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How to bring back passion in a relationship


Successful relationships, like everyone else, are based on several rules. Follow these rules, and a happy relationship is guaranteed.

For many people, love is complex and confusing. For others, love is just a mirage; they can live their whole lives and not experience true love. But almost every new relationship has a chance to turn into something more.

25 rules of a happy love relationship.

There are several rules that can turn an ordinary relationship into a romantic one. Use these rules for your relationship, regardless of your silly prejudices, even if in some cases you have to work a little.

The obvious 15 rules that we remember, but do not follow:

#1 try your best to love your partner, even when it's difficult.

#2 put yourself in the shoes of your partner when it comes to feelings.

#3 make love regularly, but don't set aside a specific amount of time. Planning sex can turn it into a routine.

#4 Communicate with each other about your feelings and try not to distance yourself from each other due to lack of communication, otherwise you can lose a lot of precious time. [Read: Correct Communication in a Relationship].

#5 never take each other for granted, this is the fastest way to ruin everything.

#6 be a reliable support in difficult times, no matter what, support each other in any situation. And when adversity will be dispelled, your love will shine much brighter.

#7 never quarrel in public, but a public demonstration of feelings will only benefit.

#8 go on dates, even if you have been together for many years, keep your love alive. [Read: How to keep a spark in a relationship].

#9 Try to look sexy in front of each other. I mean a pleasant smell, an elastic ass, causing clothes. The fact that you have been together for a long time does not mean that you can relax and not take care of yourself.

#10 Praise each other for any reason, even if it seems silly now. After all, any compliment, even the smallest, is the best way to thank a person special to you.

#11 celebrate special days: birthday, anniversary of the meeting, first kiss, first lovemaking, and more. These days can be very often, they do not have to be celebrated on a grand scale, an ordinary dinner is enough, this is very important, because such days create our memories.

#12 respect your partner, all his qualities and hobbies, because that's how you loved him.

#13 Trust each other and your feelings, even if others say otherwise. After all, no one knows the intricacies of your relationship better than yourself.
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#14 never grumble or nag each other, especially when anger and anger overwhelm you, you can say too much and then regret it for a long time.

#15 Learn to have fun and have fun together. [Read: What can a couple do?].

Basic 10 rules:

We often forget these rules, we are afraid to observe or do not observe because of our pride. To read them, share this post in one of the social networks, let your partner also read them, do not take all the responsibility for your relations only on yourself.

#16 do not be equal to others. All people and relationships are different, so instead of looking at other couples, learn from your own successes and failures.

#17 understand, your partner might like someone else. This is a complex idea that is difficult to accept, but do not forget that you too can admire someone else, such as a work colleague, his character, appearance or manner of behavior. All this is quite normal, and does not mean that love has passed.

#18 end quarrels as soon as possible, step over yourself and just hug your loved one.

#19 give each other more freedom, everyone needs personal space and rest from relationships. Sometimes I also need to be alone to miss my loved one.

#20 act like children from time to time. A little pillow fight, a fight in bed or any innocent rally will give you some happy moments.

#21 be more spontaneous. Do not wait for a special occasion to express your love. An unexpected surprise is much nicer than a planned birthday.

#22 saving lies is the best way out, especially if it’s a small lie that will not affect your relationship, but will make your partner feel better.

#23 never shy away from constructive criticism. If you are trying to make a delicate remark, just accept it, instead of making excuses. Each of you will only benefit from this.

#24 never intentionally hurt your loved one, do not impose a feeling of guilt, this can ruin your relationship forever.

#25 learn to forgive easily. The ability to forgive quickly is one of the main qualities of true love and good relations.

With our advice, we try to make your relationship the best in the world. But we cannot do it without you!If these tips have helped you, share them with your friends! You can change someone else’s life for the better!

Abandon the illusion of stability and create space for erotic play

At the beginning of a relationship, there is always uncertainty due to which we experience an extraordinary emotional upsurge. We cannot know exactly how the partner relates to us and how it will all end, so we fantasize, worry, do not sleep at night and strive to get as close to him as possible. However, we are interested in this game only until stability appears in life.

If people meet for a long time, it usually begins to seem to them that nothing new is happening, one day is like another and all this will never change. In this case, the relationship ceases to develop, and passion gradually begins to fade. But this is not the only possible scenario. So that sensuality does not go away from the life of a couple, you need to abandon the illusion of stagnation and add novelty. Let the relationship be alive and evolve. Learn to create space for the game, show curiosity, intrigue, make each other worry and tremble.

For example, Esther Perelle advised one married couple to create new email addresses in order to use them exclusively for erotic correspondence with each other: thoughts, memories, fantasies, attempts to seduce. The psychologist strongly recommended not to discuss problems in correspondence - this is a space only for erotic games. As a result, this method helped the wife to become more confident, playful and provocative, and her husband to again experience strong erotic feelings for her.

And one more thing: in a long-term relationship, we begin to think that the partner is completely ours. In reality, the partner remains a different person, separate from us, with his puzzles. As soon as we understand this, we will get a chance to return a steady desire to the relationship.

Look at a partner with new eyes

If in the first months of our acquaintance we look with delight and interest at a partner, try to understand him and get closer to him, then after a few months we begin to think that we know him better than ourselves. It seems to us that no secret is left, and this is the worst news for passion.

But the absence of riddles is just another illusion. In fact, we are not able to completely unravel the other person, especially considering the fact that all people are constantly changing. Get rid of the templates and try to look at your partner with different eyes: as if you are unfamiliar with him. Adele, one of Esther Perel’s clients, tried to experiment with shifting the point of perception, and here’s what she says:

“Something unusual happened two weeks ago.” We were at work, and Alan was talking with one of his colleagues. I looked at him and thought: "How good he is." It seemed very strange to me, as if I were not me. For a moment, I kind of forgot that he is my husband and that it is difficult with him, that he is stubborn, arrogant, that he annoys me and scatters his things everywhere. I looked at him as if I did not know about all this, and suddenly I was drawn to him, as at the very beginning. Alan is very smart, he speaks well, and there is something so soft and sexy in him. I forgot about all the stupid skirmishes.

Giving each other more freedom

If love seeks intimacy, then passion is necessary. In relationships, we need both. We must learn to balance. Sometimes people do everything together and get so close that there is no distance at all.

In such couples, partners lose themselves, their freedom and completely lose interest in their beloved - after all, there is no longer a separate independent person who wants to be recognized again and again. You can not dissolve in each other. Each of the partners should develop independently and have a personal space. This is the only way to keep the attraction.

Even worse, when one person literally forces another to talk about each step, share all the feelings, always be sincere and open. This is more like fetters that sooner or later will become unbearable and will force you to break off relations or push you to treason (the territory where you can be free).

Esther Perel argues: “Treason is a search for a brighter relationship or rebellion against the shackles of marriage. The forbidden is an aphrodisiac, and it happens that secrets provide independence or compensate for the lack of personal space. ”

More tips on how to return a quivering sensuality to the relationship - in the book "Reproduction in captivity."