Useful Tips

Light and sunny beach wedding


Men, you never wondered what to wear for a wedding organized on the beach! Flip flops and sandals can be a pretty good choice for a regular outdoor wedding.

  1. 1 Do not wear your old black suit for a beach wedding; wear a suit made of light and breathable fabric such as cotton or linen, khaki or tan.
  2. 2 Choose a shirt with long sleeves in ivory or light orange / pink. These colors are very suitable for any beach theme and at least one of them, or almost all will look great on almost everyone.

3 Discard the tie! This is not for the beach and it is more suitable business than a simpler style. Instead, put on a white T-shirt under the shirt, and unfasten the top buttons.

  • 4 Enjoy the opportunity for men to wear loose clothing for their wedding. Feel free to wear beautiful leather sandals or slippers.
  • 5 Roll up your sleeves just below your elbows for a relaxed look: Well, yes, I always look so good. Watch and enjoy the wedding!

    Beach Wedding: Where to Arrange

    In organizing a beach wedding, it all depends on the wishes of the newlyweds. You can spend the whole holiday on the sunny coast and even register your marriage there or come to the reservoir after registration at the registry office. When a place is chosen and everything is pre-planned, you can find a company that will organize a banquet, design a venue for it and compose a script for an entertainment program. Let's consider in more detail the options for holding a wedding ceremony on the beach.

    Beach Wedding

    The simplest and cheapest solution can be the organization of a wedding buffet in your hometown on the shores of a local lake or river. However, the main problem is that most likely the area will have to be prepared, cleaned of garbage, access to it may be difficult. In some places the territory of the reservoir can be landscaped, perhaps there are arbors, benches or equipped places for barbecue. On a flat paved area, it’s easier to set up tables, music equipment, and find the ability to connect power. But here another problem may arise - other vacationing companies of people.

    Wedding by the sea

    Seascape, of course, is ideal for weddings on the beach. But if the newlyweds do not live near the sea, and it is planned to go to it, serious work is needed to organize the holiday, as well as considerable expenses. We'll have to think in advance about places of residence, the food of the guests, and choose a comfortable beach.

    Well-suited recreation centers or hotels on the beach. Some of them provide wedding services and take care of decoration, music and menus for holiday tables. An alternative could be renting a landscaped area for an evening for a small buffet reception by the sea and a romantic photo shoot.

    Wedding on an exotic island

    Such a wedding is a dream of many couples, but serious expenses will be required to make it a reality. Having saved up the necessary amount of money, you can spend your honeymoon in exotic warm countries and even register a marriage there. But inviting guests to such a ceremony is likely to be a problem: not everyone close to you may be ready to fly to the islands. In popular resorts there are many companies involved in organizing wedding ceremonies on the beach and even registering marriage for foreigners. Such firms provide their services at a high level. At the request of the newlyweds, they can be painted according to European traditions, as well as exotic local ones.

    Beach wedding: images of the newlyweds

    Beach weddings can be decorated in completely different ways. Perhaps you want everything to be elegant and expensive, or maybe you will challenge traditions and conservatism and arrange a ceremony on the beach in swimsuits. It all depends on your wishes. It is worth considering the peculiarities of weather and conditions on the beach, because it is simply impossible to move along the sand in a long magnificent dress and stilettos.

    Classic suit

    Choosing a classic, you are unlikely to ever lose. And here we start with the most rigorous and prim outfit - a classic costume. If black seems gloomy and boring to you, pay attention to the noble shades of blue, burgundy, green. We combine such a “deuce” with a black tie and a white shirt.

    ASOS Jacket (10 163 rub.)

    ASOS Pants (4,878 RUB)

    ASOS Shirt (1 301 rub.)

    Playing with prints

    If monotony and monotony is not your hobby - we run in pursuit of prints. Here you can beat dozens of options with one or two drawings. This must be done in accordance with all the rules of the style. How to correctly combine prints and shades in business images can be found here. We propose to make the top in blue - a small checkered shirt, a polka dot tie and a plain jacket. The lowest positions will be occupied by classic gray trousers.

    United Colors of Benetton Shirt (2,499 RUB)

    Mango Man Tie (1 999 rub. / 999 rub.)

    Burton Menswear Blazer (5 285 RUB)

    ASOS Pants (2 439 rub.)

    Shades of the wedding

    Very often the newlyweds set their color for the event. And this applies not only to bridesmaids in their marshmallow pastel shades. Do not neglect such delights and men. Tender blue, beige, soft gray colors are held in high esteem. Now the market is full of choices, so with a palette of problems you definitely will not have.

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    Chinos plus shirt

    And now gradually lower the degree of formality. If the groom and the bride prefer a magnificent dinner a modest dinner in a narrow circle, then there is a risk of seeming too dressed. In this case, chinos in combination with a classic shirt will look appropriate. Blue and beige - light and moderately festive palette.

    Dickies 803 Pants (3 569 rub.)

    Edwin 55 Pants (7 317 rub.)

    New Look Shirt (1 056 rub.)

    Jeans plus a blazer

    Jeans have long ceased to be the property of a casual style. Solid shades without scuffs and a trouser cut make this model hardly different from classic trousers. Therefore, if the festive script promises to be modest and without frills, you can very well afford such a weakness. Complement your denim pair with a shirt and a blazer.

    Scorpio’s World Blazer (2 703 RUB / 1 892 RUB)

    Cheap Monday Jeans (4 472 RUB)

    ASOS Brogues (2 033 rub.)

    Jeans plus shirt

    Fashion for the most daring and original wedding ideas does not pass. Imagine a wedding outside the city, in the lap of nature, with a hint of country style. That's really where there is really no place for classics. We are giving way to already declared jeans in combination with a shirt. The image can be seasoned with moccasins, oxfords and a belt to match.

    Beach Wedding Dresses: Bride Outfit

    Models of dresses made of light flowing fabrics, without extra splendor and stiffness, suitable for hot weather, are well suited for the bride and groom. A gentle veil made of light chiffon flying in the wind will perfectly combine with such outfits.

    Perfectly combined with the bright sun and the beach, open dresses that expose the neckline, back and shoulders, short but not narrow outfits so that you can run barefoot through the water, or short pieces with a long train that you can hold with your hand. An interesting solution for a beach wedding will be a colored dress or an exotic colorful outfit, especially if the wedding is held in unusual places and countries. On the beach, trim with sequins, bugles or pearls looks appropriate.

    Dresses with a narrow skirt will not work well - in this outfit the bride will feel constrained. For shoes, it is best to choose sandals without heels. It will be convenient to move around even in the sand. If the beach is well-maintained and has a hard surface, shoes and ballet shoes are also suitable.

    Hair for a wedding on the beach is better to put easier. Strict classics will not look appropriate. Curls fluttering in the wind look much better, a simple hairstyle with hair raised with a hairpin or diadem, or with partially loose hair.

    Image of a groom at a beach wedding

    The choice of the groom’s outfit depends on the bride’s dress. If the future wife decided to wear a white dress, a light suit made of natural light fabric will suit the groom well. After the official ceremony, the bride is allowed to take off his jacket. You can do without a jacket at all, if the celebration is completely held on the beach. Light trousers and a short-sleeved shirt will look appropriate and quite elegant in hot weather. Light leather loafers are a good choice for shoes in this ensemble.

    If the bride chose a colored dress, the groom should choose trousers and a shirt to match. Next to the bride and groom in a short open dress, the future husband will look good even in light, not too short shorts and a shirt.

    Beach Wedding: Highlights

    When planning a beach celebration, be sure to pay attention to the following nuances:

    • It is better to choose the time for the ceremony in the afternoon and take care of the sunshades. Think about the air temperature at your chosen time and the possibility of a change in weather.
    • Consider ways in which it is possible to deliver people, equipment and products to the wedding venue. Consider drinking water and toilets.
    • Take care of the guests ’comfort: umbrellas, glasses or rugs may be needed depending on the climate and season. Perhaps ladies in high heels will not be able to move around if there is no hard surface on the beach. Warn guests in advance.
    • Think about lighting the area if you want to continue the holiday on the beach after sunset.
    • Alcoholic drinks should not be too strong and in large quantities so that no one spoils the holiday, as well as to avoid accidents. For the same reason, it is recommended that water games be excluded from the scenario.
    • To design a wedding on the beach, you should not use too many decorations, because the unique nature will be the main decoration.
    • Take care of the place for dancing and entertainment. Dancing in the sand or grass is not very convenient. Unless you decide to throw a barefoot swimsuit party.

    Beach wedding decoration

    Beautiful beach landscapes in themselves are a wonderful decoration for any holiday. But still it’s worth adding the scenery necessary for the wedding. Ordinary flower arches, white umbrellas or light canopies are usually installed on the beach, decorated with flying fabrics, flower garlands, white ribbons and inflatable balls.

    At the venue of the ceremony, you can lay paths, install a gazebo or an arch with an altar. Temporary solid flooring, for example, for a dance floor and musicians, can also be useful. In the scenery, you can use the marine theme and instead of white choose exotic natural scenery. The main thing is that everything is in harmony with the decor and natural landscapes.

    A well-designed and organized wedding on the beach can be the most unforgettable event in life.