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Opening of a beauty salon in 2018: documents, requirements, name, promotion


How Petersburgers can open a beauty salon, what to choose an IP or LLC, which permits, OKVED codes, space requirements, application forms for downloading, addresses of branches of the Federal Tax Service, City Administration, fire inspection, TU Rospotrebnadzor and MFC in St. Petersburg, are minimal budget for opening, terms of preparation and payback.


The opening of a beauty salon takes place in several stages:

  1. Studying the market, competitors and their offers.
  2. Drawing up a business plan, concept development.
  3. Search for premises, conclusion of a lease agreement and the requirement of rental vacation for the period of repair.
  4. Repair of the selected premises (cosmetic repairs will cost an average of 3,500 rubles per 1 sq. M), purchase of equipment.
  5. Registration of LLC / IP.
  6. Choice of tax regime.
  7. Obtaining a license to provide services classified as medical.
  8. Staff recruitment.
  9. Cash desk registration, development and order of printing, opening of a current account.
  10. Notification of Rospotrebnadzor about the beginning of activity.
  11. Conducting an advertising company.
  12. Opening.

OKVED codes

It is necessary to decide on the OKVED codes before submitting an application for registration - they are indicated in the application submitted to the Federal Tax Service.

The following codes are suitable for opening a beauty salon:

  1. 96.02 - “Provision of services by hairdressers and beauty salons”,
  2. 96.02.1 - “Provision of hairdressing services”,
  3. 96.02.2 - “The provision of cosmetic services by hairdressers and beauty salons”,
  4. 32.99 - "Manufacture of other finished products not elsewhere classified" - if it is planned to manufacture wigs,
  5. 96.04 - "Activities fitness" - if you plan to install a solarium, hammam, sauna,
  6. 86.90 - “Other medical activities” - if it is planned to provide massage, acupuncture, cosmetology, foot / arm care services,
  7. 96.09 - “The provision of other personal services not included in other groups” - if it is planned to provide tattoo, piercing services,
  8. 47.19 - “Other retail sale in non-specialized stores” - if it is planned to sell cosmetics and hygiene products.

Tax system

For a beauty salon, you can choose one of the following taxation systems:

  • OCH - is installed by default, if not selected any other. You have to pay personal income tax, VAT, income tax, property tax etc. - depending on the legal form.
  • STS - if the number of employees is up to 100 people, the annual income is up to 150 million rubles, the residual value of fixed assets is up to 150 million rubles.
  • UTII.
  • PSN - only for IP.

The recommended taxation system for a beauty salon with a small income is the simplified tax system with a rate of 15% of the difference between income and expenses. If the income is planned to be significant, it is worth choosing a patent tax system or UTII, which provides for a fixed payment.

You can change the tax regime once a year.

FTS addresses

Since the beauty salon provides for the provision of personal services to clients, the business owner can receive a discount on the payment of staff contributions to funds: instead of a rate of 30%, 20.2% is taken into account.

The minimum recommended floor space for a beauty salon is 60 square meters. m, optimal - from 100 square meters. m

The placement of a beauty salon is possible both in a separate building, and in an annex, as well as in a built-in annex to residential and public buildings (shopping centers, beauty centers, baths, hotels, etc.). This can be the first or first + second floors of an apartment building, if there is a separate entrance from the street and an autonomous ventilation system.

In sanatoriums, nursing homes, centers for the disabled, medical organizations, rest homes, boarding schools, etc. it is allowed to open a beauty salon to serve patients / visitors and staff on any floor. The main thing is compliance with hygiene requirements.

Requirements for a beauty salon according to SanPiN dictate the mandatory availability of:

  • a special place or a separate room for disinfection, sterilization of instruments,
  • furniture that can be washed and disinfected,
  • separate rooms for manicure / pedicure, massage, tattoo, cosmetology, piercing,
  • chairs at workplaces of hairdressers, dressing tables and sinks for washing hair (there may be one special place for washing hair),
  • auxiliary premises (dressing room, dining room, toilet, pantry, etc.) - combination is allowed,
  • a special place (or a separate room) for storing equipment, garbage and cut hair,
  • local forced extraction at the workplace of the master for nail extensions,
  • racks and cabinets for perfumes and cosmetics and clean towels,
  • cold and hot water, sewage,
  • first aid kits.

Lighting in the beauty salon should be combined with local light sources at the workplaces of manicure and pedicure masters, makeup artists.

The required room temperature is 21-24 ° С, in the presence of a solarium - 18-24 ° С.

Paper wallpapers should not be glued to walls in a beauty salon - surfaces must be washable.

How to open a beauty salon from scratch

When you open a beauty salon from scratch, you have more freedom: you completely control the process and create the right work environment, hire the people you need, spend a lot of effort and money. At the same time, you need to be prepared to answer for your mistakes yourself. And no one guarantees you success.

At first define class future salon - economy, business or premium. They differ in the range of services provided, the prices and qualifications of the craftsmen. Also of great importance are the interior, service and location.

Then register as a legal entity - an individual entrepreneur (IP) or a limited liability company (LLC). The key differences between these individuals are:

  • IP - it’s convenient to work with cash, but you can’t get a medical license, in case of problems you will have to answer with your personal property
  • Ltd - all cash must be returned to the bank, a bank account is required, tax registration, registration of all transactions only through law firms, if there are problems, you will have to answer with the authorized capital and property registered for the organization.

Thereafter find appropriate premise - It can become a decisive factor in the profitability of a beauty salon. For example, it is more logical to open an economy class beauty salon in a residential area or a shopping center. It is more logical to place business and premium classes in the city center, hotel complex or business center.

Make a contract with utility providers: Vodokanal, Electricity, and others.

Get necessary for work licenses in Roszdravnadzor.

Repair the room (for redevelopment, you must obtain permission from the Bureau of Technical Inventory - BTI).

Set fire and security alarm.

Get Permissions supervisory authorities - Rospotrebnadzor, State Fire Supervision, as well as local authorities.

Buy cash registers, equipment and supplies.

Print Printing Products - booklets, price lists, business cards.

Organize advertising campaign.

Buying a Beauty Salon Franchise

With a franchise, everything is different: you buy the right to open a beauty salon under the patronage of a well-known brand, gaining access to its technologies and business processes and working according to its rules. Your success is in the interests of the franchise seller, so you will be provided with training and comprehensive support.

Benefits of opening a franchise beauty salon:

  • Speed. Thanks to the help of the franchisor, you learn ten times faster than what you would have to master on your own for years.
  • Staff. Evaluating employee qualifications using a franchisor is easier.
  • Customers A well-known brand immediately inspires confidence - there is no need for a large-scale promotion of the business.
  • Equipment and raw materials. A franchise seller provides you with everything you need.
  • Ongoing support. After the purchase, the franchisor continues to provide professional services in daily business and marketing, helping with problem solving.

Beauty as a ready-made business

Ready-made beauty salon is an established system for providing services. You do not invest in its arrangement, but immediately use the result of someone else's work. With proper execution of the transaction, you can agree with the previous owner about help and support at first.

Buying a ready-made business, you immediately get:

  • premise
  • equipment
  • licenses and permits
  • customer base
  • supplier contacts
  • staff

As a result You save time and money.

List of OKVED codes for opening a beauty salon from scratch

  • 96.02.1 Hairdressing
  • 96.02.2 The provision of cosmetic services by hairdressers and beauty salons
  • 96.09 Provision of other personal services not elsewhere classified
  • 47.75 Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialized stores
  • 47.74 Retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods in specialized stores
  • 47.71 Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores
  • 96.04 Physical well-being activities, the group includes the use of the services of baths, saunas, tanning salons
  • 46.45 Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
  • 46.45.1 Wholesale trade in perfumery and cosmetic goods, except soap

Space requirements for a beauty salon

The norms are established by San PiN 2.1.2631-10. The most important include:

  • beauty saloon cannot be opened in the basementbut possible in former residential apartments after transferring them to non-residential fund
  • the area of ​​the main hall cannot be less than 14 m2, and other rooms - less than 7 m2
  • the room should have a hall, shower, toilet, dressing room, warehouse, disposal room, reception room
  • must have sewage and water supply
  • paper wallpaper is prohibited for wall decoration indoors
  • separate entrance
  • illumination of workplaces should be at least 40 lux
  • ventilation should not be combined with ventilation of residential apartments and public spaces

List of documents for opening a beauty salon from scratch

If your salon will not provide medical services, then the basic package of documents will include:

  • registration as an individual entrepreneur
  • purchase or lease agreement
  • certificate of registration with the tax authority (TIN)
  • charter
  • registration of the cash register with the tax office
  • permission of Rospotrebnadzor
  • permission of state supervision
  • agreements with utility providers - Vodokanal, Electricity, Homeowners Association
  • permission from local authorities
  • book of complaints and suggestions
  • consumer corner

If you decide to provide medical services, then the list of documents should also include:

  • registration as an LLC
  • application for a medical license
  • the head of higher education and work experience in licensed activities for at least 5 years
  • guarantee certificates and documents for medical equipment and equipment
  • contract for the maintenance of medical equipment with a company licensed for this
  • documents confirming the professional qualifications of the staff medical books of employees
  • production control program
  • orders for sanitary measures
  • sanitary permits (permission for the type of activity from Rospotrebnadzor, an agreement on the provision of services for the removal of solid waste, a schedule of general cleaning, an order for a sanitary day, etc.)

It is worth taking care of the press: many suppliers refuse to cooperate without it. You also need to get an expert opinion from BTI about the possibility of redevelopment of the premises, if you are preparing for such manipulations. When planning a parking spot, you must agree with the traffic police, and in order for customers to be able to pay by credit card, they will have to open a current account.

Requirements for equipment and materials of a beauty salon

The norms are spelled out in the same San PiN 2.1.2631-10. The main thing:

  • instruments, devices and consumables must have passports, certificates and certificates
  • technical equipment must be under warranty
  • allowed to use only devices authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • linen, including towels, should be in three sets

How much money is needed to open your own beauty salon

To open a good beauty salon you will need at least 1,500,000 rubles, the businessmen assure. This amount will include costs for:

  • rental of premises
  • utilities
  • repairs
  • equipment
  • Consumables
  • cash machine
  • furniture
  • registration of a medical license - if necessary
  • payment of state duty for registration of a legal entity
  • advertising campaign
  • signboard
  • website and group creation in social networks

The most expensive on our list is rental and repair of premises. So, if you focus on a beauty salon with an area of ​​100 m2, then the rental rate on average will be 110’000 rubles, and utilities - 10’000 rubles. Usually, landlords immediately demand payment for the first and last month of the lease, that is 220’000 rubles. Interior design and repair - about 400,000 rubles more. Total - 630’000 rubles.

In second place - purchase of equipment, furniture and supplies. The equipment of 4 hairdressing places and 2 sinks, as well as the purchase of sushuar, will require a minimum of 100’000 rubles. The purchase of a table for manicure, a manicure lamp and a pedicure chair is about 30,000 rubles. Purchase of a solarium - 400’000 rubles. Phototherapy, lifting and scrub for a beauty parlor - about 40’000 rubles. Professional apparatus for photoepilation - 40’000 rubles, a set for waxing - 3’000 rubles. Consumables for a month - 100’000 rubles.

In addition, you will need cash register equipment. For example, a fiscal registrar that connects to a computer costs about 25’000 rubles.

The salon also needs: a reception desk - at least 7’000 rubles, a sofa for the waiting area - 8’000 rubles.

In total, we will receive 753’000 rubles - at least so much money will have to be spent on furniture, equipment and supplies when opening a beauty salon from scratch.

How to name your beauty salon

The next step in organizing a business is choosing a name. This is a very crucial moment, because sonorous name - part of the success of your salon. There are three things to remember:

  • brevity is the soul of wit
  • unpronounceability and vulgarity are your enemies
  • simplicity and clarity are the best solution

Agree, remember the beauty salon "Svetlana" or "Charm", or even some Saschere-Belvedere, is difficult, but from "SPA de Luxe" it smells like a basement on the outskirts. Even worse - the Russian word written in Latin, and vice versa: the names Malina or "Barbershop" sound very provincial and inappropriate. The name should give an understanding of what services the institution provides, as well as be simple, memorable and easy to pronounce. We give examples of successful names of beauty salons (list):

  • "Beauty shop on Mendeleev street"
  • "Beauty Studio Alena Medovikova"
  • "Marafet"
  • "Beautiful people"
  • "Dressing room"
  • “Beauty Academy”, “Beauty Gallery”
  • "Your style"
  • "Visage"
  • "Before and after"
  • "Mirror"
  • Golden scissors
  • "Workshop of beauty and style"
  • Transfiguration
  • Bureau of Beautiful Services
  • "Economy class beauty salon."

Agree, “Artem Balbesenko’s Image Studio” sounds more solid than the next “Sweet Life”, “Chocolate” or “Elite Beauty”, and certainly will not be lost against the background of competitors.

How to promote a beauty salon

The formalities are completed, the salon is created and ready to go. The point is small - to attract customers. How to conduct an effective advertising campaign?

At first you should be noticed. Install a bright sign and a banner on a walkable street - this is how people living nearby learn about the opening of a beauty salon.

Then type flyers (at least 3,000 units are considered effective) and hire promoters who will distribute them at busy intersections and at major shopping centers.

Start a group on a social network and tell users about yourself. Download high-quality photos of your salon, tell about your masters and the services they provide. Arrange cooperation with the leaders of popular urban communities - let them help you with PR groups for money or through barter.

When a group has a number of users, arrange share. Offer participants a discount or other prize for taking any action. The easiest option is to ask for a repost and give away a gift by random sampling. You can also arrange a quiz and give a subscriber who is the first to answer the question correctly.

Make your business quality websitethat will become the face of your project. Publish on it a full list of your services with prices, scans of documents confirming the qualifications of the masters, a work schedule and phone numbers for communication, photographs of the interior. Subsequently, the site can become the main way to attract new customers, if it is correctly optimized and customized contextual advertising.

With the advent of the first visitors do not stop the advertising campaign and constantly remind yourself. Organize new stocks (bring a girlfriend - get a discount, only today you can clean your face at a shock price, you can offer anything to the first 10 customers an acid mask as a gift), develop a loyalty program and give gifts to your loyal customers, congratulate you on holidays, offer special conditions. Get in touch with colleagues. Organize in your salon specialized events - competitions, conferences, seminars, master classes. Strive to be better, more professional, more visible. Then the effect of word of mouth will work, and the customers will come by themselves.

How to open a successful beauty salon

When opening a beauty salon, you need to clearly understand what you want: build a new business from scratch, start managing a ready-made company right away or become part of a franchise. For the implementation of each of these options will require different efforts and means.

If your goal is create a unique product, get ready for a big waste of money, effort and time. Obtaining all the necessary permits can take months, and solid equipment will be required to purchase equipment. Investments will pay off only with a large-scale advertising campaign and competent management.

Want to get everything at once - Bet on the purchase of a ready-made business. The existing beauty salon has everything necessary for work. After the purchase, you begin to manage. The payback period will depend entirely on your work.

For stable earnings with a minimum of effort suitable franchise. You buy from the franchisor the right to use his trademark, developments and technologies, and he does everything to make you succeed.

Use our recommendations, assess risks and become the owners of your own business. We wish you success!

Where to start the opening of a beauty salon?

Let us dwell on the nuances of how to open a beauty salon from scratch:

  • if you rent a room in the business center - take care of the signs inside and out, you can not rent the ground floors, but you should be easy to find,
  • for opening in a residential building - ask the tenants for permission, fix it in writing, place the entrance on the other side of the yard,
  • when choosing a place in a shopping center - consider the number of people who visit it, to attract them you will need marketing tricks,
  • mid-level establishments are relevant for the sleeping area, hairdressers are an economical option for markets, train stations, campuses, business class and luxury for the city center.

To start any business you need to learn a lot of theoretical foundations and practical tips.

And a few more tips on how to open a beauty salon from scratch:

  1. determine the range of services - their level and class, how many masters they will need,
  2. if you are a beginner - better not to think about prestige, VIP or luxury levels, if you do not have a well-known brand or a well-known master in mind,
  3. establishments with a high bar are distinguished by high-quality and expensive service, elite cosmetics and the presence of highly qualified professionals,
  4. luxury uses unique techniques, prestige - expensive equipment and finishes, in VIP - an individual approach to each client,
  5. the economical option is characterized by inexpensive hairdresser and manicure services, some cosmetic procedures, simple repairs and cheap equipment, affordable cosmetics and a low level of staff qualification,
  6. the business class has a wide range of services with a higher price than a simple hairdresser, better repair and equipment compared to it, worthy specialists working on cosmetics of famous brands.

How much money do you need to open a beauty salon?

To answer the question of how much it costs to open a beauty salon from scratch, you need to calculate the total costs of organizing this business. Based on them, the profitability of the idea and its profit are estimated.

Let's count on the example of a budget hairdresser how much money is needed to open a beauty salon:

  • a simple repair will cost at least 150,000 rubles.,
  • furniture and tools - hair dryers, sinks, cabinets and armchairs, etc. - this is another 250,000,
  • cosmetics and supplies for 2 months - 150 000 - 200 000,
  • advertising and promo - approximately 30,000 - 50,000,
  • salary to employees, depending on revenue - about 50,000,
  • tax management, accountant - 10,000.

Every serious business requires a certain starting capital.

In total, about 800,000 rubles are obtained, which must be paid back. If you take the minimum cost of a haircut of 350 rubles. and the popularity of the institution - it is visited by about 20 people a day, revenue will vary from 4,000 to 10,000. With a seven-day schedule, this is about 120 thousand a month, which can cover investments for two and a half years. For an elite salon, the amount will increase by about three times, but it will also pay off faster due to higher prices.

What documents are needed to open a beauty salon?

The institution must be registered in a number of instances and bodies, including not only the SES and the fire service, but also the district administration. In the future, they will control your work.

There is a special statutory list of documents required for registering a business

Here is a list of what documents are needed to open a beauty salon:

  1. the main paper is the registration certificate of the premises, it is issued at the BTI,
  2. for the sanitary and epidemiological station - medical books for each employee, cleaning and sterilization magazines, bactericidal lamps, disinfection equipment records, laundry contracts, garbage removal and medical examinations, ventilation passport,
  3. in fire control - a plan of evacuation and actions in case of fire, an order to appoint a person responsible for safety, a briefing journal and documents for the alarm and conclusion of firefighters.

There is a special statutory list of documents required for registering a business

What should be the room?

The first thing you need to open a beauty salon is a room that meets the recommendations of the SES:

  • it has separate entrance and ventilation, not combined with residential apartments, water supply and sewage,
  • located in a non-residential fund and not in the basement - it may be a former apartment,
  • corresponds to a size of at least 14 square meters for the main hall and 7 squares for other rooms,
  • divided into zones - reception, male and female rooms, pantry, disposal room, locker room, shower and toilet,
  • wall decoration is not done with paper wallpaper, each workplace is lit by at least 40 suites.

One of the most important points in the case is the choice of a place for the salon

Equipment and supplies

Organization of the working space is impossible without furniture and special equipment. Here is a short list of the equipment you need to open a beauty salon:

  1. for a hairdresser - a swivel chair for a client and one more, combined with a sink, a large mirror, shelves and shelving for tools, a boiler,
  2. for manicure - a table and seats for the master and visitor, hand baths, an autoclave for sterilization, a lamp for drying gel polish,
  3. for cosmetic procedures - special couch and chair, cabinets and a refrigerator for cosmetics, mirrors with shelves and lights, appliances, sinks with hot and cold water,
  4. linen - towels, peignoirs and aprons in three sets for each - one for a shift, the second in operation, the third in washing, or their disposable analogues,
  5. form - the introduction of a form for staff is necessary to support the working mood and corporate image, but it remains an optional attribute.

To save money, equipment can be used in good condition

All equipment and materials used must have permits and certificates, warranty service contracts. The purchase should be made with the expectation of a list of services provided, the number of masters and the estimated flow of customers per shift.

Do not forget about cleaning and disinfectants, the presence of a first-aid kit, shampoos and coloring and curling liquids, such trifles as disposable gloves and napkins.

Staff requirements

There are no strict requirements for the education of employees, if they perform simple household cosmetic and hairdressing services. If you are not interested in qualifications and diplomas, then you yourself will have to monitor the quality of the work performed.

Another thing concerns a cosmetologist, he must have a specialization in therapeutic cosmetology or nursing in this area. Then the specialist will be able to perform peeling and tattooing, hardware and anti-aging procedures, do medical makeup.

In addition to the masters, you will need the following employees:

  1. administrator, client manager, seller for the sale of cosmetics,
  2. cleaning lady, storekeeper, security guard and accountant.

The staff is the face and hands of the business - so experienced professionals should be hired

Everyone should have medical books.

How to attract first customers?

You can attract the first visitors in one of four ways, but it’s better to use them all at once:

  • colorful beautiful booklets - take them to the mailboxes of the nearest houses,
  • a sign on the outside of the building - the name should be visible from afar,
  • free electronic directories - add your institution to 2Gis and 4Geo,
  • Announcement on local radio or TV - launch a video with the opening or promotion on the air.

Beauty Salon Advertising

Further development of the client base operates according to the word of mouth scheme. Your first visitors will help you if they like the services provided. Service should operate on the principle that the customer is always right. Then the person will want to not only come again, but also advise the place to his friends and colleagues.

In advertising, professionalism and creativity are important, so ask for help in its creation and promotion to a specialist.

How to open your own beauty salon: a business plan

For successful operation and management of all calculations, a clear plan is needed. Then you can evaluate the profit and see which parties require special attention.

A business plan on how to open your own beauty salon so that it is cost-effective looks like this:

  1. Active advertising campaign
  2. proper marketing of the institution,
  3. control over all business processes,
  4. skilled craftsmen professionals
  5. high level of customer service,
  6. high-quality equipment and cosmetics.

Bright and original advertising company will attract new customers

In order for your institution to not work at a loss, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • in the first months, expenses will not pay off, work will be at a loss,
  • net profit from each service is at least 30%,
  • six months later, regular customers make up 60% of all visitors,
  • the sale of cosmetic products brings 20% of the revenue,
  • salaries to employees are considered to be 10% of sales and 30% of the cost of their work,
  • at the initial stage, the fee is charged regardless of the staff load,
  • the administrator is encouraged with a bonus of 1% of the total income of the institution,
  • in case of a drop in production, one of the masters needs to check whether he has a conflict with the administrator, does he work for himself,
  • the norms of expenses per visitor are strictly observed in order to avoid the substitution of expensive drugs for cheap ones or their theft,
  • daily records of supplies and services rendered.

For a novice in the salon business, it is almost impossible to avoid all possible risks. On the Internet you can find both positive and negative reviews, how to open a beauty salon from scratch, they come down to the following problems:

  1. where to buy equipment - attract special firms suppliers,
  2. search for employees - hire two specialists who can provide a list of institution services, then recruit staff of young masters from students in special schools,
  3. obtaining permission to open - contact a lawyer or a company that collects the necessary documents for public authorities,
  4. Franchising - you can acquire the right to bear the name of a promoted brand, then it will be engaged in advertising and cover part of your costs, but then you will clearly follow the instructions of the main salon without the right to vote.

And yet - do not be greedy and share on social networks!
This is the best thanks for us ...


The activity of a beauty salon involves sending a notice of the beginning of entrepreneurial activity to the territorial administration of Rospotrebnadzor before the start of this activity.

For the lack of notification of the start of business, a fine of 3-5 thousand rubles is provided.

It is necessary to contact the fire department of the city and consult about the need to file a fire declaration.

For questions about outdoor advertising, you should contact the advertising department of the City Administration.