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How to make an electromagnet


In order to make strong electromagnet , take an excellent magnetic circuit, wrap it with an insulated conductor and connect it to a power source. The power of this electromagnet and it is allowed to regulate by different methods.

You will need

  • a piece of low carbon cylindrical electrical steel, an alienated copper wire, a source of continuous current.

Instruction manual

1. Take the billet of electrical steel and carefully, turn it round to round with insulated copper wire. Take a wire of medium cross section, so that it can fit as large as possible over the turns, but at the same time not too thin, so that it does not burn out from large currents.

2. Later, connect the wire to a continuous current source through a rheostat, if the source itself is not likely to regulate the voltage. For such a magnet, a source is absolutely enough, one that gives up to 24 V. Later on, turn the rheostat slider to the highest resistance or the source regulator to the minimum voltage.

3. Slowly and carefully increase the voltage. This will cause a characteristic vibration, accompanied by sound, the one that is allowed to hear when the transformer is operating - this is typical. Be sure to control the temperature of the winding, on the fact that the duration of work depends on it electromagnet but. Bring the voltage to the point where the copper wire begins to heat up obviously. After this, turn off the current and allow the winding to cool. Turn on the current again and with the help of such manipulations find the highest voltage at which the conductor will not heat up. This will be the nominal mode of operation made electromagnet but.

4. Bring a body of a substance that contains steel to one of the poles of a working magnet. It should be firmly drawn to the nickel of the magnet (we consider the base of the steel core as the nickle). If the attractive force is unsatisfactory, take a longer wire and lay it in several layers, proportionally increasing the magnetic field. In this case, the resistance of the conductor will increase, and its adjustment will need to be carried out again.

5. In order to attract the magnet more attractively, take a horseshoe-shaped core and wrap its straight sections around the wire - then the surface of attraction and its strength will increase. In order to increase the force of attraction, make a core of an alloy of iron and cobalt, the conductivity of the magnetic field of which is slightly higher.

Tip 2: How to make an electromagnet

People have long noticed that by passing an electric current through a coil wound from a metal wire, a magnetic field is created. And if you put some metal, a ferromagnet (steel, cobalt, nickel, etc.) inside this coil, then the effectiveness of the magnetic field increases by hundreds, or even thousands of times. So it was born electromagnet , the one that in our time is a necessary part of many electrical devices.

You will need

  • Nail, pliers, enameled wire, cambric (insulation from wires), power source, paper, electrical tape.

Tip 3: How to make a current source

Sourcecurrent It refers to a device where some kind of energy is converted into electrical energy. Work takes place in it, based on the distribution of correctly and negatively charged particles accumulating at the poles of the source.

You will need

  • coal rod, ammonia, paste, zinc vessel, galvanized steel, salt, baking soda, coins, lemon, apple, voltmeter, galvanometer

Tip 4: How to make a strong magnet

Creating strong electromagnets - This is a difficult technical task. In industry, as, in fact, in everyday life, huge magnets are needed. In a number of countries, magnetic cushion trains are even more closely operated. Cars with an electromagnetic motor will soon appear in large numbers under our E-Mobile brand. But how are large power magnets created?

Tip 5: How to assemble an electromagnet

In fact, every home master began his acquaintance with physics in childhood with the construction electromagnet . If your son is growing up, the time has come and he will collect this simple device together with you, after which he will probably be interested in science and technology and will also become a home master in the future. Yes, and you probably will be interested to recall childhood.

You will need

  • A few meters of insulated wire
  • Insulating tape
  • Nail
  • Soldering iron, solder and neutral flux
  • Nippers
  • Two AA batteries and a compartment for them
  • 3.5 V bulb, 0.26 A
  • Switch
  • Paper clips

Step-by-step instruction

Following a simple recommendation, you can easily make an electromagnet yourself.

Clean the ends of the copper wire that you will wrap around the core from insulation. 2-3 cm is enough. They will be needed to connect a copper wire to a conventional one, which in turn will be connected to a power source.

Around the nail or other core, carefully wind the copper wire so that the turns are parallel to each other. Doing this is necessary only in one direction. The location of the poles of the future magnet depends on this. If you want to change their location, you can simply rewind the wire in the other direction. Failing to fulfill this condition, you will achieve that the magnetic fields of different sections will act on each other, because of which the strength of the magnet will be minimal.

Connect the ends of the cleaned copper wire to two pre-prepared conventional wires. Insulate the connection, and connect one end of the wiring to the positive charge terminal on the battery, and the other end to the opposite end. Moreover, it does not matter which wiring will be connected to which end - this will not affect the operational capabilities of the electromagnet. If everything is done correctly, then the magnet will immediately begin to work! If the battery has a reversible connection method, then you can change the direction of the poles.

How to increase the strength of the magnetic field

It makes sense to experiment with cores. Take a thicker base - a metal bar 2-3 cm wide. To find out how powerful the electromagnet has turned out, a special device that measures the strength of the magnetic field will allow. With its help and by the method of experiments you will find a middle ground in the creation of an electromagnet.