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Flakes and dries skin on the elbows - reasons what to do


The appearance of dry and flaky skin on the bends of the elbows can be very upsetting, but in addition to physical inconvenience, you also may not feel comfortable surrounded by people if you don’t wear sleeveless clothes. If untreated, this can cause serious discomfort and pain. The appearance of a similar deterioration of the skin area in the elbows indicates a possible problem of dry skin of the whole body. Refer to relevant publications to find ways to care for dry skin (see links below). The problem of dryness at the bends of the elbows is widespread and requires patient care, so study the following tips to restore the softness and elasticity of problem areas.

Why flaky skin on the elbows: the roots of the problem

There are no sebaceous glands in this area of ​​the skin, so any malfunction in the body can cause a response in this place.

The elbows are a kind of signal beacon of malfunctions in the human body. Lack of vitamins, stress, chronic diseases - all this can cause problems.

But dry elbows are just the first sign. If you do not identify the real cause, and do not deal with the problem, in the future more negative reactions, such as cracks, severe itching, suppuration, weeping eczema may follow.

At the first signs of dryness on the elbows, you need to not only engage in intensive care of this area on the body, but also pay attention to the health of the whole organism. It is especially worth approaching the problem with due attention in case of finding additional places of peeling on the body, for example, on the knees. Such an additional symptom may no longer hint, but be a clear symptom of serious malfunctions in the body.

Why does the skin on my elbows become dark and dry?

Harmless causes leading to darkening and coarsening of the skin on the elbows:

  1. The reason for the formation of scabs, thickening and blackening may be the habit of sitting at the table, leaning on the elbows. Constant thorns and pressure in such a situation just leads to a change in the structure of the skin and its color (such inconvenience to the epidermis gives a signal that the thickness of the cover should be increased).
  2. Elbow skin can respond to changes in temperature and humidity. Peels and roughness of the skin are often formed during the heating season or during the summer holidays, when a person spends a lot of time in the open sun - the covers simply dry.
  3. The lack of vitamins A and E. Against the background of such a deficiency, the skin condition worsens significantly and in dense areas it can become dry and darken. Incorrect and untimely skin care can also serve as an impetus for a change in its condition.

All these reasons can be independently eliminated by a person at home, so putting your elbows in order is not difficult.

A sign of what disease can be black elbows

Not all causes of darkening and desiccation of the skin on the elbows are easily removable and harmless. There are a number of diseases that can give such symptoms, and they require urgent treatment. The source of gray, cracking and tough skin can be covered in the following diagnoses:

  • Diabetes. This is a systemic disease that affects the entire body. Due to the lack of insulin production, the normal nutrition of all cells is disrupted, and the skin is no exception. General negative changes lead to the fact that the skin becomes dry and thinner, areas with thick skin and folds are especially affected.
  • Thyroid Disorders (including hypothyroidism). It also threatens to disturb the nutrition of cells, slows down metabolic processes, the skin does not normally get rid of dead cells, which is why it becomes covered with dark rough spots,
  • Dermatological diseases. Often, darkening of the skin and its peeling is a symptom of dermatitis, neurodermatitis, etc.,
  • Iron-deficiency anemia and autoimmune diseases cause the appearance of the syndrome of "dirty" elbows.

What to do and how to get rid of black spots on the elbows?

  • If everything is in order, then the reason should be sought either in the lack of vitamins, or in the features of caring for this area of ​​the skin.
  • In the case of diseases, dryness and dark spots on the elbows can be cured only after the root cause has been cured.

An important question remains how to treat darkening and coarsening of the skin? Here will come to the rescue and numerous purchased, and home compositions.

Trays help remove rough spots

Baths help achieve a comprehensive impact on the problem: warm water softens the skin, and the components added to it can more easily penetrate the dermis and produce its beneficial effect. You can resort to such recipes:

Recipes and methods of use
A liter of warm water is “enriched” with baking soda (50 grams) and sodium chloride (100 grams). After the ingredients dissolve, you can immerse your elbows in the composition for a third of an hour. After the procedure, the skin is wiped with a dry, hard towel and a moisturizer is applied to it.
For even greater effectiveness, the above recipe can be improved by using fresh potato broth instead of pure water.
For a liter of water, take a teaspoon of liquid soap and ammonia, and immerse problem areas in the resulting mixture for half an hour. Significant changes will be noticeable quite quickly - in a week the skin will become softer and lighter.

Such procedures allow you to comfortably and without aggressive influence to cope with the problem of rough dark elbows.

Scrubs - an effective remedy

There are two options: you can resort to purchased products, the choice of which is great in any cosmetic store, or prepare the mixture yourself at home. It is worth considering that the purchased body scrubs are developed by specialists, and therefore, in addition to exfoliating properties, they also moisturize and nourish the skin, and when preparing a homemade product, one should rely on the same principle. Consider a few popular recipes:

Exfoliating Scrubs
Coffee and honey scrub. To prepare the product, a thick, preferably even candied beekeeping product is mixed in equal proportions with coffee grounds. The scrub is applied with light rubbing movements on the skin of the elbow, after which it is left for about 10 minutes and washed off with water.
Based on sour cream and salt. Fat sour cream is mixed with a large amount of fine salt and rubbing the area of ​​the elbows with rubbing movements.

How to quickly whiten dark elbows on your hands

To whiten skin color on the elbows and other parts of the body, recipes of traditional medicine with entry into the composition of acids are used. If the skin on the elbows hurts and there are small wounds and cracks, then using such funds is contraindicated.

Main componentRecipes of folk remedies
The use of lemon. Citrus need to be cut into slices, attach to the elbows and wrap with a bandage for 30 minutes. After this period, you need to remove the bandages, rinse the place with clean water and apply a nourishing cream to avoid even more dry skin. The result in the form of skin softening and lightening its tone can be observed after a week of daily procedures. For bleaching, rubbing zinc ointment once a day can also be used.
Grated potato compress. To do this, one raw potato is rubbed on a fine grater, and the resulting mass is simply laid on the elbows, fixing on top with a bandage. The duration of the compress is one hour.
Onion gruel compress. Apply it for half an hour on scuffs and a white coating on the elbows. The treated area is wrapped with cellophane or cling film. For the best effect, you can wrap your hand in a warm towel.
To make the elbows smooth, the coarsened and blackened skin is smeared with sour cream for a quarter of an hour, then washed off with warm water and rubbed into the treated area with olive oil.
To clean the elbows from age spots and thickenings, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Recipe: 1.5 tbsp. mix with 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is rubbed into the thickenings for 5 minutes, after which they wait until complete drying. Then the composition is washed off and lubricated with the external and internal side of the elbow with cream.

How to remove dark spots with creams and ointments

The main purpose of the tool, which will be used to eliminate the roughness of dark elbows, should be moisturizing and nutrition. Creams and ointments should be the final stage of any scrubbing procedure to protect the skin from drying out and prevent the appearance of cracks. Usually no special formulations are required for this. Use available creams for either the hands or the body in general.

For targeted clarification of the area, Zinc ointment, Hydroquinone, Revitol lightening cream, Clinicians Complex skin cleansing and lightening cream, etc. can be used. If the skin starts to itch and bother, then you can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on it.

Video: how to wash elbow skin with a bath

Many argue that you can bleach your elbows with a simple bath of warm water, in which a little ammonia is added. Whether this recipe actually gives a good result is what the author of this video will check in practice.

Leah: I really liked to rub the elbows with lemon juice - naturally and effectively! Most importantly, do not forget to grease with cream later!

Karina: Baths seemed to me too too trivial matter. From one time - the result is minimal, but I don’t want to do it like that for two weeks.

Sveta: The dark code on the elbows is simply poorly exfoliated, so the most correct solution is a scrub. Honey and coffee mass gives an excellent result.

Olya: My elbows turned black due to vitamin deficiency, I began to drink vitamins and everything by itself gradually disappeared. I didn’t take any additional measures, although I systematically work out the whole body with a scrub, maybe it had some significance.

Reasons why it hurts, peels and cracks the skin on the elbows in women

The causes of such symptoms are many. Conventionally, it can be divided into two categories.
Internal problems in the body, as well as a lack of nutrients and vitamins can provoke peeling on the elbow.
Among external factors, the most common is mechanical damage, when, for example, during work, a person rests on the table with his elbows.
You can get rid of such an unaesthetic manifestation only if the root cause is eliminated. If the diagnosis is difficult, the best solution would be to consult a dermatologist. And about the causes of dry skin on the elbows in children can be found here.

The main causes of peeling of the skin on the elbows:

  • Dermatological diseases: psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis. The treatment of such ailments, as well as the definition of a possible "enemy", must be clarified by a specialist.
  • Avitaminosis, especially the lack of groups A and E. It is they who are responsible for the good condition of the skin, so the appearance of such symptoms and local peeling on the elbows and other parts of the body indicates precisely this reason.
  • Endocrine system diseases. Hormonal failure or diabetes can also trigger such phenomena, so you should definitely check the level of hormones in the blood.
  • Allergic reactions. The body can react to the allergen in the most unpredictable way, so hives on the skin, peeling and rashes can talk about a possible allergy.
  • Improper care behind the skin of the body. The constant use of aggressive detergents, scrubs and peels can cause damage to the skin, as well as provoke microcracks that look similar. Replacing cosmetics with softer ones should definitely solve this problem.
  • Personal hygiene disorders. And here we can talk not only about non-compliance with hygiene rules, but also about the abuse of such procedures. It is known that frequent contact with water and detergents can also cause overdrying of the skin. And with reviews about Vichy Aqualia Termal cream rich, you can find it here.

Watch a video on the causes of peeling

In addition, there may be malfunctions in the work of internal organs, which are provoked in this way. If peeling appeared after a stressful situation, this may be the case.

In the event that, after eliminating the adverse external influences, the peeling did not stop or became more pronounced, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

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Preventive measures

Mandatory procedures for identifying localized localization of dermatological problems should become a good habit, so prevention methods are so effective.

Naturally, the best advice for maintaining healthy skin and the body as a whole will be quite standard.

First of all, you need to pay attention to your health status in a timely manner.
The identification of diseases at the initial stage gives a much greater chance of a successful recovery.

The second important factor will be proper nutrition.

Adequate intake of nutrients will be an excellent way to prevent any negative conditions, so in no case should you neglect the principles of good nutrition.

Using good detergents and using body lotion is also very important. To select such products must be oriented to your skin type, and in the event of a negative reaction, be sure to replace with less aggressive ones. Elbow skin also needs to be nourished and hydrated. If you notice the first signs of dryness, it is best to immediately use a good nutritious peeling cream or oil.

In addition to the above factors, it is also possible to note the need to choose the most natural clothes, as well as to get rid of the habit of loading the elbow bends and constantly leaning on them.

Such actions, in addition to a threat to the skin, also pose a danger to the health of the joints, so it is better to play it safe for the future.

Folk ways

  • Herbal bath. Regular use of decoctions of pharmacy herbs will get rid of such problems. For this, a decoction of chamomile, nettle, string or calendula is suitable.
  • Lemon Juice or Sauerkraut also contribute to smoothing the skin. To do this, daily lubricate the area with one of the described components. This method can be used if the skin is not damaged. Raw potatoes will also help. The method of application is the same, and the result will be visible faster.
  • Natural oils can be applied daily until peeling of the skin is eliminated. To increase efficiency, you can warm the mixture in a water bath, and also use two drops of tea tree essential oil per tablespoon of base oil. This component contributes to antibacterial protection, and also provides a healing effect. As the base oil, you can take olive, sea buckthorn or unrefined sunflower.
  • Soda Steaming also very effective. To do this, a rather concentrated solution is made (about 5 tablespoons of soda per liter of water). After that, you need to steam your elbows in a soda bath, periodically adding hot water. After a half-hour procedure, you can use a soft scrub or just rub your elbows well with a towel. Applying a moisturizer or oil will complete the wellness session.
  • Damaged areas can be applied. warm honey. This will help to regenerate the skin faster, and also perfectly tones tired skin, can be used as a mask against peeling of the skin.

An important part of such therapy will be the timely removal of the upper layer from keratinized skin cells.

To do this, it is advisable to steam the skin and use a soft scrub or just a washcloth. Do not be too zealous and apply mechanical cleaning. After the skin is sufficiently cleansed, be sure to use a nourishing cream.

On video - elbow care

Ointments and creams

The best option would be to use a good baby cream. Its composition is most useful for the skin, and the caring components in the composition are able to relieve inflammation, actively regenerate epidermal cells.

In addition to children's cosmetics, there are many similar products whose action is aimed at moisturizing and restoring the skin.
Usually this is a series for hands and body, which must be selected depending on the type of skin.
Among the pharmaceuticals, Radevit ointment helps very well, but its use should preferably be agreed with the doctor.

Peeling on the skin of the elbow is not a very serious problem, usually people do not even pay attention to it. However, such a signal may indicate other malfunctions in the body.

To verify the true reason for such conditions, it is better to consult a dermatologist.
The main factors affecting the condition of the skin, as well as methods for eliminating peeling on the elbows, are described in our article. We also recommend that you watch the video on acupressure facial rejuvenation in this material.

Недостаточный или неправильный уход за кожей в области локтевых суставов

Since, as mentioned above, there are no sebaceous glands on the elbows, the skin in these places most often suffers from any negative environmental effects.

It is worth noting that the basis of proper elbow care is a whole range of procedures:

You need to regularly moisturize this area with body creams and oils, as well as carry out exfoliation procedures on the elbow bends to prevent the formation of a crust.

It will sometimes be useful to carry out procedures for additional nutrition of the skin on the elbows:

  • Baths
  • Lotions and compresses,
  • Rubbing vegetable oils,
  • Nutrition with Vitamin Oils Based on Oils.

With small peeling and coarsening of the skin, ordinary soda will help. You need to take five tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate per liter of hot water to make a bath in which to hold your elbows for 10-15 minutes. Soda will soften the skin, eliminate inflammation, and relieve redness and pain. After the procedure, you need to grease your elbows with a fat cream (you can use it for children).

Working at the computer and sitting for a long time at the table with emphasis on the elbows

People whose profession is associated with sedentary work at the table often complain of pain on the thin skin of the elbow joint. The daily emphasis on the elbows when sitting at the table causes pressure on the skin, which makes it rough, can begin to peel off, and even crack.

The problem is aggravated by the habit of leaning on the elbows, for example, propping up the chin.

Writers, teachers, office and administrative workers need to carefully monitor the condition of the skin on the elbows.

Other more effective methods include:

  • Lubrication of dry flaky areas with salicylic ointment. You should not expect an instant result, but if the problem is not started, after a week, the other skin on the elbows will stop drying out and hurt.
  • Olive oil has a positive effect on mild skin problems on the elbows. It must be rubbed every day at night, and always after water procedures. Under the influence of olive oil, the skin softens and moisturizes. And if dry and cracked elbows are not a signal of other problems in the body, in a short period of time everything should normalize.

The lack of vitamins in the autumn-winter period

Dry and flaky skin on the elbows can signal a lack of iron, vitamins A, D and E. The main sign of vitamin deficiency of these substances will be “goosebumps” on the elbows and knees. Therefore, the first thing to do with any problems with the skin on the joints is to carry out vitamin therapy.

In particular, it is recommended to take the following vitamins:

  • "Aevit" (vitamins A and E),
  • Vitamin D (Calciferol)
  • Vitamin and mineral complex.

With persistent vitamin deficiency, especially if peeling on other areas of the skin, brittle nails and hair are added to dry elbows, it is additionally recommended to take immunomodulating drugs or immunostimulants of plant origin:

  • Tincture of Echinacea
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Rosehip syrup
  • Cranberry juice,
  • Tea from St. John's wort, thyme, lemon balm.

Remember that it is possible to improve the condition of the skin on any part of the body with the help of nutrition. This will help green vegetables and greens, onions. Citrus fruits, among other things, are also considered excellent antioxidants. And vegetable oil (especially if you alternate between different varieties) and butter in the body will make up for the lack of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids - substances that are the key to the beauty of the skin.

Symptoms of allergies (food, contact), manifestations of atopic dermatitis

If peeling on the elbow has a red tint, this may indicate an allergic reaction.

Inspection by a specialist and passing tests will help establish the exact cause.

Rashes on the elbows, as well as on other parts of the body, more accurately indicate allergies.

However, with the appearance of dermatitis in various places, medical attention is necessary to prevent the serious consequences of allergic reactions, as well as to prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

In all other cases, when the allergy was localized only on the elbows, the use of antihistamines (Loratadin, Fenkarol, Tsetrin, Zirtek) will help. In parallel, doctors often prescribe sedatives that calm the nervous system. Recommended tinctures motherwort, valerian, or complex preparations such as Sedavit, Persen.

Outwardly, dermatitis is treated with various pharmacy ointments to relieve itching and pain. Of the available means, grated potatoes help well. It is applied to the affected elbows in the form of lotions for 15-20 minutes.

Flaky skin on the elbows? Check your blood sugar

Peeling and redness on the elbow, accompanied by pain, can be a symptom of diabetes. It will not be superfluous to be examined by a doctor for other endocrine diseases in the absence of high sugar in the analyzes.

Diabetes indicates not only when the skin on the elbows hurts, but also when it is dry, cracked on the palms and heels.

Psoriasis as a cause of peeling on the elbows

"Scaly lichen" - such a name in the people has a serious skin disease - Psoriasis. Unlike redness and blemishes in allergies, psoriasis has clearly defined red spots that are not just peeling, but are covered with silver scales.

Psoriasis affects various areas of the skin, but first of all prefers to "fit" on the elbows and knees.

Similar spots on the feet, hips, calves, in the genital area or on the lower back will help to more accurately determine the diagnosis.

A popular way to get rid of red spots on the elbows is an ointment with elecampane, which must be rubbed into the affected area daily in the morning and evening. It is known that psoriasis is treated symptomatically, mainly with ointments and creams. But taking tincture or syrup from the roots of elecampane inside will help increase immunity and improve the condition of the skin.

Cracked flakes indicate a thyroid problem

In addition to peeling, cracks can appear on the elbows, which are difficult to cosmetic correction. This symptom may indicate developing hypothyroidism. It is necessary to be examined by a doctor so as not to start the disease. Additionally, concomitant symptoms will also indicate hypothyroidism:

  • Increased sweating,
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),
  • Fast fatiguability,
  • Cold feet, even in a warm room,
  • Hair loss,
  • Fainting memory.

Only a doctor can treat hypothyroidism, and prescribe the necessary therapy only after passing tests for hormones and a general examination. But in addition, the patient can help himself, observing the strict diet prescribed by the doctor. If the disease is treated, and follow the recommendations for nutrition, the elbows should bounce back.

Recommended reading:

Skin peeling can be caused by frequent bathing in hard chlorinated water.

Those who like to take a bath daily often face the problem of dry skin on their elbows. Together with microbes, the protective greasy cover is washed off the skin. Elbows when taking a bath are affected primarily, because they already lack sebaceous glands.

If, after bathing procedures, tingling is felt in the elbows, this means that water causes only irritation.

To bring the elbows in order, with excessive dryness of the skin, it is enough to observe the following:

  • Before bedtime, take care of your elbows with moisturizers,
  • The daily bath should be replaced with a 5-minute shower, and basking in the water with the whole body is recommended no more than once, twice a week.

Stresses and failures of the nervous system

Nervous overstrain often causes a weakening of the immune system. The low immune status of the body causes various skin problems.

Elbows are a weak link in this chain, so increased nervousness and depression can cause various phenomena on the skin of the elbow joints, outwardly similar to allergies or psoriasis, but having a completely different nature.

Aggressive cosmetics: alkaline soap, scrub, bath salt - as factors of skin irritation and peeling

Sometimes people do not even realize that the reason for peeling on the elbows, soreness, redness is caused by the use of too aggressive soap or other care products.

Basically, skin irritation is caused by incompatibility, but more often too strong alkaline components are irritating.

For any problems with the skin on the elbow bends, and even more so if there are cracks in the hands and feet, you must first abandon the use of antibacterial and bar soap, and apply a liquid soap based on a cream.

Irritating skin on elbows due to wearing synthetic clothing

Synthetic clothing can irritate the skin and cause contact allergies on the elbows. This is especially true for people whose profession is associated with working at the table, as well as students and schoolchildren.

If peeling of the skin, redness or irritation is felt after sitting at the table in clothes made of synthetic fabrics, then the diagnosis is obvious.

All that needs to be done is to abandon artificial fabrics in favor of natural ones. Any recommendations on daily skin care will also help.

Weather factor for dry skin and temperature changes: heat, dry air, frost

It is known that after sunbathing the skin dries up, and often after tanning the skin peels off, especially on the knees and elbows. The effect of frost also leads to peeling, this is known to those who love winter sports.

Proper care can help cope with the effects of sun or cold on the elbows.

Hormonal disruptions and age-related skin changes

Peeling skin on the elbows, which blackens with time, will indicate hormonal imbalance. This is evidence that the adrenal glands do not work well. To adjust their work, you need the help of a doctor and drug therapy.

The following products will help whiten the skin of the elbows and bring them into an aesthetic appearance:

  • Lemon juice,
  • Grated potato gruel,
  • Apple cider vinegar diluted with water 1: 1,
  • Starch or baking soda, dissolved in warm water (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

Anemia as a cause of peeling on the skin of the elbows

Iron deficiency anemia is indicated not only by peeling on the skin, but also by its darkening. In addition, such a symptom should be accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness, pallor of the face.

Taking iron in the form of a special medicine, as well as a proper diet will help both the appearance of the elbows and overall well-being.

Sun Allergy

If the skin on the elbows flaky, reddens, becomes covered with small sores and itches after visiting the solarium or after sunbathing, this may indicate an allergy that is associated with ultraviolet light.

To appoint special means to reduce the manifestations of such an allergy, the doctor will help. External causes can be removed only by reducing the proportion of ultraviolet radiation received by the skin.