with a large number of downloaded information, it will not be superfluous to use groups. There are a number of advantages:

  • the main Transmission window will not have 100500 different files in one list, but everything will be nicely packed into folders with different colors.
  • each group is attached to a folder on the disk, so the file is no longer uploaded to the “Downloads”, but automatically moved to the folder with movies, music, games, and so on.

Transmission Functionality

Transmission has never had a problem with features. Here, rather, 90% of users will not have a need to realize the full potential of the program. There are:

  • data transfer encryption,
  • support for CyaSSL / WolfSSL and PolarSSL,
  • wide range of data channel restrictions,
  • remote access via the web interface,
  • displaying the download and upload speed in the Dock (it’s a pity that the download progress of the active file is not shown),
  • work with Magnet links,
  • downloading files from http-servers on OS X 10.11 and later,
  • a large number of settings for managing distribution, channel width and users, and others.

uTorrent for Mac - full functionality

Using torrent clients is a popular opportunity among Internet users to download the necessary files of any volume and in any quantity. Those members of the trackers who use the Mac are no exception. There are many different torrent clients for this operating system, but uTorrent remains one of the most indispensable ones.

Benefits of Using uTorrent

Downloading files to Mac computers using uTorrent has many advantages:

the desired file will be downloaded as fast as possible if at least a few people participate in the distribution,

users have the opportunity to use a convenient search engine and quickly find and download the desired file,

you can always find a full description of the file, reviews about it of other users and leave your comments,

the desired file is downloaded as a single element, which allows you not to worry about loading individual parts of the file. Simply start the download using uTorrent and go about your business,

the file upload process can always be paused. The next time you start the program, the download will start from the moment the download was stopped,

allows you to adjust the download speed of individual files, as well as set the download order,

unlike direct file downloads, downloading a file using a torrent client does not depend on whether the site running the file is running.

uTorrent for Mac - program features

The configuration of the program in its functionality is not much different from the version of this torrent client for the usual Windows operating system. The application has a simple, comfortable and intuitive interface. The program supports many languages, and the presence of tooltips allows you to work with a torrent client, even the most advanced users.

Similar to the classic uTorrent, the application for Mac has multithreaded download functions, displays complete information about the progress of the process, has the functions of pause, control the download speed, etc.

The torrent client for Mac has an ascetic design that is quite pleasing to the eye. All program functions are performed very quickly and stably. The application, in addition to its reliability, is also very economical about the cost of system resources. It can be downloaded absolutely free, while choosing the desired language.

Key Features uTorrent for Mac

This is a convenient torrent client that allows you to perform flexible settings. It has a convenient and fast torrent search system that does not require registration or visiting sites.

The main features of uTorrent for Mac are:

comfortable and intuitive interface in the traditional style of software,

the ability to complete an RSS subscription,

the ability to adjust the speed of upload and distribution of files,

multifunctional search system,

the ability to work with Apple mobile devices

high performance mode support.

Download the version intended for use in devices with Mac, you can absolutely free. Installation takes several seconds, since this torrent client has an extremely high level of compactness.

We have selected for you 7 top torrent clients for Mac

Folx is the top torrent application for Mac that offers a convenient way to download torrent files: prioritize downloads, adjust download and upload speeds, tag tags for downloaded files for quick search among files.

A nice addition is the ability of Folx to download files from torrent trackers via magnet links. Magnet links are one way to make downloading and sharing torrent files easier.

Functionality PRO version

The PRO version of this torrent client for Mac allows you to search for torrent files from the application itself, which eliminates the need to view several torrent trackers in search of the necessary file. Enter the search word in Folx, the search will go through an extensive list of torrent trackers and display the corresponding result.

uTorrent is a lightweight application that takes about 2 mb. uTorrent allows you to search for torrents directly from the application and set the priority of current downloads. uTorrent can be written to a USB flash drive, which is very convenient.