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17 colorful countries where you can escape from all this fuss even tomorrow


For a child, New Year is a favorite celebration after a birthday. As children matured, yesterday's children are for some reason divided into two camps: some continue to naively rejoice at Grandfather Frost, while others look at him with a wolf. If you belong to the second category, the advice of a family psychologist will come in handy.

A nationwide celebration does not have so many opponents among adults. But such a parental attitude can seriously spoil the holiday for their kids.

Why did Grandfather Frost not please mothers and fathers? The same type of New Year's amusements. Template banal jokes of stars from the TV screen, chimes, speech of the president, unchanging champagne and Olivier. Such a routine can unsettle anyone.

How to change template celebration

Find those traditional holiday attributes that embody the spirit of celebration for you.

Do you definitely need the smell of tangerines, chocolates and a living tree? This and leave. And boldly change the rest!

You can refuse a feast and celebrate a buffet table or sit on pillows scattered across the floor, arrange sushi parties instead of the traditional Olivier. Organize a theatrical production or as a whole company play a role-playing game, for example, a New Year's Eve celebration in Mummi Dol or on a spaceship. Have a night of love with your spouse by putting the kids to bed early.

Sometimes the desire to refuse holidays is akin to the desire to punish yourself for the fact that the past year was not successful enough. Many people feel the need to make sure that life is bad and pure joy is not in it. If you always grumble in anticipation of any amusement, ask yourself: does this bring you secret, bitter satisfaction?

Too noisy feasts

In the second hour of the night they will boom at your door, shout “Happy New Year!”, Burst into the house, trample on the beloved cat’s carpet, inherit and drag him out into the street, ride the hills and launch firecrackers.

Tell in advance about the desire to celebrate with your friends in the family circle. Agree that you will pay the visits in a couple of days. Disconnect the phone: receive congratulations later. Hang a sign on the door: “Today we celebrate the New Year as a family, please do not disturb! Happy holiday! ”

Long cooking

Mistresses on this day have to go out of their way to make the festive dinner abundant and exclusive.

Now it’s easy to buy delicacies in stores, but how will my mother-in-law look at the fact that you bought herring under a fur coat, and did not cook it yourself with the freshest products?

Buy convenience foods and savory snacks in stores, and in order to assert oneself in the eyes of a mother-in-law, it’s enough to cook only one dish, but it’s a favorite and a crown one.

Serious financial costs

Gifts for children, beloved, tickets for the New Year's performance. Costs can seriously ruin a holiday mood.

Fortunately, there are simple joys that are available to everyone: dress up a Christmas tree with a child, make a snowman with him on New Year's Eve, bake festive cookies that do not require expensive ingredients, arrange fun games and competitions (the winner is a candy from the Christmas tree), dance with husband by candlelight.

1. Argentina

Conditions: citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine can enter Argentina without a visa for up to 90 days. You must have a passport and a return ticket with you.

Weather: for Europeans, the weather in winter in Argentina is very comfortable, the average temperature is +24. +25 ° C.

Things to do: while winter and cold reign here, many holidays and festivals take place in Argentina. For example, the famous carnival starts on January 6th. So you will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday and the rhythms of salsa. Here you can dance all night long, have a cup of great coffee in the morning, and go on exciting tours in the afternoon following the tracks of the Incas.

Conditions: for entry into the country for up to 90 days, citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine do not need a visa. At customs, you can be asked for a return ticket, hotel reservation and confirmation that you have enough money with you for the duration of the trip.

Weather: The ideal time to visit the coast of Peru is from mid-December to March, it is considered the beach season. The average temperature is +28. +29 ° C. It is better to go to the capital of the country, Lima, from the beginning of December to April, because in the remaining months it is pretty cool, windy and fogs are not uncommon.

Things to do: Peru is famous for its national parks and monuments of ancient Native American civilizations. So plan on a trip to visit the Inca capital, the city of Cuzco, the mysterious temples of Machu Picchu, the deepest canyon in the world of Kolka and the high mountain lake Titicaca. In addition, Peru has the richest flora and fauna: about a third of all known animals live in the Amazon delta.

3. Brazil

Conditions: citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine do not need a visa to enter the country for up to 90 days. For travel you will need only a valid passport.

Weather: when it is winter, Brazil has hot and humid summers. The temperature at this time is approximately +30 ° C.

Things to do: The brightest and most colorful events in Brazil fall on the New Year and February-March. These days, the atmosphere of carnival reigns in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and other cities, many festivals and processions take place. Also in winter, you can enjoy resorts on the ocean, go surfing or diving. For lovers of thrills, there is a great opportunity to feel like a bird and fly on cables in tropical forests.

4. Maldives

Conditions: for travel with a view of tourism, Russians and Ukrainians do not need a visa to the Maldives, if the length of stay on the islands does not exceed 30 days. You will be issued a tourist visa upon arrival at Male Airport.

Weather: Between December and March, the so-called dry season is set in the Maldives, so this is the perfect time to travel. In the afternoon the air warms up to +29. +30 ° C.

Things to do: Paradise Maldives has long won the hearts of tourists from all over the world with white sandy beaches, clear turquoise sea water and a sense of solitude and peace. It is an ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday to forget all the problems and worries.

Conditions: Russians and Ukrainians can travel to Georgia with a passport for up to 1 year. True, entry through Abkhazia and South Ossetia is prohibited.

Weather: spring is suitable for visiting Georgia for those who do not like the scorching heat. Already in early March, it becomes warm and sunny, and in May the bravest can open the swimming season.

Things to do: walk along the streets of picturesque cities, admire the blossoming trees, taste local wines and cuisine. If you freeze, you can warm yourself in the famous Tbilisi sulfur baths. Also, spring is a great time for trips to sightseeing tours of fortresses and temples. For lovers of skiing and snowboarding, ski resorts are open until May. In addition, in May in Tbilisi hosts the annual Flower Festival.

Conditions: Residents of Russia and Ukraine can enter Serbia without a visa for up to 30 days.

Weather: in March in Serbia you can still ski, but in April nature is already getting ready for summer. The average air temperature in spring is approximately +16 ° C.

Things to do: Serbia is not a very well-developed direction, nevertheless it is a great place for a quality wellness stay at a reasonable price. People with problems in the joints, respiratory and central nervous systems are recommended to go here. Also, this country is famous for its thermal springs and healing mud. When planning a trip, take a few days to the capital, Belgrade, in order to have time to explore many historical places.

Conditions: Russian citizens do not need a visa to Cuba. At the border, you just need to fill out 2 migration cards, show a return ticket and, most likely, cash at the rate of approximately $ 50 per day per person. For citizens of Ukraine, a visa to Liberty Island is issued in a simplified manner.

Weather: officially the tourist season in Cuba lasts 365 days, since the temperature here does not fall below +18 ° C. The period from early April to late May is considered the best time to travel to Cuba, since dry and warm weather without storms is established.

Things to do: Liberty Island is a great place for a beach holiday with a glass of Cuba Libre. There is also a rich underwater fauna, and you can go snorkeling or diving. While in Cuba, you should definitely visit Havana to enjoy the colorful architecture, visit the fort, dance salsa with the locals and feel the spirit of this free country.

4. Dominican Republic

Conditions: citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic for tourist purposes. However, in front of the passport control zone, you will need to fill out a special tourist card for a stay of up to 60 days.

Weather: Holidays in the Dominican Republic can be safely called paradise almost all year round. High season starts from November to April. During these months in the afternoon, the temperature is around +27. +29 ºС. In spring, in March and April, you can safely sunbathe and swim, and by the end of May it begins to rain.

Things to do: in Dominican Republic it is best to go to lovers of beach vacations and sea adventures such as diving or surfing. In May you can enjoy fishing: at this time the blue marlin fishing season is just beginning. Tropical trips in the mountains or exotic groves on horseback or jeeps are also at your service.

Conditions: a visa-free regime has been established between countries, according to which residents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine can enter the territory of Turkey for up to 60 days.

Weather: Turkey is located in a subtropical climate zone, so summer is a great time to relax in this country. The hottest time to relax in Turkey is July-August. The average air temperature during these months is +28 ° С.

Things to do: Turkey is not in vain considered one of the most popular destinations among tourists. Indeed, for one trip to this country, you can seem to visit both Europe and Asia, as well as swim in four seas. In addition, do not forget that Turkey is not only resorts, but also a rich history from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Try to set aside at least a couple of days to visit Istanbul, see the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace complex.

Conditions: for a regular tourist trip, a visa to Cyprus is not necessary for Russians. It will be necessary to issue only the so-called preliminary Pro-visa, which is done online during the day. Citizens of Ukraine for entry is enough to have a biometric passport for traveling abroad.

Weather: summers in Cyprus are always sunny and hot, but due to low humidity even high temperatures are usually well tolerated. If you do not like intense heat, choose the resort of Paphos for relaxation - it is the least hot on the coast.

Things to do: Cyprus is a great place to alternate beach vacations with sightseeing. Therefore, in the morning you can wallow by the sea or pool, and go day and evening to explore the ancient ruins and castles. Also in Cyprus, a wide variety of beaches - from youth and party to quiet family.

3. Indonesia

Conditions: for Russians and Ukrainians to enter Indonesia for a period of up to 30 days, only a valid passport, return ticket and hotel reservation will be required.

Weather: usually, talking about holidays in Indonesia, they mean the island of Bali. This is a unique place, because here all year round the temperature of air and water is approximately the same: approximately +27. +30 ° C. True, there is a rainy season, so it is better to plan a trip for the dry season, that is, from April to October. The most pleasant weather is set in Bali in July-August, because at this time it is not so hot and stuffy.

Things to do: Bali is good because here you can find a lot of activities to your liking. For example, relax on the beach or take surfing lessons. You can also go canoeing, exercise with ocean views or soak up the spa. Romantics will surely appreciate the most beautiful sunsets, and lovers of spiritual food will be able to visit the numerous temples of the island.

Conditions: The period of visa-free entry to Albania for Russians changes annually, but one condition remains unchanged - a visa is not needed during the tourist season. As a rule, the tourist season lasts from mid-May to November. Citizens of Ukraine can enter the country with a valid passport.

Weather: if you do not like the heat, then the best time to visit this country is May, June and September. This time is suitable for travel and outdoor activities. If you prefer a beach holiday, then plan a vacation for July-August, when the air temperature reaches +31 ° C, and the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas warm up to +25 ° C.

Things to do: Albania is a place little explored by tourists, unlike neighboring Montenegro. However, in this small country, everyone can find something to their taste. There are mountains with alpine valleys and lakes, and magnificent sandy beaches with azure water, as well as the rich cultural heritage of several cultures and eras. And in Albania, first-class Balkan cuisine.

1. PRC, Hong Kong

Conditions: for citizens of Russia and Ukraine who travel to Hong Kong for tourist purposes for a period of not more than 2 weeks, a visa is not required. When crossing the border, you may be asked to show a return ticket and confirmation of the required amount to stay in the country.

Weather: if you plan a trip for the period from September to December, then you will meet pleasant sunny weather. The average temperature usually reaches +26 ° C. This is a great time for outdoor activities and walks.

Things to do: in addition to the fact that Hong Kong is the most important trading and financial point on the world map with a huge number of shops and skyscrapers, it is also an important cultural center. Many colorful festivals and exhibitions are held here: Chinese New Year's Eve, Halloween, Mid-Autumn Festival, Fire Dragon Dance and many others. If you get tired of this fuss, you can go to the island of Lantau to lie on the beach with the white sand of Chshan Sha, or visit a Buddhist monastery, see a huge bronze statue of the Big Buddha.

Conditions: To enter the UAE, Russians and Ukrainians do not need to apply for a visa, it is enough to have a valid biometric passport with you. You can stay up to 30 days in the country.

Weather: in the Emirates, the sun shines almost all year round, and the water temperature does not fall below +20 ° C. But the best time for a beach holiday is autumn (October and November) and spring (March and April), when there is no scorching summer sun and cool winter wind.

Things to do: The UAE is a great place for a comfortable beach holiday, because this country is famous for its snow-white beaches with azure waters and a rich underwater world that will attract diving enthusiasts. In addition, the Emirates is a real paradise for shopping lovers: there are many bazaars and shopping centers for every taste and budget.

Conditions: Jamaica citizens do not need a visa to Jamaica if their stay on the island does not exceed 90 days. For citizens of Ukraine, this period is 30 days. You must have a valid passport with you, return flights, confirmation of the hotel reservation and medical insurance.

Weather: You can go to Jamaica almost any time of the year, because the tourist season here lasts all 12 months. True, in the summer real heat sets in and showers happen. But the water temperature does not drop below +24 ° C.

Things to do: in addition to relaxing on the wide beaches with clear water, you can enjoy a lot of attractions. For example, you can visit the pirate town of Port Royal with a beautiful fort or go to the capital and go to the museum of the legendary Bob Marley. You can also enjoy the sunset from the Blue Peak in the east of the island or feed tiny hummingbirds in Montego Bay Nature Reserve.