Useful Tips

How to remove wax from glass


I once drove to the sink.

Actually, the program was standard - I asked to wash and vacuum. They persistently offered to cover with wax. Well, let’s do it.
I went, drank coffee, waited, paid and went.

The next dark morning, he noticed that I was somehow strangely blinded by the light of oncoming ones. All the windshield, sprinkled with a washer and rubbed by the wipers, was directly lit up, and almost nothing was visible. Then, as the car and glass warmed up with it, the effect of light disappeared.
In the evening the same leapfrog. A careful examination of the windshield showed that after the passage of the wipers, a film was formed on the glass from small, small omyvayka droplets, which gave the very hellish refraction of light. As they warmed up, they evaporated faster.

Sinned on omyvayka - it was flooded not the one that I usually use. I drove a few days to the touch in the mornings and evenings, actively spraying it. Over. I poured a new one checked. Same stuff.

I thought of rubbing the glass with my finger. Ter to squeak. Surprisingly - in the place where the rub, the droplet effect disappeared.

And then it dawned on me ... These handsome men apparently decided to protect me and the glass from the effects of harmful factors, and put wax on them too. Hallelujah! Google, in what wax - acetone dissolves!

Cloth, acetone, three. Two passes on the glass, and everything passed. Now everything is visible.

1. Standing over the soul and personally controlling is helpful.
2. It is even more useful to ask in advance exactly how you will do something.
3. Wax is dissolved with acetone. The main thing is to carefully, without getting on the paint.

And, of course, the rhetorical question: will it ever be with us so that people begin to do their job in a quality manner? Maybe, of course, this is my strip that is several years long, but wherever I go, there will be a joint, large or small, that I have to fix myself.


  • Pour a few teaspoons of water at the bottom of the votive container so that the wax does not initially stick to the glass.
  • Remove wax from an old rag or newspaper, so as not to stain your desk or floor with wax stains.
  • Use glass candle cups as small vases or pencil holders, or fill them with other creative objects and show them in the house after scrubbing the remnants of the wax.
  • Cheap candles can contain oil-based wax, which is usually quite difficult to remove from glass. Try to get high-quality candles from well-known manufacturers to make the process of cleaning glass from wax much easier.


  • When removing wax, do not rub with a sponge or paper towel along and around the inside of the container, otherwise you will stain it with wax. Wipe the wax from the glass with smooth hand movements only.
  • Do not do this over the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom, as the wax may clog the drain and drain. Throw away any remaining wax in the bin.