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How to get rid of irritation after shaving


Shaving is the most affordable and easiest way to remove excess hair from hands, face or other areas of the skin. You can buy a shaving machine at any supermarket. It takes no more than 5 minutes to learn how to use it. And the procedure itself does not last much longer. The only drawback of shaving is skin irritation, which often occurs after hair removal.

Causes of occurrence

To solve a problem you need to look at its root. What is skin irritation? When and why does a person feel it?

Under human skin, there are receptors that send a signal to the brain under any external influences. Irritation is one type of signal. If irritation occurs after shaving, then:

  • Damaged skin. Nerve endings are exposed and react sharply to any impact.
  • The cut hair grows in the wrong direction or cannot break through the outer layer of the skin.

The causes of these two problems are many. And with each of them you can easily figure it out.

How to prevent irritation

A variety of factors cause skin irritation. In order to simplify, we will divide them into three groups:

  • Before shaving.
  • While shaving.
  • After shaving.

Before shaving

Dry skin before shaving is a sure way to get skin irritation. Before the procedure, it is advisable to soften the skin with warm water - soak a towel and attach it to the area you are going to shave for at least 5 minutes.

A good habit is to shave after a shower (bath), especially hot. Under the influence of hot water, the skin and hair soften, the pores expand. After the shower, the effect of shaving products is improved and a smooth surface is created, which contributes to a good glide of the blade.

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While shaving

Most often, skin irritation occurs due to poor quality shaving. Quality is affected by:

  • Shaving agent.Do not shave on dry skin. Even a high-quality and well-sharpened razor will scratch, as well as cling and pull the hairs before cutting them. It causes irritation. Therefore, a shaving product must always be used.
  • Quality shaving products. Ordinary soap will not work as a replacement. Firstly, soapy foam will not be able to provide the necessary conditions for a good razor glide. Secondly, the soap dries very much.
  • Special composition. Shaving foam is suitable for some people. Others need to carefully read the composition of each tube. The safest way to buy products for sensitive skin.
  • Appointment of funds. To shave the intimate area, you will need a special tool, since the skin there is the most sensitive. The same goes for other zones. Most male shaving products are not suitable for female use.
  • Razor. A very important role is played by the shaving machine. Most people prefer to use one machine for all purposes. In this case, it is best to give preference to the male reusable machine, since it is the safest and works well in hard-to-reach places. It can be used without risk for shaving intimate areas. Special shaving machines are best suited for shaving legs, as they have the sharpest blades. It is advisable not to use disposable machines many times.
  • Shaver. Unlike a machine, an electric shaver does not injure the skin at all and does not need any means before and after shaving. However, it does not cleanse the pores, leading to skin contamination and the appearance of acne. The disadvantage is that the hair must be stiff so that the razor can work with them.
  • Shaving technique. Learning to shave properly is another important step in getting rid of irritation. If the hair is cut off in the direction of their growth, the shaving procedure will be somewhat delayed, but as a result, skin irritation will not appear. It is advisable to make short and soft movements of the machine. Thus, not only does the risk of damage to the skin decrease, but the blade also extends its useful life.
  • Reusable machines need to be thoroughly washed and wiped. After all, who needs a rusty blade? It is advisable to treat the razor with alcohol to prevent the growth of microbes.

After shaving

If you follow all the above instructions, you can avoid damage to the skin. Nevertheless, it will not hurt to consolidate success with the following measures:

  • Rinse skin with cold water and pat dry with a dry towel. Cold water closes pores and soothes the skin. Never rub with a towel. So you will cause even more irritation.
  • Moisturize your skin with after-shave lotion or some other similar product. Dryness is one of the main causes of irritation after shaving. In addition, you will soothe the skin and protect it from germs, harmful bacteria and other infections.
  • Peeling does not hurt to soften the skin.
  • Do not touch the shaved area once again. It is strictly forbidden to scratch the skin, as this damages it and can cause infection.
  • You can apply a cream or ointment with hydrocotisin. This will soften the skin and remove irritation. But use this ointment too often. If you use it regularly, it becomes addictive, and it loses effect.

How to relieve irritation

How to get rid of irritation after shaving? The skin after the procedure becomes especially sensitive and reacts sharply to many external factors:

  • Hygiene products: shampoos, shower gels, soap.
  • Remains of detergent on clothes.
  • Synthetics.
  • Deodorants, colognes, perfumes.

After shaving, all of these factors should be ruled out.

If irritation remains, you can use ointments, creams, folk remedies, etc.

In the bikini zone

The bikini zone is the most sensitive area on the body. The slightest awkward movement causes skin irritation. What to do if irritation appears in the bikini area? You can fix it in the following ways:

  • Bactericidal with cortisone. Cortisone is a completely safe pain medication that is widely used in medicine.
  • Own anesthetic. Grind two aspirin tablets into powder and mix with the same amount of glycerin.
  • Various ointments and lotions with calendula and aloe in the composition.
  • Zinc ointment.
  • Compress from mint and chamomile broth. Mint and chamomile cook over low heat until boiling, and then insist 2 hours. For each glass of water, a tablespoon of chamomile and mint.
  • Baby creams (Panthenol, etc.).

On the face of men

The above methods are suitable for men, as well as the following tools:

  • A solution of alcohol with water in a ratio of 1 to 1 well removes irritation and disinfects the skin.
  • An ointment or cream with 2.5-5 percent benzoyl peroxide quickly reduces redness and removes irritation.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Special shaving lotions. It is desirable that the composition was an aloe extract.

On legs and arms

How to relieve irritation after shaving legs and hands? Help:

  • Antiseptic ointments: Chlorhexidine, Actvegin.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or a 70 percent alcohol solution. Disinfects the skin, most quickly removes irritation, but dries strongly.
  • Baby powder.
  • A bath from a decoction of medicinal plants (chamomile, calendula, celandine, a series of others).
  • Homemade oil balm. Ingredients: tea tree oil and any other vegetable oil in a ratio of 1 to 4.
  • Infusion of birch leaves. Birch leaves in the amount of 1 teaspoon pour 70 milliliters of boiling water. Insist from one and a half to two hours, then cool and strain through cheesecloth. Wet clean hypoallergenic tissue in the resulting liquid and apply to the site of irritation.

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The skin under the arms is almost as sensitive as in the bikini area. Therefore, the same tools will do.

Some more tips:

  • If you tried everything but nothing helps, try not to shave at all for a while. Perhaps your skin is too damaged and it needs time to recover.
  • If you have suspicions regarding the appearance of ingrown hair, use an antibacterial cream.
  • Do not remove ingrown hair without consulting your doctor. Even a sterilized needle can spread the infection.
  • If irritation persists within a week, you should consult a dermatologist. Perhaps there is an infection.
  • Various creams and ointments, which relieve irritation well, usually contain salicylic and glycolic acids, aloe and witch hazel.

From the following video, you can learn a few more tips to prevent irritation:

Do you know how to shave?

How well do you know how to shave? The question is very strange, since according to most people, it’s enough to buy a razor at the supermarket and some shaving foam for 100 rubles. But do you know what movements and in which direction you need to shave? What is the difference between a classic safety razor, a 3-blade razor and a dangerous razor? What water temperature contributes to a more comfortable shave? What creams or lotions help in the process of shaving? Today we will give answers to these and many other questions so that you do not have any “white spots” in the knowledge about the culture of male shaving.

If you bought a shaving razor and foam, it does not mean that you can shave!

Why does shaving irritation appear?

To begin with, we will deal with what problem we will fight when we shave. Post-shave irritation is tiny cuts that appear from the razor's edge and cause itching, acne on the skin and, in some cases, clogging of skin pores. It is not uncommon when irritation after shaving can continue for several days. Surprisingly, when shaving, it is cut to 2 layers of skin! It's not as scary as it sounds. The old layers of the skin are somehow exfoliated, and shaving helps to do this and helps to renew the skin. But, having no knowledge and little experience, men doom themselves to unpleasant sensations. So, let's take a look at 11 tips on how to remove irritation after shaving.

Tip 1. Prepare the skin - steam the beard and face.

The hair on the face and beard is very stiff, but they can be softened under the influence of warm water. Hair absorbs moisture and swells. Swollen hair follicles are rather weak and much easier to cut.

The easiest way to moisturize your face and beard hair is to take a hot shower for a few minutes. There is an alternative way to moisturize your hair, and is often used in barbershops - compress with a warm towel on your face. It is enough to rinse your face with warm water, then wrap it with a damp warm towel around and hold for several minutes. It is worth noting that water should not drip from the towel, so carefully squeeze the towel. The heat causes the blood vessels to swell on the face, which contributes to a smoother and more comfortable shave.

You can steam your face with a warm towel, as they do in classic barbershops

Never shave with cold water or use shaving products on a dry face. This practice is the main cause of skin irritation after shaving.

Tip 2. Use shaving oil.

Before shaving, use shaving oil, which softens the skin and hair. The oil will allow you to easily shave off hair and avoid cuts on the skin of the face thanks to an oil film that is not washed off with water. Comfort is provided throughout the shaving process!

American Crew Shaving Oil

The pre-lubricated skin surface reduces friction from the razor, which causes a burning sensation in the skin. It is worth noting that 3-5 drops is enough for one procedure. All remaining oil is easily washed off and leaves no greasy residue.

High-quality shaving oil can be a substitute for cream, soap, or shaving foam. However, the use of shaving cream or soap increases the comfort of the process.

Tip 3. Buy a good shaving cream.

Shaving creams with a high content of moisturizers and lubricants hold moisture on your face by lifting your hair upright. The best shaving creams create a dense foam that consists of tiny, barely noticeable bubbles. Such a foam provides the best lubrication between the skin and the razor, allowing the blade to slide over the skin without injuring it.


There is a small recommendation: after you apply a thick foam made from cream, let it soak into the skin for only 1 minute. This will improve shaving comfort.

Proraso Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

What if you use ready-made shaving foam and don’t waste time preparing foam, you ask. My answer is unequivocal - the finished foam is worse than any shaving cream or soap. Often, ready-made shaving foam is a terrifying cocktail of chemical ingredients of dubious quality. Judge for yourself whether a quality product can cost 100-150 rubles.? Of course not. And do not pay attention to beautiful advertising, which suggests otherwise. They are touched by marketers who produce shaving foam for 3- or 5-day bristles, along with regular shaving foam. I wonder what is the difference? Hence the advice - do not use brands that are advertised everywhere. Good products do not need advertising, they will be found out by recommendations or in good barbershops / specialty stores.

Tip 4. Use a shaving brush.

Use a high-quality shaving brush made from natural hair; it most effectively prepares the skin before shaving. A badger shaving brush is the best thing you can get in stores today. If you have sensitive skin, try to refrain from shaving brushes made of synthetic fibers.

Muehle Badger Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is useful in a number of cases. Firstly, the shaving brush helps to raise the hair, allowing you to shave them as short as possible. Secondly, with a shaving brush, it is most convenient to whip high-quality foam from shaving soap or shaving cream. Thirdly, by massaging your face with a brush, you exfoliate dead skin pieces, which reduces the likelihood of irritation after shaving.


Apply whipped shaving foam in a circular motion, while trying to brush with a brush against hair growth, while raising the bristles up and to the sides.

Tip 5. Use a quality razor.

In pursuit of savings, some of us rarely change razor blades or cassettes. Blunt blades are one of the factors of shaving irritation and burning sensation. You can compare the cutting of a tomato with a blunt knife. In fact, the tomato will be crushed, not chopped. The same thing happens when you shave with a blunt blade that does not shave but tears off the hair from the face. Over and over, passing a blade over one area of ​​the skin, trying to shave off the hair, you rub the skin of the face, causing irritation. The tip is simple - use only sharp blades and do not shave dull.

Muehle T89 Safety Razor

There is still a small observation of people who use machines with 3 or 5 blades. If your hair gets clogged between the blades, try switching to a machine with a double-edged blade. According to the observations of men, in most cases, the problem with burning and irritation after shaving can be solved in this way.


Using a safety razor with a double-edged blade is economically feasible in the long term. Yes, the machine itself is more expensive than machine tools with cassettes for 3 or 5 blades, however double-edged blades themselves are much cheaper than cassettes (yes, yes ... 10 times)!

It is worth noting that you will have to relearn how to shave, since shaving with a safety razor with a double-edged blade requires a different technique.

Tip 6. Improve your shaving technique.

Learn to shave properly with the machine to avoid irritation after shaving. Most of us did not take courses on how to shave properly, but simply took a machine, shaving aid, and somehow drove a blade across our faces. Of course, we will not begin to introduce a course on shaving techniques, but we are obliged to list some correct habits.

The key to high-quality shaving is a few actions: less pressure, less resistance, less chaotic movements.

  1. Shaving in the direction of hair growth is the basis of shaving. It is most convenient to start shaving in the cheek area, then in the mustache area and complete the procedure on the chin. It should be noted that the toughest hair grows on the chin and they must have time to moisturize as efficiently as possible with the prepared shaving foam. Shaving off the hair on the chin last, we give extra time to moisturize. The hair on the face of each person has their own growth direction. If you are not sure about the direction of hair growth on your face, let it grow for several days and you will see a picture.
  2. Using a safety razor, apply minimal pressure and apply short shaving movements. Безопасные бритвы тяжелее бритв с кассетами, и часто веса самой бритвы достаточно, чтобы начисто сбривать щетину.
  3. Промывайте бритву в горячей воде после 2-3 бреющих мазков. Это позволяет смыть остатки крема с бритвы и смывает накопившиеся сбритые волоски. Hot water heats the razor blade and makes them more comfortable to shave. It is worth noting that hot water does not kill bacteria on it, so it is still worthwhile to disinfect the machine and razor.

Tip 7. Do not shave twice in one place.

Accustom yourself to shave areas only once and do not machine twice, without re-applying shaving foam. Very often, hairs remain after we razed the bristles. It is not necessary to conduct again in the same place, because now there is no shaving foam left on this site. Skip this place and shave on.

Do not shave twice in one place

After you shave off all the smeared areas of the face, rinse off the rest of the foam and re-apply with a brush to the places where the unshaved hairs remain. Thus, you will get rid of the risk of getting irritation after shaving from the blade.

By the way, professional barbers usually shave their hair for the first time, and re-shave a little at an angle. This method allows you to shave your face as clean as possible.

Tip 8. Rinse your face with cold water after shaving.

After shaving, rinse your face with cold water. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hair.

Rinse your face with cold water after shaving, not hot

When you wash in cold water, the blood vessels on the skin of the face narrow, swelling and bleeding, if any, are reduced. Please note that towel wiping is necessary with “soaking” movements, not “wiping” ones. After shaving, your skin will be very sensitive and any rubbing with a towel will cause irritation to your face.

Tip 9. Use after shave balm.

An excellent habit will be the use of an after shave balm, which relieves irritation, moisturizes the skin and gives a pleasant aroma for the whole day.

Proraso After Shave Balm with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

As we already wrote, a shaving procedure can remove up to 2 layers of skin. It is very important to use a quality product that moisturizes the skin and soothes it after shaving. In addition, many manufacturers produce a whole series of after-shave products, which produce different options with the addition of certain vitamins, nourishing ingredients and extracts.


It is worth noting that balms are both female and male. For men's shaving, it is better to use special men's after shave products, as the manufacturer carefully selects aromas and extracts for the male consumer.

Tip 10. Use aftershave.

Classic alcohol-based aftershave products or lotions can still be found on sale at reputable manufacturers. It is believed that these products are a relic of the past and alcohol-based shaving lotions dry the skin. But, various oils and vitamins are added to the alcohol base, which nourish and moisturize the skin no worse than balsams.

Proraso Eucalyptus After Shave Lotion

Preferring balm or aftershave is a matter of taste. Each of the means has its own feeling after use, so it is difficult to recommend something specific.

Tip 11. Disinfect the razor and blades with alcohol.

Irritation after shaving appears also due to bacteria entering the skin and open pores. After shaving, an infinite number of bacteria accumulate on the razor and razor blade and there are 2 effective ways to deal with this problem: replace the blade with a new one with every new shave or clean the blade with alcohol. It is worth noting that changing cassettes with 3 or 5 blades is an expensive pleasure, therefore, there will be another reason to switch to shaving with a safety razor with a double-edged blade.

Disinfect the razor and blades with alcohol.

Hot water does not help kill bacteria, it only cleans the razor and blade of shaved hair and cream residues. However, you can boil water and disinfect the machine and the blade in boiling water. This is a long procedure and not all machines will survive boiling in hot water, so this method is not recommended.

The easiest and most effective way to clean the blade and the machine from bacteria - treatment with alcohol or any other antiseptic. Clean before and after shaving with an alcohol wipe, an alcohol raster in a bottle with or without a spray bottle.


Today we examined several options for how to get rid of irritation after shaving a man’s skin. There is no need to apply all the tips at once, just try some of the above and understand what is best for you. Try not to part with shaving and limit yourself to 3 or 4 shaving procedures per week. In the interval between shaving, your skin will have time to heal and there will be no irritation.

Thank you for reading the article to the end. Waiting for your comments!

Causes of irritation

The most basic reasons why skin irritation occurs:

  • untimely replacement of razor blades,
  • insufficient skin hydration,
  • the use of disposable machines that have too sharp a blade,
  • Shaving too often, in which the upper layer of the epidermis does not have time to recover,
  • climatic irritations
  • improperly selected cosmetic care product,
  • allergic reaction to food,
  • the use of electric razors.

Moreover, in men with dark hair, the tendency to irritation on the skin is significantly higher than in fair-haired people. Improper nutrition can also affect redness and irritation of the skin surface.

How to shave without irritation

In order for the skin after shaving to remain healthy in appearance and pleasant to the touch, manufacturers of men's cosmetics create more and more new products before shaving. Special antiseptic agents are added to such products to disinfect wounds. The application of such products can prevent minor cuts and irritations that may occur during shaving.

What means to use

A considerable number of men are forced to shave their stubble every day. Not only the condition of the skin, but also the neat appearance depends on a quality shave: uniform bristle, lack of redness. Alcohol-containing products that dry the skin should be discarded.

Natural creams, balms, lotions and shaving oils can soothe and soften the skin. They help restore the epidermis, prevent itching and dry skin, leave a pleasant feeling of freshness on the face.

To facilitate this routine task, some special tools were provided:

  • cream - the founder of all current foams and gels. It has a low cost and interacts well with the skin. The soap film that it creates on the surface of the skin allows the blade to glide easily and ensure accurate cutting of hairs. Additionally, the cream is engaged in hydration, which is important for people with dry skin type. He has only one drawback - the need to purchase a special brush in order to distribute the cream on the surface of the body,
  • foam - contained in the bottle with a dispenser button. Her popularity falls because she does not evenly lay on the skin. After application, the foam loses the density of the structure and simply slides off the surface of the body. It is better to stop your choice on a product based on hydrated natural oils (olive, corn or almond). Only purified water is included in the foam formula, and it is desirable for the alcohol component to be methyl paraffen,
  • gel - is available in packaged cans. It is conveniently applied to the skin, while shaking the spray is not necessary. After application to the skin, the gel provides not only excellent glide of the blade, but also softens the hair thanks to its active ingredients.

Means should be selected in accordance with your skin type and special needs. Do not neglect also skin care after shaving procedures.

Safe Shaving Technique

If the face and neck are already steamed and the shaving products are applied, then it was the turn to use the machine. He takes the very bottom of the handle to maintain minimal pressure on the machine.

The following types of shaving are possible:

  • in the direction of hair growth,
  • perpendicular to growth,
  • at a certain angle to hair growth,
  • against the direction of growth.

The process of removing hair from the cheeks begins - the blade should move from top to bottom, from the beginning of the bristles to the chin. Shaving secrets without irritation are simple:

  • shaving stubble should be based on hair growth and in no case against
  • in order for the code to remain extremely clean, the machine can be guided obliquely, at a slight angle,
  • do not shave with a blunt machine,
  • with your free hand to stretch the treated skin area to increase the efficiency of hair removal,
  • you can’t press hard on the machine, as it will remove the upper layer of the epidermis,

When the upper part of the face is processed and it remains to shave the chin and mustache, you will need to soften the bristles well. In this area, it is especially stiff, so first you need to rinse it with hot water, and then apply foam or gel evenly. Shaving the hairs above the lip follows with pressing this gap to the teeth.

Then, you should remove the remaining foam and check with your hand the skin to reveal the remains of not shaved hairs. Re-apply shaving products is not necessary, now you can walk on a dry machine. The completion of the procedure should be accompanied by washing with cold water and applying a lotion that soothes the skin.

Preventive measures

To avoid irritation on the skin, you need to choose cosmetic substances with a minimum alcohol content. To do this, you need to carefully read the composition of the purchased funds. It is advisable to opt for a gel, as it can provide a good razor glide.

Compliance with certain rules in the process of hair removal will help prevent unwanted skin reactions:

  • rinse the machine in hot water,
  • do not rub your face with a towel after the procedure,
  • recommended products containing aloe vera and vitamin E,
  • if the skin is prone to inflammation, then shaving should be done in the evening,
  • replace shaving with a cream - depilator,
  • You can use the services of laser, mechanical or waxing,
  • Do not hold the razor in the same place several times.

What to do if irritation appears?

If skin irritation still appears on the skin, then you need to take measures that will alleviate undesirable consequences:

  • you can use lemon juice, which is a natural antioxidant,
  • the use of ointments "Bepanten", "Panthenol" or "Maloxin" is allowed. Due to their properties, they will help to quickly heal wounds and nourish the skin well,
  • zinc ointment is a proven tool that can cope with any irritations on the body,
  • in more complicated situations, ointments based on steroids and antibiotics are used. Such medications can be recommended only by a doctor.

Irritations can occur regardless of a person’s age. Only a properly organized shaving process and the correspondence of the products used to your skin type can help a man avoid such unpleasant consequences as skin irritation.

Why does irritation appear

The mechanism for unpleasant sensations after shaving is very simple. They appear primarily from direct damage to the skin. And even if you do not see noticeable cuts, microtrauma can still occur. And the dust or microbes that get into them often aggravate the situation, up to the appearance of rashes and even purulent acne.

Ingrown hairs also often cause irritation.

In addition, there are a number of factors that can enhance the negative effects of shaving:

  • dry skin when shaving,
  • very sensitive skin
  • blunt razor,
  • dirt on the machine or on the skin,
  • using someone else's razor,
  • Shaving too often.

How to avoid a problem

Many people who are used to shaving off excess hair complain of skin irritation that occurs then, while some lucky ones have never heard of this. How do they do it? There are several recommendations that can help you avoid the negative effects of shaving:

  • Steaming. It is recommended to shave after a hot bath or shower - the skin will be softer, and after applying shaving foam - accordingly, smoother.
  • Skin preparation. Do not neglect shaving foam - it will make sliding the blade across the skin quick and painless. In this case, the foam of ordinary soap can dry the skin, use it with great care. And for intimate areas it’s even better to buy special products.

Pharmacy preparations

First of all, check your home medicine cabinet - it may contain effective means that will help your skin:

  • Zinc ointment. Zinc oxide has a disinfecting effect and well dries pustules.
  • Panthenol. This well-known burn remedy also perfectly softens and soothes irritated skin. Especially good is that it can be applied to any areas, including intimate areas.
  • Salicylic acid. Another way to deal with purulent pimples is to treat them with salicylic acid. However, you should not use it for noticeable wounds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This universal disinfectant dries acne well and prevents inflammation. However, it can damage and dry out dry, sensitive skin.
  • "Aspirin". A well-known antiseptic and analgesic can also help from irritation after shaving, for this it should be crushed to a powder and mixed with glycerin to make an ointment. One tablet is taken on a tablespoon of glycerin. The ointment is then applied to the reddened skin and is not washed off.
  • "Chlorhexidine." One of the most affordable and harmless antiseptics - chlorhexidine - relieves irritation and prevents inflammation, and most importantly - is suitable for any type of skin.
  • Miramistin. This remedy is in many ways similar to Chlorhexidine by the principle of action, that is, it has the same antiseptic effect and relieves irritation. And you can use it even with the most sensitive skin.
  • "Vishnevsky ointment". Although this remedy is often used for more serious ailments, it will also help with irritation after shaving - a small amount is applied to the reddened area. Inflamed acne is also effectively treated with Vishnevsky ointment.
  • Sinaflan. A well-known remedy for many dermatological diseases will relieve inflammation and eliminate purulent rashes after shaving. However, Sinaflan cannot be used during pregnancy.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment. This hormonal drug very quickly relieves inflammation and completely eliminates itching with irritation. However, because of the composition, it must be used very carefully - side effects such as swelling, redness and fever are possible. Expectant mothers should not use hydrocortisone, as well as Sinaflan.
  • Essential oils. The most effective and safest of them is tea tree oil, which can be applied directly to the skin. Other essential extracts are used at the rate of 2 drops per half teaspoon of vegetable oil-base (it is best to take almond oil or jojoba). Oil helps to relieve irritation after shaving:
    • palmarosa,
    • myrtle,
    • cedar
    • juniper
    • hyssop
    • vetiver
    • Kayaput.

All these products are good in their own way from various types of irritation after shaving. But at the same time, zinc ointment, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide and Vishnevsky Ointment should be used only for acne and only until the inflammation subsides, so as not to dry the skin. "Aspirin" is indicated only in cases of noticeable redness and inflammation. And “Panthenol”, “Chlorhexidine”, “Miramistin” and a mixture of vegetable and essential oils can be used not only when irritation occurs, but also to prevent it, that is, each time as a aftershave. As for hormonal ointments, they can be used either one-time, directly in case of itching and rashes, or after consulting a dermatologist and completely in accordance with his recommendations.

Folk remedies

If you trust the experience of your ancestors more than the achievements of science, folk remedies for irritation are at your service. Most of them are decoctions of leaves and other parts of plants. The most popular in this regard are fir cones, oak bark, parsley, birch leaves and chamomile or calendula flowers. An herbal lotion is prepared as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare plant materials, namely, to collect plants, wash them, separate leaves, flowers and cones. If oak bark is selected, it should be finely chopped.
  2. Boil the required amount of water - a glass for each tablespoon of raw materials.
  3. Pour the plants into boiling water and leave to cook for 10 minutes over low heat.
  4. Cool the resulting broth for 2-3 hours, during which time it will have time to infuse properly.
  5. Then the liquid must be thoroughly filtered through a very frequent sieve or a double layer of gauze. The resulting lotion should be transparent, without turbidity and residues of leaves and flowers.

Отваром либо смазывают раздраженные участки кожи, либо смачивают марлевые компрессы, которые затем слегка отжимают и оставляют на коже на 10–15 минут.

Галерея: растения от раздражения на коже

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